Malvern Splash Leisure Complex
Malvern Splash Leisure Complex
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英国Hartlebury9 条分享
2023年4月 • 家庭
I feel some of the recent reviews are harsh. I took my two children (6 years & 3 years of age) to Malvern Splash today and they had a great time.
The temperature was fine, no different to any other swimming pool. The water flume was working and so was the wave machine.

The changing rooms were like any other changing facility at leisure centres. They are never the best as they are in constant use during the day.

My only real criticism is that when the session is over it’s a struggle to find a changing room! We had to wait for about 10 minutes.

Lockers are quite small, we could only just fit our bag and shoes into one locker. Remember to take £1 for the lockers!!
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英国伍斯特38 条分享
It seems the cleanliness of the changing rooms, the toilets and the pool area has gone back to the sorry state they were in before the re-furbishment.

This place needs a good cleaner, if not two or three. The water in the pool has also been far too cold. Does no-one care any more? This place looks tired and run down and in need of good management. The pool prices have gone up by 50% and I for one do not think it worth it
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2 条分享
terrible would not recomend it for young families
the suvice was poor
pool was dirty
changing rooms were not clean
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英国切尔滕纳姆11 条分享
2022年8月 • 家庭
Drove 45 mins so that kids could.use the wave machine and slide.
Got there in time for our booked session but due to.lack of changing facilties we didn't get into the pool for about 15 mins. We had missed the waves so waited patiently for the next ones which came 5 mins before the end of the session so we got about 5 mins of waves.
When we got out it's was a free for all to use the showers as everyone wanted to use them and then difficult to find a changing room as there juts aren't enough.
Bit disappointing really and very expensive. 25 pounds for a family for one hour of swimming.
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英国73 条分享
They should be direct and honest in their website. Booked for 2 children 9/11yr olds with their Grandad 65yr old, was given a swim slot of 12/1pm. Notice once they had gone to. Hangs that the pool was filling up with mums and babies/toddlers. There were 4 lanes back and forth but no other room. I spoke to reception who said it is all ages and if children are string swimmers they could lane swim. But they wanted a rough and tumble with Grandad, well you will have to find a space was the answer.
Asked why we had been charged more than the website indicated and was told it was more expensive with the water features working, ‘which features, the ones in the toddler end” yes they said, “but I booked for a 9/11 and 65yr old, do you think they are likely to play with those water features?” Blank stare. It was over £18 to swim or not swim as the case was, it is shocking that they get away with treating people like idiots. They should have explained all this when booking, they require the ages etc.

Kids wanted a small (tennis ball sized) superman neoprene ball to play with in the corner, the price declared to be £7.80, I asked if she was having a large, and although she said no….I am telling you she was. We won’t be venturing there again, it’s too small, babies and toddlers should have their own time slot, older children should not be expected to lane swim amongst adults to ensure they actually get a chance to swim, there is no messing about when the lanes are full of adults.
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5 条分享
2022年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Used to come here all the time and it was always brill. Not so good now the wave machine and slide is only on once a month as opposed to every Sunday as it used to be. The new set entry and exit times also aren’t great compared to previous operation of the pool (where you would pay for all day) and the changing rooms get very full as a result of this. The refurbishments are nice however and the changing rooms are now much cleaner than previously- which is a positive. All in all, disappointing considering how good it used to be, but still a some good aspects.
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finella m
2 条分享
2022年5月 • 家庭
Awful experience, drove an hour to get here for the under 5’s swimming session this morning and when we got here they informed us the session was not going on as they didn’t have enough life guards, they told us that they had emailed everyone informing them that the session is cancelled, however when my sister went onto her emails she hadn’t received an email saying the session was cancelled only an email confirming our session was booked. We weren’t the only people who turned up for the session which was cancelled, which shows that we weren’t the only people who didn’t receive an email and if people did receive an email it was 10 minutes before the session was supposed to start. One very disappointed little boy who was very excited to go swimming.
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1 条分享
Absolutely crap, so cold. We could barley get in last time. Very stuffy,we came to have a splash but we were severely dissatisfied as we could not go in due to whatever reason. We drove 1 hour to be let down.
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Barbara C
1 条分享
Mondays 9.30am Toddler swimming classes were disappointing. My three year old was moved from the mother and toddler class too early I think. (he didnt have the skills stated on the certificate. This same teacher then had him in the 3+ class told me she didn't think it was working out with him as he didn't listen. This was the first time she'd actually spoken to me when I tried previously at the end of class.

Miserable and surly teacher
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Lilly B
2 条分享
2022年1月 • 家庭
Great fun for the kids but the changing rooms were filthy and the pool is quite cold. My 5 year old was shivering the whole time and a lot of the other kids were too.
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