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英国伦敦9 条分享
Loads of parking, great friendly service at reception and in the cafe. Plenty of seating space for adults. Great customer service response via email prior to visit. My party had a great time, thanks Air Hop Guildford! A much better experience hands down, compared to other trampoline parks we’ve been to.
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1 条分享
2022年2月 • 家庭
First time visiting…

So 4 stars because my child and his friends did have a really good time, they spent two hours jumping around and didn’t get bored once. This is the most important thing as that is why we visited! They loved the trampolines and WipeOut the most!

In my opinion, the staff seemed very disinterested, spoke/mumbled and I had to ask them to repeat themselves a few times. Had to get information out of them because they didn’t give me any. We were told to arrive half an hour earlier….you only need to be there 10 mins before to hear the briefing…I say hear, you couldn’t hear a thing as it just echoed!
20 mins waiting around with excitable kids seemed to go on forever 😂
The staff seemed to be what I would say ott strict with the rules, however that’s not my place to comment as rules are rules!
A young lady got injured on wipeout to the point she was in tears and couldn’t stand up and I couldn’t believe that the staff member 1: didn’t go over to check on her 2: ask the other customers to come off wipeout for a moment and 3: another member of staff taking so long to come over with first aid as she was also the one working in the cafe 🙈 I felt this was really bad!!
A child also got asked to leave because they were wearing flip out socks , not airhop socks 😬 so if you’re going you will need to purchase those!

So basically, the arena was fun for the kids which is the main thing, just a shame about the staff who couldn’t care less and could do with wearing a smile! 😁

Now I know what to expect we’d probably go back at some point but wouldn’t expect much help or friendly smiley faces…..

p.s be warned when your time is up and you were lucky enough to get a balcony seat, parents for the next time slot will be ready and raring to jump in your seats as soon as you stand up 🥲
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1 条分享
- Party host didn't do anything apart from act as a countdown clock
- Able to take food as they can't cater for differing allergies and requirements. However, be warned. Your party host does not help unpack this and you aren't allowed in the room to set up beforehand. That is 30 mins to set up, kids eat, cake and out!!!
- Don't expect the party bags to be handed out either! They get put in a bucket to the side and you also have to do that!
- Kids did seem to enjoy it although the state of their feet even with the socks was a b it grim after
-We had the UV party and there was no face paints as advertised.
- Party bags lacklustre with branded bits that is all a bit boring.
- Not worth the per head cost.
- A couple of gentleman on the front desk were helpful but that was the only good thing about the experience from a parental viewpoint.
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47 条分享
2022年2月 • 家庭
Terrible, female staff members seem to prefer to stand around gossiping rather than actually supervising the children which was worrying considering they were there to keep the children safe, appeared to be frightened to approach the more challenging users behaviour and favoured talking amongst themselves.
Appears to be no real management of staff.
Actual facilities great if the children could feel safe enough to use them.
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8 条分享
2021年12月 • 家庭
Awful experience
Run by loads of teenagers they let my son bounce for 30 minutes before sending him off saying he wasn’t wearing the correct socks ???
All the staff were pulling all kids aside telling them off I saw numerous kids walking off crying
I paid the same amount for my 4 year old as my 10 year old but once on she couldn’t go on anything apart from the trampolines which we wasn’t told about
Parties all day so my son couldn’t do dodgeball as this was for parties the whole time ?? Yet again not warned about that on arrival
Won’t be returning
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London147 条分享
2021年12月 • 好友
The lack of response from ‘management’ to any review here this year speaks volumes.
Unclean tables, (2 hours and not cleared) of which there is a photo, pretty much sums up this place.
No evidence whatsoever of any cleaning taking place.
Litter not picked up and staff just couldn’t care. Think Legoland with trampolines.
Lack of mask wearing throughout.
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michael c
英国吉尔福德12 条分享
I took my 22 month old grand daughter to AirHop this morning ( 24/11/21 ). The building was freezing . I told them it was too cold and to get some heat on . Nothing happened . Half way through the session I took the decision to leave . My Grand daughter had started a runny nose and her hands were like ice . I told the receptionist that I was leaving early due to the freezing cold environment . Her response - " Its a big building and it takes a long time to heat up " . Thought I might be offered a ticket to return when heating sorted out or refund , but nothing . So I thought I'd leave a fair and accurate account of my visit on here . Here's a tip to management - If it is a big building which takes a long time to heat up ( which I totally agree , it is ) GET SOME HEAT ON BEFORE THE PAYING PUBLIC ARRIVE - NOT ROCKET SCIENCE IS IT .
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Alex W
英国法纳姆22 条分享
2021年9月 • 家庭
Having visited your park twice for bounce sessions, my daughter was so excited to organise her birthday party at AirHop on the 04/09/21. Unfortunately, from the very start I have experienced diabolical customer service. The only reason I continued with the party booking was because I did not want to disappoint my child. Having booked the party online I had a few questions, and contacted you via email and phone around eight times prior to the party, and to this day have still not been called back.

