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Rob C
英国莱切斯特39 条分享
2022年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Without a doubt the best way to see the island as the roads are hard work. Rob was a great guide telling us stories ( not all true !!!!!) and made the whole day brilliant. The weather was half decent so the trip to the Fairy Pools was brilliant. Rob also played traditional Scottish music and some proclaimers for a sing song on the coach. What more would you need.
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阿肯色州Heber Springs26 条分享
2022年5月 • 家庭
Be prepared for ANYTHING as far as weather— we were lucky to have a mostly sunny day! Also don’t take this tour if you have motion sickness! Ron was an excellent and informative tour guide and took us to many of the key sites, covering most of the island. The van was comfortable and the windows were spotless. You can see a lot without getting out of the van, but if you want to see everything be prepared to walk and climb (18k steps!) Also boots would be helpful going to the fairy pools as you have to cross a couple streams ( 2 foot bridges under construction that should be finished soon). Wear a jacket— very windy!
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西班牙Province of Guadalajara6 条分享
Un lugar excepcional y diferente desde donde te puedes desplazar a un montón de islas. Tienes Ferrys y otros barcos
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2 条分享
My plan was to take the train from Inverness to Kyle, then visit the Isle of Skye with Skye Tours, which was the only company that offered a tour compatible with the train. Unfortunately, just the day before I left for Scotland, the tour was cancelled without explanation. Alternate dates were offered but obviously I could not shift all my travel plans by 2-3 days just to accommodate the company. I had to book last minute a bus tour from Inverness, and lost the cost of the train trip.

For those hesitating between train and bus tour, I very much recommend bus tours if you have only one day to visit Skye. The views will be just as great and a bigger tour company like Timberbush (the one I went with) will not cancel on you. The train makes sense only if you have several days for Skye.
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加拿大多伦多163 条分享
2019年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Oh boy. I’m at a quandary. Your replacement driver offered me a lovely refreshment that provided relief from a head cold (twice for that matter). The Isle of Mist, was, well... misty. I can handle that! We went to all the promised stops, were promptly picked up & dropped off, and since there was only 4 passengers on the bus, it was NOT crowded. To whomever normally leads these events I wish you had led the tour. Our driver wasn’t enthusiastic (was he having an off-day?). That’s too bad. I was relieved when the tour ended. Pity.
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4 条分享
2019年4月 • 家庭
Wir sind mit dem Zug von Inverness gekommen und wurden gleich am kleinen Bahnhof empfangen. Die Tour war sehr angenehm und kurzweilig. Wir haben einen guten Eindruck über die Insel bekommen. Alles top!
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英国伦敦11 条分享
2019年4月 • 独自旅游
I took the skye tours minibus trip from kyle of lochalsh. it was fantastic. I was picked up by Evey at the train station 1130am. There were only 8 of us on the bus and we had great fun all day, visiting all the main scenic attractions on the island. Evey was great fun and I had a ball...I will always remember this trip and will hopefully publish some photos soon..
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西班牙圣克鲁斯-德特内里费26 条分享
2018年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Hemos viajado a las Highlands en otoño y lo que mas nos llamó la atención es la variedad de tonos Ocres que el paisaje de estas tierras tiene. Es de una belleza salvaje, kilómetros ( o mejor millas ) de carretera con poco trafico, salpicadas de vistas con ríos, cascadas y riachuelos que hacen de tu viaje una experiencia maravillosa.
Si me permiten puedo aconsejar que debido a las distancias y el tipo de vía que son las carreteras de las Highlands, vayan en autocaravana o quédense una o dos noches en un lugar diferente, recorran la zona pueden hacer muchas actividades relacionadas con la naturaleza. Nosotros nos que damos en Fort Augustus y es un sitio agradable y tranquilo y bien centrado para hacerlo cuartel general , pero se pierde mucho tiempo en ir y volver. Mejor hacer etapas, es mi modesta opinión.
En cuanto a conducir por la izquierda, te adaptas mas rápido de lo que crees y con prudencia no tendrás problemas. En mi experiencia los escoceses son muy amables y educados.
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英国肯特4 条分享
2018年10月 • 独自旅游
I joined the tour at Kyle of Lochalsh station, after the truly stunning train journey down from Inverness (which is very much worth doing instead of driving). There was nobody waiting with a sign or anything similar, so after a bit of wandering around I found an (unmarked) minibus parked up the station approach which turned out to be the tour bus driven by Evey. A sign in the front/side would maybe have been helpful, but the station is so small/quiet it would be hard to really miss each other.

The tour itself was very good - the views are fantastic, the commentary (aside from the issue below) was informative and the format really works as a way to see many of the most famous spots from Skye in a day whilst still being able to get the train back to Inverness. The bus was comfortable, the break in Portree for lunch a nice midpoint in the tour and we arrived back in plenty of time for the last train back to Inverness. Value wise, it's very good for the price charged.

The only disappointing thing about the tour was the very persistent and extreme political (and at times it felt xenophobic) commentary regarding Scottish independence. Whilst I entirely appreciate it's an issue many on both sides of the debate are passionate about, it was quite unsettling as an English visitor to have 30 minutes of listening to how 'the English' are oppressing Scotland (prefaced with an almost comical "I have lots of English friends, but...."), how Scotland would be independent if it wasn't for 'the English' and silly and/or nasty old people who love the Queen, all the evil things like murdering prisoners 'the English' did at Culloden and since, how unionists (with the implicit suggestion these are mostly 'English') are horrible people who do things like harass children and spit at nice innocent pensioners on independence marches, how Edinburgh is out of touch because it's very 'English' etc. Similarly, some of the claims made regarding independence were clearly made up - e.g. that the Highlands voted for independence (a quick Google shows it voted 52.9% against) or that Skye voted overwhelmingly for independence (there appears to be no evidence of this).

Notwithstanding the above, this is a very good tour and I would do it again. It is just a shame that on this occasion the politics detracted from what was otherwise an excellent day out.
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33 条分享
2018年10月 • 夫妻情侣
We had a lovely driver called Evey. She was a star, the trip was fun, really informative and there were amazing views. Definitely worth the £40. Thanks again ☺️
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