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Looses Emporium
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Ruth K
英国诺威奇3 条分享
Fabulous place to visit with 2 floors full of all sorts of vintage items that you didn't realise you wanted . My favourite section is upstairs at the front . Undercover Books . Fantastic collection of books and a knowledgeable owner . Spend time here it's great ..
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Heart Mirror
2 条分享
I <3 Looses Emporium - it is a breath of East Anglian fresh air - not a 'flea in your ear' which is what I first heard when I first visited this historical and agricultural secret gem of a city - this old Norfolk expression originates from France, around the 1400's and means an annoying hint or stabbing rebuke. Looses is place of wonderful banter; stories; adventure; a museum of everything - I love this place so much - especially the retro 70's Red Cafe and Buttercream Sponge Cake where laughter and stories abound - for singletons and families - everyone is generously welcomed (there is wheel chair and lift access)

Come and get lost in history and eye candy for all - think Cunk on Britain meets Only Fools and Horses - would make a fantastic fly on the wall 'comedamentary '- it is a well kept secret treasure tower - vast with s two floors and many many stalls - a much needed reprieve from 21st Century speed buying and online voyeurism - come and see smell and touch the real McCoy. On my last visit I purchased an heirloom for my niece Scarlet - a vintage Trechicoff - The Chinese Girl - it has already tripled in value.

Looses has been running for over 10 years. It is a much needed calming and soothing barmy balm - a combination of Mr Ben the best carboot - jumbey and high end proper old school antique emporium. This has to be my fav place for encountering commeraderie and community - make sure you visit if you come to Norwich X0
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Tracy H
1 条分享
2020年2月 • 好友
Went here today lovely pieces brought a few thing, BUT the owners where absolutely rude when we returned to pick up our items told us to hurry the f##k up will never return no need to be so rude after spending hundreds off pounds
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英国利兹98 条分享
I love shops like these, but they can also be disappointing.

Two floors and you really have to search but theres a lot of stuff that quite honestly is rubbish (obviously house clearance?) and chasrity shop stuff.

Some gems but they can be pricey, the ONE thing I spotted (no price on) was overb £200!

Interestibg to walk around

They have a cafe too.

The charm is the haphazard nature but it can look very scruffy too!
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1 条分享
Love this shop brimming with everything you could think of, furniture, jewellery, books,garden equipment, paintings, pottery, kitchenalia, vintage clothes,mirrors, the list goes on & on.

If you like vintage, antique, quirky, collectible, then this is the shop for you. Even if you don't buy anything it's a wonderful way to pass a couple of hours just browsing ( you will find it hard not to see something you would like).
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Steven J
2 条分享
2018年6月 • 家庭
What was intended to be killing time before meeting teenage daughters turned out to be a real adventure down memory and beyond lane. There is everything here, common placed items from my childhood to exotic and quirky merchandise.
I found the staff friendly and more than informative.
Great place
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英国诺威奇949 条分享
Really love this place - bit quirky and you can shop not just for furnityure but jewellery etc as well - I love things that are a bit retro and different and this is a great Saturday browsing thing to do as there are loads of coffee shops/snack bars on the street so you can chill out afterwards.
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Tania F
1 条分享
2018年5月 • 独自旅游
This is the best place to come for vintage everything if you are just browsing or looking for something in particular this is definitely the place to go the staff are very polite and know a lot about what they sell I’ve bought many quirky pieces over the years for upcycling and now with the cafe it’s a great place to drink coffee while deciding what to do with your latest purchase 👍🏻
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英国诺福克郡13 条分享
2018年3月 • 夫妻情侣
We spent over two hours here ... and loved every second.
Since my previous visit there has been the welcome addition of 'Looses Café' ( run by a very pleasant and hard working young woman ) where my partner and I had a couple of tea breaks in between rummaging through the vintage collectibles.
Both the lower and upper floors (and the reclamation yard outside) are crammed full of interesting items. The prices are reasonable and l love seeing things l remember from my childhood.
I can't think of a better way of spending an afternoon !
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英国诺威奇11 条分享
2018年2月 • 好友
What a wonderful place. Even if antiques are not your thing it will have something to interest and amaze you. From Grandfather clocks, chaise lounges , tables, chairs everything even saw Elvis in there somewhere. Excellent, could have spent even more hours in there.
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