Gheluvelt Park
Gheluvelt Park
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Peter S
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Review of Gheluvelt Park, Barbourne, North Worcester.

The challenge of keeping alive the memories of those who have died in warfare after the cessation of hostilities is always an issue and, more so, as the years pass and those alive at the time move on. In this case the name Gheluvelt Park (earlier called: ‘The Barbourne College Recreational Ground’) harks back to World War 1: 1914-1918. That is >100 years ago and long passed the lifetimes of those involved at the time.
The park was formally established in June 1922 in memory of the 180 soldiers of the Worcestershire Regiment who were killed or injured in the crucial Battle of Gheluvelt in October 2014. The regiment successfully recaptured their line position at the village of Gheluvelt close to Ypres in Belgium when they routed the much larger German Army confronting them. This action prevented German forces from reaching the Channel Ports and endangering the British Expeditionary Force.
A plaque close to the main gate into the park commemorates the achievements of the regiment and remembers those involved. The decorative gate was built in 1924 of red brick with cast-iron gate and railings. It was initially intended for the dozen commemorative dwellings for ex-servicemen constructed on the north side of the park before being relocated for use as a gate into the park. At one time a military tank was located in the park next to the houses, but it was eventually removed.
A century later WW1 has faded into the history of the nations/people involved – not surprisingly given the many wars that have subsequently followed – with the park re-imagined as a memorial for those lost during all wars. In 2010 a new war memorial comprising a series of circular steel arrangements was established in the SE corner of the park.
The park straddles Barbourne Brook and is in two separate parts - the formal park to the east, and an informal wildlife conservation area to the west next to the River Severn. For all its mixed heritage remembering wars, the park has become an important recreational asset for the people of north Worcester.
Those origins and the historical military tragedy that it represents fades into the background on a warm summer day in August. We knew nothing of the park, it was a first visit and we were there to enjoy the openness of the park, the sky overhead and the pleasures of simply being … the park was a delight - bright green foliage everywhere and all those public amenities that you tend to take for granted in well-managed parks. There were places for the kids to play – in/out of the water, a bunch of exercise points scattered along the pathways, flower gardens, shrubs and lawns – on which there were more kids kicking balls and family groups with picnic bags on hand. There was a lake/pond with an island that contained a band stand.
Many of these people had come to enjoy the live music that afternoon – music under the sun in an uncrowded peaceful setting. There were even a handful of people standing some of whom were dancing modestly (well, moving to the music) to one side of the tent in which the sextet was playing – guitar, drums and wind instruments.
Behind the people sitting on the grass listing to the music was the Splashpad – 340 m2 of run-through sprays/fountains, basins, channels and rocks – in a novel playground that would suit kids of all ages – with a surrounding security fence. Open during the summer months it featured a large ‘Singapore-like’ information board that highlighted what you could not do (i.e. large red circles each with a diagonal cross – no wheels, dogs, food, etc.) and it then went on to tell you that everything else was OK when it was supervised by your friendly adult.
The name ‘Gheluvelt’ persisted, however, and we had to explore further - reading the commemorative plaques/information in the park and, later courtesy of Mr Google, learning more of the story. Therein the reality of WW1 and the futility of 9M soldiers killed, 23M wounded and, in addition, an estimated 5M non-combatants killed. Millions more were also killed as the result of the associated civil strife, genocide and internal revolutions catalysed by the war in Europe. Not forgetting ‘Spanish flu’. The zealous persecution of the vanquished in this war – the ‘War to end all wars’ - led directly to the greater conflict of the Second World War little more than 20 years later. A well-managed and much appreciated municipal park is a fitting legacy to the loss of those original Worcestershire soldiers. Least we forget.

Peter Steele
22 November 2022
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英国Stourport on Severn182 条分享
2022年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Lovely Park with a few brass Bands in the Summer. Plenty of space to sit and picnic and plenty of shade too.
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英国8 条分享
was a great choice kids loves it dog loves it was the main reason we choose to live in worcester and its by are local fave pub The Talbot on The Tything
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英国斯托克顿提斯2,489 条分享
I was in my way to Worcester races, but was a little bit early, so I popped along to Gheluvelt Park for a while.
Lovely just to sit and watch the world go by, it’s such a clean and tidy park, with so much colour.
Worth a visit.
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Gillian L
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This park has something for everyone, from peaceful early morning walks to family fun and picnics. The park is amazingly clean and well maintained and has some great points of interest including the Battle of Gheluvelt memorial sculpture and the beautiful bandstand. The children's playground is well equipped and always busy whenever I have visited the park. This park is one of my favourite places to walk!
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英国伍斯特119 条分享
Have been through the park a few times when out running, always seems clean & tidy when I go through it.

Plenty of people using the park which is fantastic. Will keep running through it!
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Mark H
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2021年5月 • 夫妻情侣
A loverly Park to stroll through, take a pick nick
And let your kids play.
Just off the banks of the river Severn with Riverside walks and cafe down by the river....
Nice place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.
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Adrian H
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2021年6月 • 家庭
This park is amazing, it's very big & has several sections & fields to it, it has a play area with lots of rides for little kids, it's got a duck pond with swans in too atm. it's got tennis courts & a permanent ping pong table, down the far end its got exercise machines of various types more for fun than anything else, it's got a Brook running through it & the creme de la creme is the water feature for kids, jets of water in a purpose built area, needless to say that's very popular. The groundskeers do an amazing job on the upkeep of the park. they've had new toilet blocks two years ago, there is a cafe down the far end of the park & also ice cream van in the warm weather on an adjacent road. I live a few streets away but my family come & use it from as far as Stroud, Glos. Best Park I've been to anywhere in my opinion, just be warned get there early on hot days if wanting a good spot on the grass near the water feature! Ps don't tell anyone else about this park! 😂
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英国威姆斯洛25 条分享
2020年6月 • 家庭
Playing Pooh sticks and duck feeding, autumn winter
Water park, spring summer.
Amazing for adults and kids.
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英国埃克塞特15 条分享
Well maintained park plenty of seats. Able to keep well apart from other park users. Nice to see mums and children making use of park on fine day. Let down by poor restaurant.
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