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Cheltenham Racecourse


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stephen h
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2022年4月 • 家庭
Myself and my daughter came on a reciprocal day car parking and gate staff helpful and polite. As we entered the course my daughter asked how much the racecard cost she was told the cost and said How much?
A man in a trilby with a staff badge said this is Cheltenham ! We said no thanks too expensive for what it was because they are not that good. He just frowned so we made our way to the stands and found a place to stand. We watched the first race and were surprised how many people here don't actually watch the racing?
They were there to be seen and block your view, after the second race my daughter went and got us drinks. As she called me a steward came over You can't drink outside? We explained we didn't know that as we were on a reciprocal and our course allows drinks to be taken out.
So like children we had to go inside I asked what they had cost £7 for a pint of average cider and she wouldn't tell me what my soft drink had cost.
We had a look about and enquired about food which were very expensive for average fast food we didn't bother.
We left after the 5th race of a 7 race card we were not impressed you are seen as cash cows from racecard to food and drink. Its not the friendliest of courses either people at Cheltenham to be seen its rapidly losing it National hunt feel.
You really need to look in the mirror at Cheltenham or your going to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.
If its not for a reciprocal we wouldn't come again its really gone down hill in 7 years since we last came on how it treats people.
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Dee S
英国Tarporley215 条分享
a day at the races for prize winning buyers from famouslordhillmuseum shropshire ebays jewel in the crown our party went to watch races dine and drink champagne it all went fine all day and into town for good hotel stay yes definatelly come again we backed few winners and made some cash lucky day nice race meeting thankyou all in attendance
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Nottingham155 条分享
I first visited the Festival in 1981, and the only years I've missed since then were due to foot and mouth disease and covid. The racing and atmosphere is unrivalled, but the way the racecourse milk you for every last penny leaves an increasingly bitter taste. How can they justify charging £7 for a pre-poured pint of Carling in a plastic glass and £10 for a poor quality greasy burger? They charge those prices because they can, but it's disgraceful and shows no respect at all for their customers. I organise a coach trip for 40-50 people and a few regulars said it would be their last visit due to the extortionate catering prices, but the racecourse will be looking at adding an extra day to fleece even more people rather than addressing the many complaints they have received over this issue. To be clear, the racing is fantastic, but if you fancy a drink and a bite to eat you will be ripped off big time.
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英国爱丁堡385 条分享
2022年3月 • 好友
Me and a few of my friends went to Cheltenham Racecourse for the festival. It was an unforgettable trip.

Everything about the racecourse and the event was unbeatable. The track and betting stalls were well laid out, there was indoor sections for when the weather turned bad and despite there being record crowds it never felt over crowded.

Punters seemed to all have a good time as opposed to getting too drunk and not enjoying it.

When you go to Cheltenham you’re seeing the best of the best horses. And it’s being seen in one of the nest sporting venues there is.
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Rebecca P
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Recently attended a function here. In total contrast to our experience on Gold Cup day, it was pretty dire.
The gum chewing wait staff were miserable, grumpy, argumentative and challenging when not enough food was delivered to the table and insisted we were not getting missing items.
The bar staff delivered the wrong number of drinks ordered via the app.
Tables were cleared of half finished drinks and programs that people wanted to keep - at least 2 hours before the end of the night.
The food that came out exceptionally slow, was poorly cooked (no one loves rubber lamb) and most people were still hungry whilst the staff spilt our coffee around the table.
The security staff were OTT, glaring at everyone and causing a bad atmosphere.
The only saving grace of the night was the company in the room and on the table.

A similar event at York Racecourse was absolutely flawless from start to finish on all aspects.
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Venue has great and plenty of parking available if visiting. You can also park here for free and use the park & ride for only a few pounds to get into the town centre.
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英国Wantage118 条分享
Love going racing here. Feel very special and you can normally get about fairly easy. Great views of all the course. A bit pricey in the bars and the food outlets . Great museum and lots of information.
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Steve J
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2022年3月 • 好友
Been going to Gold Cup day for 30 years now. For the past 20 of those I've been organising the day for a party of 12-15 and we've always had a great day. However, enough is enough now - the price of Guinness (£7!) and food (also extortionate) was the last straw to an overly- packed Best Mate enclosure. Majority of party have said they aren't going again and based on early bird prices for next year I can't blame them. Already planning a day locally to watch it on TV!
How the racecourse can defend pricing by saying it reflects other sporting g events i don't know - it doesn't reflect anything other than a few Jockey Club racecourses!
How can pubs serve Guinness for around £4 ? Its about profit and trying to recoup Covid impact so soon by dramatically increasing prices is wrong.
And finally, please don't dilute the Festival with a 5th day, it'll ruin the week, offer poorer value for each day and the profit-driven agenda will lead you with an event that simply loses its speciality.
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Devon9 条分享
2022年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Attended a fabulous Jack Savoretti concert at the Centaur building at Cheltenham racecourse. He and his band were absolutely brilliant. However, the concert was spoilt for us as throughout the whole concert people were constantly getting up and going to get drinks and bringing them back in to the arena. No control or respect for the performing artist, nor for other members of the audience. It was a fiasco! To make things worse everyone was allowed to stand, completely blocking the view to the stage. I literally only got to see half the performance! Why do venues allow this, why not just permit dancing in the aisles? So many people's experience is affected, or in most cases ruined. We pay the money to see the show not the backs of those standing in the audience, obliterating the view. If we had just wanted to listen to Jack Savoretti we would have bought a cd. We wanted to see him perform on stage.

To top it all, there was only one place to get food, but were informed by the outside caterer, that there was absolutely no gluten free food. Our dinner consisted of a packet of crisps and a nut bar from the very small hot drinks kiosk. The staff were very helpful re the gluten free food, but it still couldn't be resolved.

The whole experience, apart from the amazing Jack Savoretti, was bad enough to safely say we will never attend another concert at the Centaur, Cheltenham.
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2022年3月 • 好友
Went to the races last week and had a great time! Everyone was full of fun and having a laugh! Will be back next year
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