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英国North Ferriby151 条分享
We have just returned from a tour of the Somme area which we organised in 2019 with the help of Andrew of Dr Thomson's Tours. It was originally planned as the Spring Visit 2020 for a family history society. The trip had to be postponed several times due to the pandemic. Andrew went above and beyond to rearrange hotel and assist with train bookings at least 4 times. We finally travelled to Lille on the Eurostar last Monday.
We had given Andrew details of our ancestors who are remembered on the memorials for the missing and thought he would take us to those memorials, but he researched them, showed us where the battlefields were that our ancestors had been fighting on, where the trenches were, where some had probably died, he also showed us the land that was won and lost and how the Front Line changed throughout the four years of WW1. He brought it to life for us in a way that wouldn't have been possible without his help and hard work.
To say this trip was a success is a total understatement.
If you are thinking of making such a trip then we wholeheartedly recommend Andrew to you, he is a gentleman, is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.
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英国Swalecliffe24 条分享
2022年3月 • 商务型
I’m a coach driver and a couple of years ago I took a party of people on one of His Tours and I must admit I was very impressed he is a really nice chap and his knowledge in impeccable I now work for a different coach company and I hope to do more again with him

Norman L&I Coaches
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阿拉巴马Point Clear161 条分享
2019年6月 • 好友
Began traveling with Andrew in 2006 with my young son (Battle of the Bulge tour)(Ardennes, Bastogne, Foy, St. Vith, River Muese, Pieper’s advance, museums) and were so impressed by our experiences we subsequently booked: former East Germany WWII tour (Berlin (Flak Towers and underground air raid shelters, Reichstag) Colditz Castle, Dora-Middlestadt, Zosson (Wehrmacht headquarters), Nuremberg (Zeppelin Stadium and museum)); a WWII Bavaria trip (Munich, Beer Hall Putsch, Berchtesgaden, Eagle’s Nest, Austria); England WWII (RAF bases, Imperial War College, Canterbury bombings, Dover and miscellaneous memorials and museums); Hell’s Highway through Netherlands (82d and 101st Airborne drops, fighting through Nijmegen, Eindhoven and Arnhem (the bridge too far)); and, most recently, WWI trip to Muese-Argonne and Verdun/Fleury and Fort Daoumond, with guided stops through Reims and medieval Bruges.

