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英国考文垂54 条分享
2022年2月 • 家庭
Very interesting and tricky escape room with hints and tips if you require them. Very well recommended for an hour of fun and excitement up against the clock.
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Elaine E
1 条分享
2021年12月 • 家庭
Loved it all especially finishing 🥳, it was good to be challenged and just great fun to do with the family.
We had the best customer service from Leah explaining everything we could and couldnt do, we will definitely be back to do more rooms after christmas.
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1 条分享
2021年9月 • 家庭
Today, our group visited to attempt one of your escape rooms. After the initial 20minute delay of our game starting due to a 'technical fault', it started out as a great experience. Unfortunately however, it ended abruptly with a somewhat bitter taste. Starting off with the introduction video explaining the rules, the do's/dont's, the 'do not touch' labels on items/props not to be moved etc, the 5 of us were excited to get started! However, with less than 10 minutes remaining, a staff member decided that was the best time to enter the room, essentially ending our game to tell us how she had made the decision to deduct time (leaving us with 3 minutes!) due to us moving a prop which we weren't aware shouldnt have been moved! Surprising really when no mention of time deduction penalties were mentioned in the intro video, but then no 'do not move' labels were on the prop either.. After highlighting we had spent £60 for this experience which was now ruined due to what seemed to be a purposeful way of stopping our game (over something we would have happily rectified once the game had finished!), her response 'you wouldn't have finished it anyway' was neither helpful or necessary.. Not to worry though, the sarcastic apology we were then offered by this same staff member upon leaving the room, more than made up for the fact our last summer holiday treat for the girls had been ruined. It's a shame really as we would have certainly returned to attempt the other rooms in the future, however that now wont be the case as we are definitely not willing to risk wasting our money again!
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Lizzy S
2 条分享
2021年8月 • 好友
An enjoyable escape room. Our host Jared was helpful throughout. The room was challenging and interesting. Will definitely return.
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1 条分享
2021年8月 • 家庭
Went for an escape room, had an amazing time. So much fun, can see the thought and effort that goes into creating them. Staff were friendly and helpful. Left us excited to do more in future
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Kathryn Stanton
英国Bedworth2 条分享
2021年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Our first night out in over 2 years and it didn't disappoint. We booked the CSI panic room which was full of tech puzzles and forensics. Our team of 4 managed to escape with 8 minuets left on the clock and we all really enjoyed it. Our games host was very friendly and gave us hints when we needed them. There were also a couple of red herrings which we thought cheeky but definitely added to the fun. Would highly recommend. We can't wait to go back and try some of the other rooms. Thank you Clue-HQ!
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rose thomas
6 条分享
2021年6月 • 好友
We had a fantastic time doing the Experiments escape room, a brief warning to anyone who gets scared very easily: BEWARE. Other than that, it was challenging but very rewarding!!! Thank you to the man who was operating the room, we definitely would not have made it out without your help. 10/10, would recommend and we plan to go back very soon!!!
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We always aim to scare/ please!! Thank you so much for taking the time to review us!! Lets books another less scary room!! Many Thanks Colin & Team
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英国凯尼尔沃思1 条分享
2020年2月 • 家庭
Great evening at clueHQ in Coventry. First family trip to an escape room. We did find away out in under 60minutes just!.. great fun.. give it a go
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Nicola D
4 条分享
Our group of 3 took on The Dungeon of Doom. Great concept and plenty of tricky puzzles to keep you busy. Our games host was brilliant and provided hints when we needed them (which you do need in this game, especially if you've only got 3 players). We will be back to try out some of the other rooms.
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James B
英国Cotgrave55 条分享
We originally were booked in to do Sacrifice but were advised we would enjoy Detonation more and we had a great time. The rooms continues the story of recurring story trope, Danny Badd, but this time he's lured you into a trap with a ticking bomb. Good puzzle flow combined gave this team of 2 enough time and we escaped after 45 minutes, our GM was Blanca and she was great, hinting us just when we needed it. On a bit of a high we then went and did the CSI room to carry on the story, this has the most tech of any Clue HQ room I've done, there is an actual crime scene to solve and clues to find and red herrings to try and avoid. We failed this one but we were close, I think we failed just due to manpower, if we'd had one more person then I think we'd have been ok. James was our GM and couldn't have been more helpful or welcoming. Recommended.
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