Paisley Witches Memorial

Paisley Witches Memorial(佩斯利)

Paisley Witches Memorial
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2019年10月 • 好友
Right in the centre of a junction, sits this plaque but its very difficult to view up close unless you drive over it.
This is meant to warn other witches to keep away from paisley but unfortunately this is not the original, as it mysteriously disappeared over night. Many locals believe the curse came true when it disappeared but it has been replaced by this lovely plaque with a horseshoe by sandy stoddart.
The real witches memorial sits on gallows green at the west end of paisley, where the last ever mass witches execution happened in western Europe. Worth a wee look just don't get run over!
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93 条分享
2017年9月 • 好友
Solo descubrí este punto gracias a una visita guiada que hice con un hombre de Paisley.
Cuentan las historias que alrededor de esta calle colgaban a las brujas. Al tratarse actualmente de un cruce de dos calles bastante concurridas, dicen que había muchísimos accidentes hasta que retiraron el símbolo de una herradura que marcaba este lugar. ¿Real, imaginario? Quién sabe.
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Scotland49 条分享
2017年3月 • 好友
This is an important place in Paisley's history. The legend is that it was moved and when that happened the fortunes of Paisley declined .... this could be true. Anyway it is in the middle of a very busy road junction and so easy to miss or just drive over.....
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jacqueline d
美国71 条分享
so this is in teh middle of a busy intersection. the story behind it however is amazing. just dont get run over trying to snap a picture!
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steven irvine
英国佩斯利44 条分享
History has always hooked me especially,paisleys past.very sad that people were murdered because they thought the were witches and dabbled in which craft . interesting all the same.
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Robert S
英国佩斯利679 条分享
2016年4月 • 家庭
The Witches Memorial lies at Maxwellton Cross, at the junction of Maxwellton Street & George Street.
It's Infamous locally as the place where the remains of "7 Executed Witches" were disposed of & is just yards away from "Gallow Green" where the hangings & burnings took place in June 1697.
The site was originally marked by a 'Horseshoe within a Circle of Cobbled Stones' but this was replaced in 2008 by a Plaque, designed by Sandy Stoddart, which bears the inscription ‘Pain Inflicted, Suffering Endured, Injustice Done’ as a memorial to those who were executed.
Sadly, the Site & Memorial Plaque are difficult to inspect as they unfortunately sit in the middle of a busy traffic junction.
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英国格拉斯哥429 条分享
2016年3月 • 独自旅游
A brass plaque in the road at a busy junction.
It is a story of witchcraft, a dying woman's curse, industrial espionage, and the rise and fall of Paisley's fortunes. A memorial to seven people who were found guilty of witchcraft at the end of the 17th Century.
In 1696 an 11-year-old girl, the daughter of the Laird of Bargarran, accused seven or eight people of tormenting her. She developed many symptoms. Flying in the air. Coughing up bits of hair, coal, and all sorts of different things. Eventually it was decided there was witchcraft involved. As many as 30 people were named, in a series of events which were eerily reminiscent of what had happened in Salem in Massachusetts just a few years earlier. It is possible the Paisley witch hunt might well have been influenced - even modelled on - the American experience.
Four women and three men were sentenced to death - although one man was reported to have committed suicide in his cell before the law could take its course. The rest were garrotted on Gallows Green in Paisley, their bodies burned, and their ashes interred at Maxwellton Cross south west of the town centre. As one of the women - Agnes Naismith - died, she screamed out a curse on all the townspeople present, and their descendants. The witches' mass grave was sealed with a horseshoe. And the legend grew up that Paisley would suffer, if it was ever disturbed.
In the 1960s, during road works, the horseshoe was lifted. Paisley's fortunes did decline
"We know it's a myth. But it's a powerful myth.
A monument was put in place to re-seal the grave and stop the witches' spirits returning to trouble the living. But over time the replacement horseshoe has worked loose, disturbed by the volume of traffic on the road. Now it has been reinstated "A new Paisley is going to emerge,
It has worked before. The 11-year-old girl who had been responsible for making the first witchcraft accusations was Christian Shaw. She went on to make a European tour with her mother. They found fine thread being spun in Holland. They smuggled pieces of a Spinning Jenny back to Paisley under their skirts. And they set up Bargarran Threads, which became Bargarran Mills, which was then bought out by the Coats family. Much of Paisley's industrial heritage was founded by those two women.
Just watch out for traffic - pick a very quiet time or make a dash to see it when the lights change.
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