Wistman's Wood

Wistman's Wood(达特穆尔国家公园)

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I set off from the car park and about half a mile away I met a man from Natural England, which is always a bonus and he told me a little about the wood and how it is being eroded away by people entering the wood instead of standing and admiring it from the outside, as it is people that will cause further erosion to all the wonderful Lichen and Fungii that thrive in this environment.

I continued my walk which is a lot further than I thought and when I arrived what an amazing sight to behold. You can see the erosion so I do urge people to look from the outside, otherwise it will disappear and nobody will be able to enjoy it.

I do not normally put reviews like this but it is quite important that the balance of nature and us remains stable so we can all live together and see the places like this.
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英国利物浦177 条分享
2021年8月 • 家庭
On a recent road trip my daughter wanted to visit Wistmans Wood I’d read up about it and parked in the Two Bridges Hotel at a cost of £5 that can be redeemed back at the hotel bar and we would of done despite the walk taking longer than anticipated.

Walking boots are a must and raincoat required as we went through all weathers on the walk. I was able to pick up a map at the hotel that tells you the directions and shows pictures along the way.

The wood is spectacular but take extreme caution if you walk through it as most places it has large mossy boulders that can be extremely slippery.

We spent more time around the wood taking photos as it was so stunning, there are many paths that you can take to find your way through the wood and find your way back to the Two Bridges car park.
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英国艾尔斯伯里98 条分享
Wow, just a fantastic place!! They have a strange ethereal magic about them indeed. From the small car park which is opposite the Two Bridges Inn, it is a 2k walk there, and 2k back. The woods itself is about 0.5k long. Highly recommend walking boots or shoes if you wish to do it, as the pathways can be rocky in places, and certainly the woods when you get there - you will be able to climb over the rocks! This place is not good for those with mobility accessibility issues, and there is not any car parking closer than opposite the hotel. We went on a foggy day and it is just fantastic! the trees are miniature oak, which have been stunted growth due to the weather of the area. Truly an impressive place, and well worth the walk to be connected with nature. You will walk through areas that are occupied with wildlife - sheep, cows, etc and it is great! :)
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英国Blunsdon119 条分享
2021年7月 • 夫妻情侣
A magical wood to visit. An ideal place to sit and enjoy, take photos or pass the time of day. Rocks and trees covered in moss such a wonderful experience
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英国卡迪夫1,365 条分享
This is an ancient forest with large lichen covered boulders and spindly trees. It is quite small in area so you will not get lost in it. A great place for relaxation and reflection. The track leads from the Two Bridges Hotel where you can park for a small charge (or have a cream tea before your walk). It is an easy walk of about 30 minutes with the path being just above the river. We walked back part of the way along the river but were stopped by boggy wet areas where we had to return to the main path.
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英国布里斯托尔175 条分享
These woods are odd and atmospheric. The walk to the woods is pretty easy, there's a few small boulders to step over in places, but it's a mostly flat walk and when we visited it was dry and not muddy. The woods themselves are harder to navigate because of the bed of large boulders on the forest floor, you'll find yourself having to scrabble between and over the stone, but it's worth it to find a quiet spot in this unique and eerie woodland.
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英国卢顿325 条分享
2020年9月 • 好友
Just amazing never seen anything like this place- Stunning and not too far from the parking area.
Beautiful indeed
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Mara M
英国伦敦136 条分享
2020年8月 • 家庭
Wistman’s wood is a very special and unusual forest which looks like it should belong to a different time. The dwarf, contorted trees (mostly oaks) with lichens growing on their branches reminiscent of witches’ hair, make it look like it’s just come out of a story book. The place looks like the product of someone’s fertile imagination. We enjoyed our walk from Two Bridges and, as it was a hot day, we cooled down at the nearby stream. The walk is very uneven and walking boots are essential. We were able to leave our car at the Two Bridges Hotel free of charge after having our drinks at the hotel as the designated car park is tiny. A great half day out!
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Annabel P
8 条分享
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
The walk from the pub to the woods was lovely, although not marked clearly so it took about an hour to get there in the rain and wind! The woods are beautiful and looked magical, almost fairy-like, in the mist on the Moors. Our 4 month old puppy enjoyed the walk, but was very grateful of a cup of tea in the pub afterwards!
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2020年2月 • 好友
Parked in the little carpark this afternoon and made our way up the path. It takes around 30 minutes to get there and at some point isn’t that obvious to where your headed. Which I think adds to its magical discovery feeling. I had only heard about the woods from stories of it being haunted. Made me think of a big wooded area that you’d easily loose yourself inside but that isn’t the case as it isn’t that big at all. But it’s interesting to see none the less. It seems quite popular as even on a cold rainy and windy day. There were a few other explorers there so I expect the carpark will fill quickly when the sun is out.

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