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Preston Manor

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Kate M
英国Reigate19 条分享
2020年10月 • 夫妻情侣
We visited mid week and for much of the time we were the only people in the house, which was both lovely for us but quite sad for the house staff I think.

The house is quite small - you only really need a couple of hours to go around it - but there are lots of beautiful things to look at, and the staff were so helpful and knowledgeable. As we were visiting during the 2020 pandemic season, we had to wear masks throughout the building and a one way route had been set up which worked really well. The only slightly sad thing was that we didn’t get to see the attic rooms, I think because there’s only one set of stairs to the attic and therefore no way to operate a one way system. Oh well, we’ll just have to go back!

The grounds the house is in are open to the public without charge and aren’t particularly anything to write home about, although I suspect if we went in the summer the walled garden would be very pretty.

There were some other rooms shut off as there had been a problem with the roof and the rooms were being dried out!

Once you’re outside the house it becomes evident that some work is needed on the fabric of the building. Hopefully if the current lockdown doesn’t go on too long and they can get their anticipated Christmas season sorted - the house would look amazing decked out for Christmas I’m sure! - then they’ll get some much needed revenue to continue to look after this little known gem.
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21 条分享
Never been before, but what a house, still very much left as the family had lived there, staff very friendly ,plenty of rooms to see,
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London, United Kingdom6 条分享
Good way to spend a few hours. Not massive, but worth the effort.Nice location near Preston Park. Good for a sunny day.
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Sharon J
英国利物浦54 条分享
If you like spooky it is worth a visit. You can go around the house on your own and I felt the rooms were quite cold and a presence which was hard to describe. I don't believe in ghosts etc but I felt a little sad for the house for some reason. Worth a visit though for the history.
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4 Riddell
1 条分享
Written by Amelie in 4 Riddell

Preston Manor is an outstanding Edwardian manor house filled with marvelous artifacts and objects belonging to Mr and Mrs Thomas Stanford being looked after by Mrs Storey.

If you are interested in history and mansions this is the perfect place for you!

Inside this majestic house there are 52 rooms including: the servants quarters, Mr and Mrs Thomas Standford's rooms, a sitting room, their kitchen and much more!

It is a great experience for people of all ages!
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10 条分享
We have visited Father Christmas for 3 years and each time it's been fantastic. He's very authentic and the setting is just beautiful. Choose a slot when it's already dark as it makes it more magical! Father Christmas here is hard to beat! The elf lady is also fantastic, the manor itself is open to have a look around too! Well worth the visit!
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4 Anderson
1 条分享
Review from Iris (4 Anderson)
Last Monday, my class took a step back in time (about 200 years) to take a look at Preston Manor. The outside of the house was absolutely glamourous! After a good old stare, we all nervouslystarted walking into the preserved Manor to be treated like Victorian children.

If you take a small trip up the stairs, turn a right, then keep walking until you reach a strangely odd door. Open it and you'll see all the fascinating sight of Miss Lady Stanford's bedroom. If you don't know the way to places, there are people who get you in role and guide you. They are called Miss Rose and Mr Elphick. The ornaments, furniture, doors and bells are all well preserved for tourists to see. Another top room is the wash room. Most of the jobs you get when you're in role come from there. It looks like one of the poorest places in the house, but it was one of my favourites.

It made me feel nervous when I entered although after a while I got used to the smell and objects. The irons looked a bit strange, the washing machine looks weird but the dryer looks utterly ridiculous! My favourite room was the kitchen because if you're lucky, you get to make jam tarts.

I would recommend this to my family and other people because it is fun for the family and entertaining for kids.
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Tep Jiro
1 条分享
I loved going to Preston Manor on my school trip and we made jam tart it was amazing!!!Thank you to Mrs Storey and Mrs Rose!!!
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Hi tepjiro1 So wonderful to hear that you enjoyed your experience in service under the watchful eyes of our housekeeper and her staff. Hope the jam tarts were tasty.
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英国布莱顿302 条分享
Its clever of the town who run the Manor to add some entertaimnt to encourage families to go.
This half term there's a sort of treasue hunt that is very good. A'guide' takes you through various rooms looking for clues and as you go from room to room you solve puzzles and hear about the history of the house in a light hearted manner.
Lots of fun, not so cheap but worth doing.
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Hi Traveltone1, so glad you enjoyed our pop-up escape room in conjunction with Pier Pressure, makers of Brighton's top-rated escape rooms. It was a new venture for us, so lovely to get positive feedback.
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5 条分享
2019年6月 • 独自旅游
Preston Manor is incredible, there is so much history hidden away in this beautiful Manor House. The staff are incredibly friendly, helpful and kind. They all know a lot about the history of the house and are happy to help. If you like museums, history or beautiful houses then this is definitely one to visit!
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