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Sarah t
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Me and my husband are both leisure member at utopia spa you both enjoy going and it's good for our health and well-being and we always have a nice time there staff always polite and helpful and we are both pleased that we are members .spa treatments always very nice and the girls are always helpful and they make you feel at ease.
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英国怀特岛24 条分享
Lovely quiet spa with gym facilities also included, Nice pool, love the jacuzzi ( Just the right temperature), the sauna and gym facilities. Really enjoy the gym too - my friend and I attend a couple of times a week, nice friendly staff. Only started going in recent weeks but look forward to trying the outdoor facilities in the summer. Bus stop just a few minutes walk away and parking space for numerous cars. can not fault Utopia.
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Georgina L
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2019年11月 • 好友
The place has gone to ruin! The pool was cold, the jacuzzi was cold and then sauna took ages to heat up then went cold when we were inside. The place is dirty and grotty.
The massage hurt and the beautician actually filed my skin during the manicure.
We ordered some puddings and the cheesecake came out frozen!
The price is Wight regularly offers vouchers -Don’t do it!!!
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18 条分享
We decided to go and use the spa facilities but they were disgusting.

The indoor pool was cold and had a greasy film on top.

The jacuzzi had what can only be described as matter floating in it and was also cold.

Detox box stank and didn’t work properly.

Outdoor pool filthy, big empty hole where the outdoor jacuzzi was and a make shift hot tub shoved in the corner which was agin cold!

It smelt damp and dirty in there and my friend who was wearing one of the robes supplied by them had yellow stains on the armpits!

We were in there for ten minutes and decided to leave and ask for a refund.

The manager was absolutely vile and pointed out that there was a sign specifying NO REFUNDS! People have obviously been unhappy and asked for their money back before.

He was incredibly rude and personal. I can see from his replies to some of the reviews that he clearly has no intention of acknowledging the complaints of members of the public that work hard to afford a break away. Absolute joke! He also likes to use slander to add insult to injury!

I understand that times are hard and there is obviously money lacking but why run a hotel and basically rob people blind if your facilities are not up to scratch. False advertising!

This place needs shutting down and environmental health should pay a visit.

I look forward to seeing the manager/owners response. I need a good laugh!
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Matthew T
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2019年9月 • 夫妻情侣
My wife and I have visited utopia once or twice a year for the past 7-8 years for massage treatments, sometimes taking mum along too for some massage therapy. The staff are lovely and the massages are always enjoyable. Usually we stick around to use the pool for a few hours and grab some lunch and a few drinks. This time we arrived and was told that if we want to use the pool, there is an additional charge of £18.95 per person, which includes rental of slippers and robes. On questioning why this had changed my wife was told the dreaded words, we are “under new management”. We are so disappointed as we feel this is an extortionate charge. To top it off, although the lady who did my treatment was lovely and the massage was very relaxing, the room I was in required maintenance and did not seem luxurious as you may expect. Also the lobby area had been filled with glass cabinets selling “tat”, resembling a budget hotel you may expect on a cheap all inc holiday abroad! It seems standards have dropped and prices have increased! We are so disappointed and will not return. There are several other places in the island offering these services without the additional charges, some of which have better facilities too. From now on we will be going to this places instead of utopia. I’m sorry guys, it’s been fun for many years, but I’m afraid feedback from us to the new management is “poor” work guys, must try harder!
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· First of all on approaching the hotel the driveway was scruffy, full of weeds with an old car dumped outside. No hangers in wardrobe, these were replaced after we enquired. Room was dirty, a lack of good housekeeping. It needed hoovering. The inside of the bed was covered in hair. Light switch cover was broken with wires showing. Tea cups were washed after we had used them but saucers and spoons were left dirty. When we asked for 2 spa towels we were given one and told the others were in the drier and they would bring one to our room when they were dry. This never happened, the next day we asked again and were given a small towel being told the rest were still in the laundry. The Jacuzzi outside was not in use and the hot tub was covered. The inside spa pool was not very warm and a bit murky. The hotel needs investment for people to return and recommend. We will not be be returning.
Pay a bit more and stay elsewhere.
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Raoul H
2 条分享
2019年8月 • 好友
We traveled for leisure as a group of 10 and were amazed by the facilities of this Hotel. His Location, is great, properly managed with an extremely friendly and professional manager. Staff were really helpful. Rooms match the description on Booking.com and the images.
Hotel is Clean, not noisy and the price for 3 nights stay we found it value for money.

We will be back
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Michele N
英国考兹31 条分享
2019年7月 • 家庭
Oh, dear. Dirty; tired facilities. Indoor jacuzzi had flaky ‘matter’ floating in it with strange odour (not chlorine). Outdoor hot tub not on and sauna not up to temperature. We waited 30 minutes to speak about a refund - and were then treated with defensive; passive aggressive behaviour from the ? owner who then banned us. As if we would even contemplate returning. Note to self - always check reviews on here first. My daughter booked this as a treat as we had been through a particularly stressful time and she was, quite rightly, very upset. It appears, looking at the previous reviews, that sadly nothing has moved on - which it won’t until the owner takes responsibility and admits the shortcomings of this venue. Had he dealt with it in a different manner, I would not be writing this review now but he had his chance.
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英国怀特岛5 条分享
2019年6月 • 好友
‘Utopia - an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.’

Well I can say it’s far from being perfect...
Four of us arrived in the afternoon for a chill out day at the spa, £14.95 per person. On arrival, the staff were very friendly, but having paid, we weren’t told the outdoor jacuzzi wasn’t in use, which was disappointing as it was nice weather and wanted to spend some time outside. After having got changed in the small, and slightly dated, changing rooms we went outside. My first thoughts were ‘it’s looking rather run down now’. The outdoor furniture was looking a bit tired, the nice black and white tiles they used to have had gone and the general look of it was just a bit shabby.
If I could offer some pointers to the manager it would be: clean up the place, get some new furniture outside, get the jacuzzi working, get some pots of pretty flowers to brighten it up, and get rid of those green algae ridden plastic banner things on top of the wall - they look unsightly. Other than that the indoor area wasn’t too bad, although the water in the pool looked a bit cloudy.
On a last note - can I also suggest you lose those glass cabinets of tatty junk, it’s very out of place and just cheapens the look of the hotel.
I definitely won’t be returning anytime soon, unless of course you can make some huge improvements and your TripAdvisor ratings are well above average!
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Michy197629 条分享
2019年5月 • 独自旅游
I have been to this spa a few times over the years and take my mum for a pedicure and to use the outdoor hot tub. Twice now the hot tub has not been working. I asked the manager if we could have a discount to just the indoor pool for 30 mins and was told no. Well £15 plus £3 for a towel is extortionate and I will be taking my custom elsewhere
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