Blackpool Model Village & Gardens

Blackpool Model Village & Gardens(黑潭)

Blackpool Model Village & Gardens

Blackpool Model Village & Gardens


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Sue H
英国Lytham St Anne's13 条分享
We took our two little boys into the village at a cost of £30 plus parking. This model village was created in 1972 and seems to not have been updated since then . The model people were so ancient and seemed to have been repainted very badly , the 3 little trains that ran along little tracks should have been exciting for the children but 2 out of the three were not working , the water attractions were all dried up or if not were full of green slime, weeds were growing out of some of the buildings and the port was all dried up and in a dilapidated state. Once you’re in you’ve paid so it’s tough luck- I guess the need to improve or modernise just isn’t there as families have already paid before they see how outdated, run down and neglected this model village really is - you would think that there would be relevance to the town such as Blackpool tower model or beach scenes . There was a football pitch but the daisies and dandelions were taller than the footballers. The prison looked like a cardboard box that had been repainted again and again and the fairy glen was full of weeds - the potential with a bit of TLC is there but clearly no one is interested in making this model village interesting or child friendly or even worth the price you pay. Was quite disgusted really and will never ever return. We did this in about 20 minutes flat even following the treasure hunt tips which was actually the only decent idea of the whole experience.
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Jacky H
英国米尔顿凯恩斯129 条分享
2022年6月 • 好友
I really enjoyed this Model Village, I love the novel idea of a quiz which guides you through the village, so you don't miss anything and like a big kid, loved answering the questions.
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Warren E
40 条分享
We have visited many model villages and they all have something a little different .This one is really up to date with recycling centre models and wheelie bins. There are also numerous trains running round but use the guide or I guarantee you will miss loads. We also had the fortune to meet the owner which was a real bonus.
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英国约克郡75 条分享
2022年4月 • 家庭
Really needs some TLC the models are very basic and not really layed out very well. For the price you pay it's not really worth it even at half price you'd feel a bit disappointed. However staff were lovely as were the cats although the resident ducks kept attacking each other it must have breeding season.
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Kim K
英国格拉斯哥7 条分享
2022年4月 • 夫妻情侣
This was a BRILLIANT activity and I enjoyed it so much. We didn’t even go with children - just us and our enthusiasm and imagination. So well created and with lots of funny elements on the signs. We had the best time!! Ice cream was yummy too.
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Marie H
7 条分享
2022年4月 • 家庭
Wonderful way to spend the afternoon with or without children. Took our grandchildren ( age 7 & 9) just as we had taken their mother before them. So much to see and so easy to get around. Being close to Easter they had a ‘spot the bunny’ activity which the kids loved and a general quiz for older kids/adults. Plenty of benches dotted here and there to sit and admire the world in miniature. Great value for money and a real treat. We will go back again for sure. Their website is currently showing ‘temporarily closed’ as of April 2022 but they are very much open! Technical hitch with Google apparently and one that isn’t easily solved. It would be a shame if families missed this little haven due to that.
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英国北爱尔兰9 条分享
2021年8月 • 家庭
We love going to Stanley Park. My grandparents used to take my mum when she was little and she carried on the tradition of taking me and my little sister when we are visiting Stanley Park. I am now 19 and my sister is 8 and we love it. It is so nice in the summer weather as there is ice cream at the end! We also always do the “Treasure Trail/Scavenger Hunt” every year.

It’s great to see how well it has been kept over the years and how there are different moving parts to the villages such as trains and interactive activities.

There is also a lovely wishing well in the middle with a lovely sitting area. It’s great to have a spot to rest especially with young children and every year we make a wish at the well.

Overall, it’s a great day out however, make sure to visit on a sunny day if you can as it is all outdoors.
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Ian P
英国Cannock5 条分享
We'd been meaning to visit here for years and never found the time due to all Blackpool's other attractions, but we finally did this on the way home(can also be done as part of a day out at the zoo), and we're so glad we did, a lovely little place that actually is bigger than we anticipated, they provide a handy map of clues to navigate your way round and count those gnomes along the way
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英国斯基普顿68 条分享
We really enjoyed having a walk round here. However, I would agree with the other reviews, that it is overpriced. Toilets were out of order and were not much longer that 30-40 minutes in total. We did have an ice cream and a hot drink, there were not options of any sandwiches or anything like that. The quiz was nice and kept my little one entertained when going around. You also have to pay for parking.
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Dawn Tyler
英国林肯16 条分享
we are 2 adults a little older and we loved it, would love to go again and we are going to repeat some of it in our own garden so much to see and we also did the route quiz as we walked around. it is one of the best thigs I have seen and i have seen lots of model villages but this is by far the best.
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