He is the best of the best. Always prepared. Always interesting. Always insightful. Always quick to offer historical context. Always pleasant. Able to communicate in French and German to ease anxieties about travel, accommodations and meals. And always flexible in planning an itinerary to suit the interests of the client.
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密苏里Kirkwood1 条分享
2017年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Two couples booked Dr. Andrew Thompson for a four day private tour of select Battle of the Bulge and WWI sights in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Several of us had relatives (a dad and an uncle) who had fought in the Battle of the Bulge, one being captured and another being awarded a Bronze Star, and grandfathers who had fought in WWI (Meuse-Argonne areas). Prior to our trip in May, we had provided Andrew information about our relatives (all of which are now deceased) and the units that they were in during the wars. With this very brief information, Andrew did extensive research on troop movements, etc. and designed a tour itinerary that brought us to precise battlefield locations where we believe capture and heroic actions took place. We were absolutely amazed at the amount of effort that Andrew invested prior to our arrival and the amount of relevant information he provided us during our trip, resulting in a truly memorable experience. The cemeteries, memorials and museums we visited were especially poignant. The accommodations he arranged were centrally located and always very clean. Andrew's approach was gentle, friendly yet confident, with a bit of the British humor. We enthusiastically recommend Andrew Thompson and encourage anyone planning a trip with him to have a comprehensive dialogue prior to arrival so that he can provide you a wonderful tour you will never forget.
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jon b
康涅狄格诺沃克5 条分享
2014年10月 • 独自旅游
As an amateur historian with an interest in the First World War, it had always been on my 'bucket list' to tour the battlefields and remaining trenches of the Western Front. I was particularly keen on seeing Verdun, the Somme, Ypres and the Argonne forest, where my grandfather had served with the AEF during the Meuse Argonne offensive. I did not want to do the group bus tour approach, so after some research, my wife found Dr. Thomson tours through research on the internet. Given the distances between the places I wanted to see, we booked a 4 day private tour with Andrew. While I very much set the framework for what the tour included, I could not have been more pleased with how the trip turned out, largely I think because of Andrew's skill in bringing 100 year old battlefields alive, as well as adding in stops along the way that I was unfamiliar with, but which were well worth seeing. Throughout the entire 4 days, Andrew was an absolute fantastic guide and a pleasure to spend time with. He has a comprehensive knowledge of the events of the war, including the thought processes of the various commanders on the fields as to why and where battles took place, and what their objectives were. He is quite simply a delightful conversationalist, witty, engaging and possessing an almost encyclopedic memory for details. He is very familiar with the terrains and the actual battlefields themselves, such as where the respective lines were, how they changed over the course of the war, and also of where the places worth visiting and the memorials to see are located. Through out the trip, Andrew was able to engage in detail conversations about not just what we were seeing, but able to provide context to the events as perceived by respective combatants at the time they occurred, the home fronts (particularly of the British and French), as well as to discuss many of the reference materials which I have read, and to provide an interesting context to their authors. As I said, I couldn't have been more pleased with his work, and in making this a truly fantastic and memorable experience for both myself, and my wife. Thanks again, Andrew!!
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Seattle22 条分享
2014年7月 • 夫妻情侣
We chose to fulfill a life-long dream of my husband's to tour the WWII battle fields of Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge for his 60th birthday. Planning our first trip to Europe was daunting, but we knew we did not want a large group tour. Through Trip Advisor I found and contacted Dr. Thomson Tours for our Ardennes segment, and we were more than pleased with our experience! Andrew is well educated in battle history and very familiar with the landscape of the region. He picked us up at the train station in Lille and we had three well planned days of travel on the roads the American and German forces would have traversed, detailed chronologic and interesting stories of events as they unfolded, and out-of-the-car walks at land marks. Dr. Thomson had maps he had prepared to organize what we would be seeing, and our journey included beverage breaks and little café lunches, as well as memorials and two museums. We finished off with a stop at the Ardennes American Cemetery near Liege with plenty of time to walk among the headstones and reflect of the significance of the war in this region. Andrew had also arranged a nice hotel in Bastogne for the two nights of our tour. We found Andrew to be a very pleasant man to spend time with and a driver we were comfortable with, which is important when you are touring in his private vehicle. He was also very helpful in sharing tips on how to be a tourist in Europe, suggested a day visit to Brugge - which we enjoyed, and told us how to navigate the train/underground systems to get to other sights we would be traveling to. I am certain this last bit of information prevented a few meltdowns! We appreciated that Andrew took the effort to work to adjust our tour schedule a bit to accommodate a family need of his that came up a week before we arrived, instead of just cancelling. That is the kind of integrity and professionalism you will get with Dr. Thomson's Tours and time with him was well worth the expense of a private tour. Yes, we could have rented a car and drove through these areas ourselves, but we would have missed a lot, we wouldn't of had the stories, and we wouldn't have known that THIS road SS Col. Peiper drove on, etc.. And we would have had to drive, which we quickly agreed was much better left up to a local! Dr. Andrew Thomson has brochures you can ask for and his website is quite helpful. My husband is well read on WWII history and events and he was pleased to be able to engage in detailed conversations with Dr. Thomson and was highly impressed with our tour and new information he learned. A bus tour could never have given us the same experience! Thank you Andrew!
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爱尔兰都柏林55 条分享
2013年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Big thanks to Dr.Thomson for a great two day experience.Got it as a birthday present from my dear fiance.I got everything that I expected and more.From being picked up at the airport to organised accommodation in a lovely French style/family run hotel.Dr.Thomson not only gave us all the facts about D-Day, but also had some stories, that can't be found in a history books.Highly recommended to anyone interested in WW2.Big thanks and looking forward to joining Dr.Thomson us on the trip to Ardennes.
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加拿大苏圣玛丽1,517 条分享
2012年4月 • 好友
I had booked this trip a couple months in advance with Andrew (Dr. Thomson). As Canadians we wanted to see the two World War sites in France that are important to us and where huge sacrifices were made by our troops; Juno Beach and Vimy Ridge. We were based out of Canterbury England and were fortunate enough that the timing of our trip coincided with the 95th anniversary of Vimy Ridge on Easter.

Andrew has preplanned tours for large or small groups that range from England to France, Belgium and Germany on the continent with specializations in World War history. Ours was custom designed for our party of five which included two parents and three young men. All six of us all fit comfortably in Andrew’s Citroen SUV which seems to be a poplar vehicle in Europe.

