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英国伦敦37 条分享
2023年7月 • 家庭
I hosted a party here. There were two good things

1) kids had fun
2) no clearing up


1) we couldn't park. We paid nearly £300 for a party. Party hosts should have an allocated space. Our guests got tickets as they had to park elsewhere in the business park it resides in.

2) we met our party host when we arrived. Didn't see him again until it was time for food. He then asked for a review.....

3) it was so unbelievably busy. 3 parties booked in at once and it was open to the public. It was very difficult to keep an eye on our guests.

4) security is shocking. There is absolutely nothing or no one to stop children walking out of the venue.

5) 30 mins is insufficient for food. By the time the kids have been rounded up and food dished out there was about 10 mins left to eat before we had to do the cake as we were constantly being reminded that we had to leave at exactly 1.30pm.

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sam r
1 条分享
2023年1月 • 家庭
this place is shocking. it’s full of teenagers and poorly behaved managers.
the pay is incredibly bad especially when you get treated like dirt.
there’s teenagers “running” little kids partys when they look younger then the kids themselves and have not a clue whatsoever about what’s happening .
the job is okay in the winter but once you get to the summer you’re constantly being cancelled on as and no one wants to go there, yet they continue to hire more and more people.
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Rebecca W
London1 条分享
2022年12月 • 家庭
We decided to have my daughters 5th birthday here as she loves air hop. After paying over £300 for the “100% stress free” party as advertised we walked away feeling more stressed than ever!

Firstly the staff incompetence made us late for our short 1 hour slot we had, we had pre filled the waivers but their technology didn’t connect the waivers to the party system. That meant my daughter didn’t get a private dodgeball game included in the cost.

The party room was a joke. I know 30 mins for kids to eat isnt long but what we didn’t appreciate was the badgering us mid cutting cake to put in party bags asking us to leave. 3 more staff (kids) came to bully us out of the room at 3 mins past our slot. Rude doesn’t even cover it!!

all the parents of the guests were appalled by the behaviour! I am so grateful that my little girl didn’t fully understand what was going on but I was left feeling disappointed and robbed!!

I wish I had done my research! As reviews all say the same thing.

I have emailed them with no response! Shocking customer service.
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London4 条分享
Had the misfortune to arrange a children’s party here and it was a complete nightmare.

Arriving at the venue at the recommended time, it took more than 30 minutes to get the kids onto the trampolines because of a ridiculously slow process while the inexperienced party ‘helper’ couldn’t work out their booking system and realise all of the group had in fact signed their waiver.

Because of this delay, we lost 25% of our allotted time and when bringing this up to someone claiming to be a ‘manager’, was simply told ‘you were late’ (we weren’t) and there was nothing they could do - all with a very smug look on her face.

Then we had the fiasco of the actual party room.

4 lukewarm pizzas, 3 cold boxes of potato wedges and a group of unprofessional, unhelpful staff who spent the whole time telling us to ‘hurry up because we have another party coming in next’. And the highlight was FOUR members of ‘staff’ trying to force us out at 3 mins over our allotted time while we were packing everything up.

Maybe if you planned properly and gave the group 45 mins to eat rather than trying to cram as many parties in as possible, you wouldn’t have received as many 1 star reviews.

All in all, the kids enjoyed it - however, the adults in the group realised what a nightmare it is so were glad when it was over...
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Maddie S
英国萨里11 条分享
2022年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Great place always have fun! Been coming here for a while and the staff are always so friendly and helpful! Would definitely recommend great day out!
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Leeann H
1 条分享
We attended my nephews birthday celebration there back in June 2022. A member of staff knew my niece from college & for that reason took a dislike to the whole party, picking on ALL party members (including my just turned 4 year old whom had never been to airhop before and was needing gentle encouragement) this particular member of staff whoms name was given in the complaint to airhop Guildford was also talking & sniggering to other staff members clearly visible for us all to see. I wrote to Airhop Guildford but they never replied - I am absolutely disgusted that they never took the time to reply to my COMPLAINT and acknowledge that their staff member was very unprofessional and damn right rude.
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1 条分享
2022年5月 • 家庭
Don't EVER have a party here. Upset 9 year olds as staff didn't do the private dodgeball game that was included within the party booking . Lack of engagement from the party host. Poor kids had to rush there food as they only get given 30mins, no time to do the cake properly either and we was constantly told they have to get the room ready for the next party. Felt more like a count down clock and we had to pay £300 for the privilege!
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英国伦敦10 条分享
Loads of parking, great friendly service at reception and in the cafe. Plenty of seating space for adults. Great customer service response via email prior to visit. My party had a great time, thanks Air Hop Guildford! A much better experience hands down, compared to other trampoline parks we’ve been to.
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1 条分享
2022年2月 • 家庭
First time visiting…

So 4 stars because my child and his friends did have a really good time, they spent two hours jumping around and didn’t get bored once. This is the most important thing as that is why we visited! They loved the trampolines and WipeOut the most!

In my opinion, the staff seemed very disinterested, spoke/mumbled and I had to ask them to repeat themselves a few times. Had to get information out of them because they didn’t give me any. We were told to arrive half an hour earlier….you only need to be there 10 mins before to hear the briefing…I say hear, you couldn’t hear a thing as it just echoed!
20 mins waiting around with excitable kids seemed to go on forever 😂
The staff seemed to be what I would say ott strict with the rules, however that’s not my place to comment as rules are rules!
A young lady got injured on wipeout to the point she was in tears and couldn’t stand up and I couldn’t believe that the staff member 1: didn’t go over to check on her 2: ask the other customers to come off wipeout for a moment and 3: another member of staff taking so long to come over with first aid as she was also the one working in the cafe 🙈 I felt this was really bad!!
A child also got asked to leave because they were wearing flip out socks , not airhop socks 😬 so if you’re going you will need to purchase those!

So basically, the arena was fun for the kids which is the main thing, just a shame about the staff who couldn’t care less and could do with wearing a smile! 😁

Now I know what to expect we’d probably go back at some point but wouldn’t expect much help or friendly smiley faces…..

p.s be warned when your time is up and you were lucky enough to get a balcony seat, parents for the next time slot will be ready and raring to jump in your seats as soon as you stand up 🥲
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1 条分享
- Party host didn't do anything apart from act as a countdown clock
- Able to take food as they can't cater for differing allergies and requirements. However, be warned. Your party host does not help unpack this and you aren't allowed in the room to set up beforehand. That is 30 mins to set up, kids eat, cake and out!!!
- Don't expect the party bags to be handed out either! They get put in a bucket to the side and you also have to do that!
- Kids did seem to enjoy it although the state of their feet even with the socks was a b it grim after
-We had the UV party and there was no face paints as advertised.
- Party bags lacklustre with branded bits that is all a bit boring.
- Not worth the per head cost.
- A couple of gentleman on the front desk were helpful but that was the only good thing about the experience from a parental viewpoint.
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