On the day of the party, we were introduced to our party host. He explained that we would be allowed to use the park for 10 minutes before he would return to run a dodgeball game. At 11:10 He had not returned and at 11:30 went up to the café and found our host relaxing. After asking him whether he was going to come down for the dodgeball he replied “oh is it that time already, sorry we won’t be able to do that now I lost track of time “. Obviously this attitude and response is totally unacceptable. Our host, said he would return by 11:30 to give us chance to go up to our party room to organise it. We didn’t see him again. At midday when the food was due to be served myself and my husband had to go and find a member of staff, find out what room we were in ourselves and arrange for the food to come out. Our party host was in the staffroom having a drink.The pizza did arrive, but was cold.

Prior to booking the party, and unable to get hold of anyone via phone or email, I drove to the centre to ask some questions. I was told by a member of staff that The party host looks after the party throughout, and therefore it was fine for parents to leave the children. In reality the host not only did not look after the party but was absent throughout. This left me, having to monitor 15 four-year-old children basically by myself. This was unsafe. Had I been told that the host lets you have free play then I would’ve told parents that they needed to stay with their child.

Given the amount of money spent, I am so disappointed in the total lack of customer service the attitude of the staff. For my daughter, I am utterly disappointed, out of one hour bounce, I spent the majority of the time trying to figure out what we were supposed to do and trying to find our host
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conor m
1 条分享
2021年8月 • 家庭
Good fun on the trampolines but ruined at the end by terrible customer service. Before our session, we waited for ten mins for somebody to book us in as nobody was around and then we went to put our stuff in the lockers but we had difficulties with them, two of the lockers we tried were not working, I thought it was something we were doing wrong so I looked for help but nobody was around for 10 mins again, a staff member ended up trying the lockers before moving our stuff again to a locker that worked which took another 5 mins. I explained that it wasn’t really fair as our session had just started already and nobody was around and he told me he would explain to his manager what had happened and they will sort something out. We then had to watch the video and listen to the rules. By the time we were actually allowed on it was 6:15pm and we had only booked for an hour.
At the end I waited at the reception to be seen and one of the staff members asked what was wrong so I explained to which he replied “how stupid” and laughed. I then saw the staff member who had helped with the lockers and he got his manager. I then explained to the manager and he told me that there was nothing they can do and we should have arrived earlier. I explained that we got there 20 mins early and I didn’t expect everything else to take so long. He told me that we should have arrived 30 mins early just in case the lockers didn’t work. 🙄
Anyway, whether you agree or not with the customer, members of staff should NOT call them or their comments stupid.
Customer service and management was appalling at airhop (Guildford)!
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Michael P
1 条分享
2021年8月 • 家庭
Completely ineffective ‘lifeguard’ people did nothing while groups of older teens flying from one trampoline to another, nearly knocked my 7 year old over
Guard just walked past me stinking of alcohol.
Clearly mates of the teens.
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