The Mothers' Ruin

The Mothers' Ruin(布里斯托尔)

The Mothers' Ruin
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区域: Old City

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Beatrice K
1 条分享
The pizza was mouldy on the bottom, really gorss but lucky we noticed or could have gotten super sick and they gave us the wrong cocktails. Not good :-(
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英国伯明翰914 条分享
2021年11月 • 好友
More of a late night dive bar than a ‘night club’. No bar service so still have waiter service via an app. All fine but very strange vibe. Ok for a swift one, but that’s it
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Rowan L
2 条分享
The Mother's Ruin used to be great, it was always one of the best places to go in Bristol city centre. Sadly they have decided to no longer offer bar service which means everything needs to be ordered via an app which can leave you waiting a long time for a drink. You are also still not allowed to get up and walk around so you just have to stay in your seat with your group. It is particularly disappointing as The Mother's Ruin was. for a long time, a corner stone of Bristol's alternative music scene. They no longer put on gigs which has deprived the city of a further 2 stages. for bands to play. The owners are well within their right to take their business in whichever direction they feel best, however it does feel like a betrayal after they asked for and received funding from the community that had existed there in order to keep afloat during the lockdowns only to reopen as a completely different kind of bar.

The staff are actually all really nice people though, despite what other reviews here have said.
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2 条分享
2021年10月 • 好友
Everyone loves this place, BUT the staff are so unnecessarily rude to everyone and it’s not fun. Please be nicer otherwise you will loose your customers :)
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Steve H
巴西里约热内卢1 条分享
Went to this pub Sunday lunch time. They had no bitter on tap and just two lagers. You have to use an app on your phone to order even just one beer. When I challenged the bartender about the lack of choice they chose to argue with me. Very arrogant poor customer service. These sort of places that are using the pandemic as a new way of doing business, so they don't have any decent staff to serve, even though the lockdown is over are going to lose their business. Horrible experience!! Went to the Birkett Tap afterwards and it was a breath of fresh air. Nice friendly bar service.Loads of draught beers and no crumby app to deal with. How a pub should be!
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Chloe Adams
英国伦敦35 条分享
Have been here with friends on a couple of occasions and have really enjoyed!

The staff have always been so lovely and welcoming and the happy hours cannot be beaten! There is also live music 3-6 on the weekends, which we absolutely love!

Would highly recommend
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英国伦敦942 条分享
This is clearly a rock / metal bar and it really looks the part. I have been in many rock clubs around the world and this is a classic of genre. However, they are running a three hour "Happy Hour" on cocktails, no doubt to help recover from the lock down months. What I experienced was therefore a very busy rock bar playing heavy music (but not that loud), with an efficient ordering app, in which about 25% of customers were big beardy men and black clad women all with plentiful tattoos and piercings who were looking round at the REST of the clientele wondering what the hell had happened to their bar. The other 75% of customers were very young students, primarily female, drinking many neon coloured drinks from plastic glasses and clearly prepared to ignore the surroundings and music while they imbibed the cheap drinks before escaping to somewhere playing chart music.
I loved it.
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Lloyd M
英国卡迪夫132 条分享
Called here with wife for a drink. Nice staff, drinks were nice as well and in a nice street. In crowd appeared to be enjoying it , as up the street was the dreadful Revolution bar.
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Matthew S
英国斯温西2 条分享
2021年5月 • 好友
Waited 20 minutes for a drinks order to be brought to my table. It felt like there wasn't enough staff to cope with demand.
Won't be returning
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Josephine L
12 条分享
2020年10月 • 独自旅游
Alcohol? And anxiety?? I know, but its conveniently right near where I'm staying and the crowd seems like my kinda people.
Ordering through the app is a godsend,no more screaming across a busy bar for meeee. Also pick drunk people are worse than normal people for lack of distancing. though as a solo I am in a little goblin cave corner with barely any lighting, but after the first three I dont need to see anyways. The staff were helpful enough to illuminate the NHS QR code so I could check in, so there is that!!
All in all decent selection, funky environment, decent music's that not blasting off my ear, would reccomend for a solo or group get together. Clear markings ok for, hand gel everywhere and aptly labelled toilets that are very clean.
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