The Cavern Freehouse
The Cavern Freehouse
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Phil C
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2023年8月 • 好友
Nasty and unwelcoming atmosphere with some rude and aggressive staff. Avoid and spend your money elsewhere.
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Theres a couple of reasons that people like you leave nasty little reviews hiding behind these review sites 1. You got very upset and offended when it's pointed out to you your in a pub and buying something isn't an option. 2. You are behaving like an idiot and I tell you to leave. As it happens both these scenarios occured this weekend so I wonder which one of them is you?
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英国伦敦4 条分享
2023年8月 • 家庭
Another fantastic night at the Cavern Freehouse. This has still got to be one of the best music pubs/venues in London. A free night of music, with a great sound system. The pub also has brilliant staff serving incredibly reasonably priced drinks. Lucky enough to live fairly near, so we go back as much as we can. If live music is your thing, then this is the place to head.
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Mark R
英国格拉斯哥1 条分享
2023年8月 • 家庭
How on earth can you give a negative review to one of the coolest venues in the area? Oh and hang on, when the host of the venue also says,”yeah no worries, bring it in!” When we asked if we could bring in some grub from next door!….. You know what, this is a top rate venue, too rate geezer running the show, top rate venue tee shirt and top rate bands playing here! Where?…. The Raynes Park Cavern, now,…. Let’s Rock! ☮️💕🎸🎸🎸🥁🤘🤠
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David F
英国克劳利7 条分享
2023年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Brilliant night ,great band,can't believe this place in south west London.
It was packed out and an amazing band .
Bar staff did a great job pulling the pints ,recommended
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3 条分享
2023年8月 • 家庭
Top notch venue, top notch music, top notch staff, just an awesome place to meet great people and listen to great music
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Roberta Neil
英国伦敦63 条分享
Great Night!!!
Friendly, great music , value for money!
Danced the night away, really liked the people in there and the staff were super!
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Fiesta B
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Last night Myself and My Partner went to see some Live Music ay The Cavern, The Band even asked if he could play a couple of songs with them. We both had to Drive separately (Ove an Hour) after work. My Partner had already got a Coke, before I sat down with him I went straight to the bar to order a Coke too. Was served by a lovely lady she was polite.

Due to where we were sitting which was in a corner by the speaker and it was pretty crowded, we waited until the interval when the Band had finished to get another Drink as it is Courteous and Good Etiquette for The Band.

Before we even had a chance to get up and to the Bar, a Big Guy (of whom i'm assuming is the owner Noel?) aggressively told us both to leave! At first we thought he was joking, but he got more and more Violent and Aggressive towards My Partner!! It was the most bizarre and confusing experience! Not to mention completely upsetting. My Partner kept calm and didn't raise his voice or anything, he politely asked if he could get his Guitar and Music Gear but The Landlord was blocking his way. It was Shocking and Unacceptable behaviour, we couldn't understand why as we were quietly minding our own business.

After reading quite a few Reviews on here it looks like others have had this same Experience from The Landlord, assuming the Owner will respond to this Review (Probably Denying it all!!). We have a lot of witnesses and friends that can verify this incident. Not only that The Cavern has now lost a huge amount of Sales and Business as this will be well known all over the Internet and Word of Mouth.
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Your Partner sat in a pub watching Live music for free for over 2 hours without any drink whatsover. Maybe in your little world that is acceptable but in the real world its known as freeloading! I did what is my right to do and told him to leave! Ive been running music venues very very succesfully for 50 years, The Cavern for 35 years so I don't think I will miss people like him. I will NEVER change my Mantra, anyone that sits here watching a top notch band for free and thinks its okay to sit here without a drink or sit there nursing one drink all night will be told to Leave, a Plain and Simple rule that SnowFlakes like you simply don't understand. You seem to think because you've left Bad Reviews all over the bloody place that it stops people coming here. It does the exact oposite because most people understand exactly what my stance is. You have a Nice Life now ........ Somewhere else hopefully xx
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Elric Newby
1 条分享
The same experience has happened to me for everyone who has posted a one star review. I was thrown out aggressively for the heinous crime of ordering water. I thought it was a joke at first. All he needed to say was could you please order a drink and I would have done it. We tried to explain this outside that we brought people to the pub who are drinking but he wasn't having it. The staff could have told me too. He was super aggressive outside and threatened to fight with me up in my face. Then his son came out and did the same. He threw soil in my face. Even abusing us when we did leave the premises. I think he just gets off on throwing people out. I'm not an easily intimidated person which wound him them up even more (which was quite funny actually).Just a couple of sad bullies. We phoned the police, I won't go into details but nothing happened. Let's just say he knows how to work the police. This is the reason he is able to get away with this for so long. . AVOID. Now waiting for his nasty BS reply
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NASTY PIECE OF WORK CUSTOMER! I say customer but technically you need to buy something to be one of those. Let's just add a few of the details this Moron omited to mention. I was attemting to explain to him that sitting in here watching a top notch live band for free and thinking its ok to drink tap water all night is not really an option. At this point he burst out laughing and said to my face ..... and I quote ''You Nothing but an A*sehole''. At this point I told him to leave the premises immediately which I am totally entitled to do. He of course refused to go so I used resonable force to remove him as I am absolutely entitled to! He then Hung around outside the pub for ages Shouting and whinging about how I'd treated him and said ''I will never be coming back here''. THANK GOD FOR THAT, My water rates bill might go up! It is people like this that are killing the Live Music Scene! They want everything for nothing and get all offended when they can't get away with it! The Police looked through all my camera footage and agreed I'd done absolutely nothing wrong and told them to move on as they were still hanging around outside like spoilt little brats.
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Ian L
20 条分享
2023年4月 • 好友
Travelled from Bromley in Kent to see Bad Influence on a Sunday afternoon.
The journey was worth the effort. On arrival we were made welcome by the staff and introduced to the pub dog Harry.
The gig was free for a top quality band. I was all to happy to put some money in the hat that was passed around during the second set.
Clientele were very friendly and everyone got into the music making it a very enjoyable experience.
As a real Ale drinker I was pleased to have a choice of 3 real ales. There was doom bar, a Wimbledon pale ale and white rat.
The pub is very near Raynes Park railway station.
The Sunday gig started just after 4 and finished just after 7. The bar wasn’t too busy. We were told bands finish around midnight in the week so getting home could be an issue for some midweek which is why we chose the Sunday gig.
Just wish it was nearer my home.
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105 条分享
2023年3月 • 夫妻情侣
…..just back from a brilliant live gig at The Cavern watching the marvellous KT Bush Band.

It’s a great , traditional little venue. Musical history and paraphernalia everywhere. Excellent PA system and sound. Warm and friendly staff.

And special mention to the band. They were brilliant. If you haven’t ever seen them, go and catch them. You won’t be disappointed!
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