Cramond Island
Cramond Island


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英国Cramlington50 条分享
2023年1月 • 夫妻情侣
A little bit blustery today but still a nice walk over and around the Island between tides just wish we had more time to explore properly I'd love to call over on a hot day with a picnic
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英国爱丁堡181 条分享
2023年1月 • 夫妻情侣
For accurate safe crossing times please check the notice board at start of causeway or text ‘Cramond’ to 81400. Large free carpark nearby. Shame there are no markings so was a bit of a mess when we returned as people had parked tight to the back of our car…so park strategically if your there early. Even on a rainy day this area was so busy! We returned to the carpark at 11am and the carpark was pretty much full.

Walk across the causeway is great although be aware is slippy in places. The island itself gives decent views along the forth. It climbs in height giving a full 360 view. There is historical importance but no information boards so better doing your own research. It looks like there were previously wooden information boards up but for the reasons below possibly have been ripped off their stands.

Unfortunately the island is covered in litter. Firstly because its location on the forth, the tidal litter on the beaches is heavy. That’s unavoidable. However as per usual in this country, people are leaving their litter at their backside. Bottles, coffee cups, used dog poo bags etc all along the paths. The old military buildings are COVERED in graffiti outside and inside. Some of it is very distasteful and if your easily offended best not look inside some of them. Certainly be wary of letting your children go inside them. Pretty much every structure (esp the first one after the causeway) is full of empty alcohol cans/bottles, burnt wood, cigarette butts etc. I’m talking piles of them in some bits. It’s clear this island is used as a big drinking den and god knows what goes on here at times, please be careful if visiting on your own.

Like any nice outdoor places close to a city or large town…it will be ruined by graffiti and litter. So no great surprise to find the state of the island. I imagine if you don’t get out in nature much, this would be more impressive to you. If I lived nearby I would visit out of interest. But there’s no way I would recommend travelling far to see this eyesore.
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Kathryn D
13 条分享
2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Wear good walking shoes/trainers and catch the number 41 bus from Princes Street or George Street and get off at Cramond stop. You have to walk a short way through Cramond village. Read the tides that are printed on a board near the start of the causeway so you time the tides right as you don't want to get it wrong. Also handy is to take binoculars as there are lots of places to see during your walk including nature and castles. Buses are very regular and there is a public toilet just near the start too. Great morning out here.
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Robert Cornford
英国Bicester9 条分享
We were visiting No 1 daughter and her family and wanted to get into the open air with her two children, and I wanted to see some boats - so we went to Cramond Harbour, Foreshore and Island. The walk across the causeway was easy, and interesting as the tide was going out so some water movement, and the sight of slowly-appearing sand (or maybe mud) banks in the Firth. The Island is a great place for children of all ages - scrambling up rocky slopes, standing in the old gun emplacement, looking for shells on the beach.
Then the boats in the harbour - all on the mud at low time but a calm and peaceful place with a tree-lined walkway up the river Almond. It's not a place for sandy beaches - (if you are looking for this, go to Portobello) - the Foreshore area is covered with grass and bushes, and lovely to walk along.
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Don M
1 条分享
2022年8月 • 夫妻情侣
What a great find, plenty to explore and learn about Cramond Island and also a great place to get away, lay on the sands or on the rocks or in or on the buildings. Great views across the water towards the bridge or in the other direction out towards the sea. Just make sure you check for tide times and don't get stranded on it.
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英国Delamere199 条分享
Cramond Beach is an amazing place which has plenty to offer, however the island is absolutely amazing with some stunning scenery.

Before walking to the island it is ESSENTIAL that you take note of the tide times which are displayed at the beach entrance and at the steps leading down to the walkway, there are NO facilities on the island and you will have to call the coastguard if you miss the safe crossing time.

The walkway is very easy to walk on, however it is advisable to wear waterproof/ non slip footwear. The island itself has plenty of views including the three bridges across the Firth of Forth, and its also an excellent plane spotting area.
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Dominik Kiezik
波兰华沙4,649 条分享
2022年5月 • 家庭
Recenzja odnosi się tylko do tego że widziałem ta wyspę i rzeczywiście widoki z nie mogą być ładne ale tak się rozpadało że zabiechaliśmy wejście na nią. W tym miejscu często padają deszcze.
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Dr Simon Stones
英国博尔顿1,265 条分享
2022年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Cramond Island offers stunning views across the Firth of Forth, spanning from Leith and Edinburgh to the stunning bridges at Queensferry. Parking is available on the mainland free of charge. The walk across to the island at low tide takes around 15 minutes, and safe passing times are displayed on notice boards. The island is relatively small, and can be easily explored within an hour. It was a shame to see so much rubbish disposed on the island - I do wish people would clean up after themselves! Definitely worth a visit though if you are in the area.
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英国迪斯3,239 条分享
2022年3月 • 独自旅游
It takes under 15 minutes to walk across the causeway (at low tide). Tide times are displayed on a notice board by the start so you know what times are safe to cross. Great views across the firth and of the flight path into EDI. Parking can be an issue as the free car park does fill up on a good day and there’s nowhere else to park.
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Leslie W
60 条分享
Super easy walk, as long as you observe the posted safe crossing times. There is a tricky bit getting from the jetty down onto the walkway - there are tiny steps cut into the rock. Cool sea birds in the tidal pools beside the path. Wear boots as the path has seawater puddles. The island is good for some climbs to hilltops and for the old fortifications. Fabulous sand flats surround at low tide. Get back before the path goes underwater again.
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