Royal Armouries - Fort Nelson

Royal Armouries - Fort Nelson(普兹茅斯)

Royal Armouries - Fort Nelson
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Stephen E
英国Herne Bay48 条分享
Free Fortification visit close to Portsmouth
This fort is a site where children of all ages can roam; enjoy tunnels; exploring and enormous guns as well as learn about history. If you are lucky enough to meet 'CJ', he will entertain you with stories, opinion and information about the armaments.
The site is free to enter and the car parking costs £3.00. The shop offers a small cafe which serves good coffee as well as a shop with the usual memorabilia.
This 19th Century fort is well worth a half-day visit especially if you have a young family who need tiring out.
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英国萨顿48 条分享
What a great place - highly recommend a visit.
A great place to visit - full of history and loads to see. They rely on donations and only charge for the car park (£3 for the whole day).
If you go round the whole fort you may need to have a break on a few occasions as there is a lot of ground to cover. I would suggest take part of this break in the cafe - very well run and with a limited basic menu it serves its purpose well - by having a 'not over the top' menu it is able to give quick service and tasty food.
All staff were excellent and helpful - the only downside is that you only get a 'map' of the fort by buying the booklet...if you do not then you can almost get lost in the grounds. So it would be helpful to have the occasional map showing where you are - but if this all then I do not feel I can go below the 'excellent' rating.
Great views from the 'hill' but a bit 'blowy' - so bring a coat.
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63 条分享
2021年10月 • 好友
I visited with a friend. We are military historians. We were impressed. Free entry. £3 car park fee. Clean toilets, a good cafe and shop. You enter through a new, modern entrance. The walk around the fort was excellent. Lots for families to do but also lots for military historians to appreciate. Highly recommended.
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英国Huddersfield218 条分享
Mixed feelings - I expected more items of the last 5 decades.
2021年9月 • 独自旅游
Having visited the Leeds Royal Armories many times, I was a bit disappointed by Ft Nelson.
Whilst it does indeed house an interesting collection, I expected there to be more of the ‘bigger’ pieces.
What I expected to see was more naval equipment:
- radars, fire control radars,
- missile related systems like launchers (e.g. SeaCat, SeaSlug, …) and canisters (MM-38 Exocet),
- torpedo,
- guns like the 4.5” mounting.
For a country which had a massive navy in the 70s and 80s, I expected there to be way more of this type of equipment.
As it is, the few gun mountings I saw outside were just corroding away.
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英国伦敦13 条分享
Great place to visit
Free museum which I had never heard about. Extensive grounds with really interesting displays and the fort itself would be an attraction in itself. Seeing the gun mounted on railway tracks was the highlight. I had heard and read about these guns but to see one close up was amazing. This is not a museum just to pop into, it takes at least a couple of hours and you could easily spend longer. Although its free it justifies leaving a donation to help with their costs
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Derbyshire, United Kingdom34 条分享
Great Free Day Out.
Excellent Value Museum. An interesting place to visit for a free day out - I was impressed by the free entry for this museum. The exhibition and interpretation panels are good, although the signage to navigate around the building could be a little clearer, especially the tunnels. It would be good to have an overview/map interpretation panel before you enter, so you can orientate your self and have an understanding of whereabouts in the Fort you are exploring. A huge range of artillery and some interesting exhibits.
The audio/video films in the first few galleries were good and engaging, although the overlaps and repetition of information could have been a little less.
Overall, a good day out to explore. Lots of indoor and outdoor space.
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roger w
英国剑桥35 条分享
Excellent with lots of space and things to see/do for all ages.
Brilliant place to visit - easy to find and use. Excellent facilities, wide range of artifacts and displays covering a very wide range of aspects of big guns and the people who used them.
Great facilities for children to run around in safety and 'do' things - all free!
Good café and associated shop. Free and easy parking. Worth a short stroll to see the 'real' Nelsons column - interesting!
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英国Ringwood832 条分享
Incredible value and so much to see
Perched on Portsdown Hill the views are superb. You get charged £3 for the car park and that is it.

Thee is a lot to see with an incredible collection of artillery from the earliest guns to more modern equipment. It is all well displayed with decent information provided.

After viewing the main galleries you get to walk down a tunnel through the fort with the old munitions stores until you emerge at the far end of the fort. From the earth ramparts you get to see the gun emplacements and views over the harbour and a fair bit of southern Hampshire.

We visited with our grandkids of 4 & 10 years old and we all enjoyed the experience.

The café is good and apparently provided the best gluten free scone
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英国Havant122 条分享
A good day out
2021年7月 • 夫妻情侣
This was a great visit, many different guns and cannons also the history of the fort why it was built. There many different interests things for the children can do in the summer.
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英国赫里福德69 条分享
Impressive collection
Only a quick visit (just under an hour) as we had to whizz round before they closed.

Very impressive collection of big guns both inside the main building and under the covered tent. Lots more in the open air but that area looked unfinished
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