Andrew was the proper English gentlemen when he picked us up promptly at 7 am so we could get an early start to the day in addition to being booked on the tunnel train for a certain time. Being Canadian we needed a Tim Horton’s fix so Andrew found us a coffee stop before we entered the tunnel to France. Take out coffee isn’t as big in Europe as it is in Canada where there is a Tim Horton’s every 10 minutes; most times you can get the take out cup but sometimes without the lid. I found this true throughout Europe. Anyways undaunted we started through the channel tunnel which was a pretty neat experience in itself. They load all the cars onto a rail car and you just stay in your vehicle until the approximately half hour ride is over. There are washrooms available.

Once in France we all started to haul out our passports but there was no one at the customs booth, very strange; so we headed for Normandy. The French countryside was picturesque and the highway bypassed the small towns and villages but one interesting feature was that the town signs all had a picture of what their historic claim to fame was, whether a castle, church or birthplace of someone famous.

Our first destination was Juno Beach. It is hard to believe the calmness of the place but there were still echoes of the landing there 68 years ago. It was quite a poignant vista. Andrew had prepared maps and diagrams for us and offered explanations of certain spots that were of interest. Even though all of us had a pretty solid knowledge and understanding of the landing, Andrew was there to point out certain places of interest such as Canada House and give us inside stories. He also told us how Juno received its name, which was something I didn’t know, apparently it was suppose to go in sequence with Sword (fish) and Gold(fish) but what was offered was jelly or tuna, which apparently didn’t go over well with the Canadian command so they capitulated. Can’t substantiate that, but it is a good story never the less and Andrew was very knowledgeable and engaging about the history of the Normandy Invasion and WW II in general.

We headed up to the Canadian cemetary inland from Bernieres and then to Bayeaux where we were going to spend the nite. Andrew kept us on schedule and the Bayeaux excursion was an additional add on where we got to see the tapestry, which is amazing. Andrew had booked us a 16th-17th century period hotel , Hotel D’Argouges, which was charming and included breakfast in the morning.

With an early start we headed to Arras in the morning with our main goal being Vimy Ridge and the 95th anniversary celebrations. Before we went to the ridge Andrew took us to a great little spot for lunch in Arras called Cafe Leffe. The storm clouds had been following us all day but up to this point they had held off. Andrew made sure we got to Vimy early so we could tour the battlefield site prior to the ceremonies. Unbeknownst to us we didn’t have to hurry as the Governor General and the Minister of Veteran’s Affairs were over an hour late for the ceremonies. Andrew explained how they had preserved the cratered landscape and he had prepared maps of the battlefield and explained where exactly the assault took place. All very interesting.

With the ceremonies about to start we headed towards the monument with the other 10,000 Canadians that had journeyed to France for this solemn occasion. That is about when our luck started to run out. Like I had mentioned the ceremonies were delayed for about an hour and then the heavens opened and we were subject to a torrential downpour for the duration of the service. Halfway through people started leaving but we stayed to the bitter end – almost. When we started getting the church giggles we thought it best to leave. We kept reminding ourselves about what our troops had endured 95 years earlier in the sleet and snow but to no avail. I think we skipped out about 10 minutes before the end, but we were all like drowned rats. We herded our way to Andrew’s vehicle dripping wet and welcomed the heat as it warmed up.

This was our last leg of the trip and our final destination with Andrew. He dropped us off at our hotel in Bruge Belgium where we spent a couple of days. Crossing the border here again was like crossing into another Canadian province, but this time I suspect it was because they are EU countries. Anyways no stamps on my passport for either France or Belgium.

I can understand that some people would rather rent a car and tour the sites themselves, but I much prefer to have someone else do the driving in an unfamiliar country. Andrew also pointed out some unexpected treasures along the way. Also when time is crucial it is beneficial to go directly to the chosen places and sites and not spend presious hours looking for locations. Andrew was very good with keeping us on schedule.

All in all we had a great two days with Andrew. He was professional, knowledgeable and we immensely enjoyed that British sense of humor. The only downside was that we missed the monastery at Ardennes and could only see it when we drove by but then there were so many other places that we just ran out of time and had to skip. Just another excuse to come back and I wouldn’t hesitate to contract Andrew for his services again. We were very satisfied with our time with him.
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