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If you fancy scrambling, go up via striding edge from Patterdale/Glenridding then down via the edge that sounds like a squirrel. If you don't fancy scrambling walk up via the Youth Hostel then take the path right via a couple of other peaks/or Sticks pass to the top and back if you fancy. Always carry emergency food, water and a jacket. Even during a heatwave.
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A group of 6 of us tackled Helvellyn on a fine day in early June. Our route was from Glenriidding, up to the "Hole-in-the-Wall" and via Striding Edge to the summit, then down Swirral Edge and back to Glenridding via the path alongside Red Tarn Beck. Total distance 13.6km and time taken 7 hours including stops. It's a steady climb from Glenridding but not strenuous until Striding Edge where you do have to be very careful. There is scrambling over rocks and it is tricky in places as the route is not obvious. We ended up going down quite a long way at one point and then had to climb up again. However there is a way along the top of the ridge if you are very sure-footed. There's also a final climb at the end which is very steep but with lots to hold on to and you just have to continue upwards and pick your way to the top. It's absolutely worth the effort as once you get to the summit the views are amazing.

The descent on Swirral Edge is hard as well but nothing like on the ascent. Going the way we went back to Glenridding is a long slog so would recommend taking the path from the end of Red Tarn which leads back to the "Hole-in-the-Wall" to rejoin the path you came up on. We returned to our cars very tired but with a huge sense of achievement and it was a superb, exhilarating walk.
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We started the walk from Glenrodding. The way we went up was via striding edge and then back down through the valley behind swirells edge. I can’t remember the name of the route exaclty but as you reach the summit it is the path which takes you back to Glenridding but alongside swirrels edge. This route back provided a fantastic view of the otherside of Hevellyn, as well as waterfalls by the disused slate mine.

Car parking is £8 for all day, which I would recommend doing as it says 4-5 hours on websites, however the majority of people took 5-6 hours once you have stopped off etc.

There is toilets with are 50p. Various convienence stores nearby. After we went to Aira falls to see the waterfalls, which was a lovely way to finish a fantastic day.

Be careful as the climb up Stirding edge is a challenge. I would strongly recommend in watching some YouTube videos before you go up either of the edges, just to get an idea of what you are about to do.
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Sarah L
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Fantastic, challenging walk. I parked at wythburn and turned left to walk along a track parallel to thirlmere reservoir with some beautiful views of the lake. It took me to swirls car park where I then walked up to Helvellyn - although this is the quickest route and easier than striding edge, don't underestimate the challenge! I've always thought myself a fit person and have hiked other areas across England but I found this very testing! The steps are steep, just take your time and enjoy the views. I was fortunate to have a very clear day. The euphoria once I got to the top was the best! Brilliant views. I would recommend this to anyone in the Lake District but make sure you are well prepared, this is not an easy walk, ensure you have proper shoes and snacks and plenty of water. I did a circuit and walked back towards Wythburn which had lovely views again, but as with any downhill walking, quite a bit of pressure on the knees, so be prepared. Great day! Took me about 5 hours all-in-all.
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Twice we've been; twice we've turned back at Red Tarn due to incoming weather. Of course we could push on to Striding Edge, but the wind was vicious, the cloud was thick and the rain came down, so we wouldn't have enjoyed the view.

However, the (circular) walk up from Glenridding to Red Tarn and back down is stunning, with lovely views of Ullswater, and we WILL be back!
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Path: Glenridding to Helvellyn via Swirral Edge, descent via Striding Edge.

I really, really loved climbing this mountain. The first half of the ascent is pleasant and I wouldn't say was super strenuous. It's hard going and on a warm day I had to fill my bottle up in streams twice before reaching the Tarn but the path is steady and you'll reach the Tarn in an hour if you're a moderate walker.

From this point, the climb does get serious and inexperienced walkers should really take note of this. Climbing Swirral Edge was scary even on a sunny day. Expect to climb almost vertically using hands and feet with steep drops. I had to practically climb around one lady who had started to panic whilst clinging to a rock as she didn't know where to make her next move (I did help her once I'd passed!). This really isn't for the faint hearted, and I would strongly recommend dogs are not taken up or down this path unless they are able to be off lead and you know they are nimble. Just this small section will take 45 minutes to an hour.

Once you reach the top the views are absolutely breath-taking and there is plenty of room with places to shelter to enjoy a snack!

The immediate descent from the peak towards Striding Edge is again extremely hairy - I had to use all fours and bum for this bit, and even then I didn't feel secure from slipping down the steep drops. As time was getting on we actually took the path running immediately to the left of Striding Edge rather than take the ridge itself. Even this path is extremely narrow - one trip or fall and you could drop from a great height.

Eventually, the path widens and you can take a ruddy deep breath out as you descent back towards Glenridding (still some odd scrambly bits as you go down but it's light relief compared to Striding and Swirral). I was practically skipping down the final mile, just grateful to be alive!

The Travellers pub is a good stop off at the end - not the most inspiring pub food but certainly fills a hungry hole, of course washed down with a pint or two.

In summary this is a fantastic route and will satisfy anyone who really wants to test themselves and get the old adrenaline going. If you're good with heights and stable on your feet then crack on - you will absolutely love it.
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丹麦奈司特维德33 条分享
Difficult to give a proper rating as we never got to the top of Helvellyn !! So more a warning for anyone doing the loop around from Wythburne Church/car park that once you have walked the trail through the forest parallel with the road and crossed the stream/river (depending on how much rain there has been recently......) the path then goes up, with the very visible path being straight up the grassy slope and with 2 people coming down we focused probably too much on them...... although asked if we were on the correct path for Helvellyn, which they said we were ??

What we hadnt seen was there is another path to the left that hugged the stream/waterfalls which was the correct one !!

So we kept going up hoping for the left turn that never came and ended up on the top of Seat Sandal....... stunning views up there too, but wrong mountain !!
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Amelia Wallsworth
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I climbed Helvellyn for my 25th birthday, and my god did I struggle. It was my first ever mountain, it took me 6 ridiculous hours to climb but absolutely well worth the visit. I climbed via Striding Edge and can’t recommend it enough. Bring plenty of water and some good shoes.. and you’ll be fine! 😛
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Connor Moyle
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Thoroughly enjoyed our walk up Helvellyn, wasn’t the most pleasant of days, quite foggy and very cloudy, cleared up a fair amount by the time we’d got to the top which was nice so we managed to take in most of the views after not being able to see behind or ahead of us the whole way up
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Bristol22 条分享
We walked from our cottage in Glenridding up Helvellyn via Striding Edge. Walked with kids aged 6, 8 and 16. It took us 5 hours door to door. There's quite a lot of scrambling but only one little bit that was tricky. The kids have done quite a bit of climbing and so they were unfazed by it. If your kids would be nervous about this then you should probably choose a different walk. I'd also say that our kids are used to long walks and hilly terrain and have done lots of easier hills so we knew they had the stamina and fitness. Its super exciting for adults and kids and definitely worth the effort. Just remember to take plenty of water and snacks.
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