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All I can say is, if I was to ever see the guy who gave us the tour...a theif he is and the rest of the crew out to rob tourists!...I would tell them all this directly. I am normally not that naive but fell for this as it is soooo cleverly done! I did phone the manager after I left the place but he was very defensive and would not refund the money for the products I had bought as I relised it was a big con once I got back to my hotel and thought it through. I told our tour too. The products are not what they claim to bein the least. The Sri Lankan givernment should shut this place down. I think they are all in on this tracket to steal from toursits! So do not go there and if you do, DONT buy anything! firm and so nooooo!
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泰国曼谷95 条分享
2019年6月 • 夫妻情侣
This place is a con. After an interesting, but a too sales pitchy, your of the garden they give you a massage with one of their products. While I was taken to a separate area and given a female masseuse, the guy who did the tour walked in twice. I don't think he would do that to non-Europeans. That felt very uncomfortable and arrogant.
Also, the spices focus on the alleged medicinal aspects, nothing about cooking (which is what I was hoping to hear).
Then the sales pitch. No prices anywhere. Bit 'menu', of miracle products that we had to order before we were even taken to the shop and shown prices. The prices were outrageously high. We knew such places were always going to be expensive and overpriced, but not by that much. Yet they work your psychology to make you feel that after the tour and the massage (500lkr tip x2 btw) you really should buy something. And the disappointing look on their face when you 'only' want one bottle of the 9000 lkr 'miracle cream'.
In the end, we bought three products for 16,000lkr. No actual ingredients written on the labels, no certifications. But at the time we felt uncomfortable to spend more time checking the packages and thinking about, they really rushed around the shop putting things in your basket. We paid less for a night at a 5* hotel, incl dinner.
But at least I now know how to spot the next scam.
To every tourist out there, if your driver recommends this place, politely decline.
(Sadly they are approved by the Sri Lankan tourism authority).
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Dierk S
德国Gerolzhofen28 条分享
2018年12月 • 夫妻情侣
Leider sind wir auch auf diese Abzocke reingefallen, denn wir haben uns leider erst nach dem Besuch im Internet die Bewertungen angesehen.
Die Darstellung war rhetorisch dermassen gekonnt, dass man einfach darauf hereinfällt. Wenn die gekauften Mittel wenigstens geholfen hätten, wäre ich vielleicht zufrieden gewesen.
Aber die Kuren, die wir gegen Beschwerden im Rücken und in den Beinen gekauft haben, zeigten überhaupt keine Wirkung.
Also laßt die Finger davon. Genießt einfach die Führung durch den Garten (war sehr interessant) aber kauft dort bloß nichts.
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比利时布鲁塞尔2 条分享
2018年7月 • 家庭
This place is an excuse for selling products to naïve tourists who -like us- are too polite to refuse. There is absolutely nothing to see. The garden is very small with very few plants and trees. Once arrived you get a short tour. Then you get a massage of your hair and head, for which you have to give a tip. Afterwards you go to the shop with all kinds of herbs and ‘health’-products which a “helpful” guide is loading for you in a basket. The surprise comes at the cash register when you have to pay. So pay attention if you buy anything and ask the price or look for the labels on the boxes and bottles. Even better is not going to this place at all. There are undoubtedly much more interesting places in Kandy. Ask your guide where he is taking you before leaving!!!
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Sandra H
英国特伦特河畔斯托克18 条分享
2019年3月 • 夫妻情侣
We had a similar experience to others who have reviewed this place. Interesting talk and a lovely massage which we were happy to give a donation to. However when you're relaxed you are taken into the shop where the guide puts things into your hands or shopping basket. You are given very little time to look at prices and we felt manipulated into buying. If your driver takes you here be prepared to be say no to anything you don't want to buy.
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瑞士温特图尔35 条分享
2019年2月 • 好友
Meiden Sie diesen Ort. Unser Fahrer hat uns auf dem Weg nach Sigiriya dort hingebracht. Wir wurden gedrängt überteuerte Produkte zu kaufen. Meine Freundin hat dann einen enormen Preis für eine Bodycrème und eine Flasche Sandelholz gekauft. Zurück zu hause hat sie dann herausgefunden, dass der Inhalt der Flasche irgendein billig Öl ist - kein Sandelholz. Vor Ort gibt es keine Tester!
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英国斯温顿10 条分享
2019年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Good products, nice massage but it comes across as a bit of a scam.
You pay for the massage that you don't ask for.
THEN the tour asks for a tip.
THEN they hard sell products and tell you if you don't pay they have to close because you don't spend enough (this is when we walked out).
We gave them 1,500Rp total for 2 which I thought was ok, my wife thought was a bit expensive but you could easily walk away 10,000Rp down all for stopping to have a look.
Prices should be agreed up front.
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Pratap Venugopal Menon
印度诺伊达189 条分享
2018年12月 • 家庭
We were taken to this "spice garden" on the way from Srigiriya to Kandy. The garden is about 30 km from Kandy. After a show and tell which is quite interesting we were led into a small shop selling various extracts with allegedly medicinal properties. The guide places his hand on your head feels your left wrist and mumbles after which he tells you that you are suffering from an ailment which can be cured with products from the shop which are overly priced. A place to be avoided.
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德国柏林1 条分享
2018年8月 • 家庭
Wir waren im August 2018 bei Lucky Land Spice & Herbals.
Nach einem sehr freundlichem Empfang führte uns ein deutsch sprechender Mitarbeiter durch den sehr gepflegten Besucherbereich des Gartens.
Ich hatte den Eindruck das der Mitarbeiter für jede Krankheit das geeignete Mittel im Angebot hat. Wenn ich gefragt hätte ob er auch was anbieten kann damit mir ein dritter Arm wächst wäre das sicher auch kein Problem gewesen.
Nach dem Besuchergarten wurden wir mehr oder weniger zu einer Schultermassage genötigt, diese endete nach 15 min. mit einem erwarteten angemessenem Trinkgeld.
Im Anschluss wurden uns die Produkte auf einem Zettel vorgestellt die wir erwerben könnten. Wir entschieden uns für 3 bis 4 davon.
Dann wurde es spannend, der Mitarbeiter griff mit vollen Händen die Produkte aus dem Regal, nicht 1 Flasche sondern gleich 3 pro Artikel.
Ist wohl nötig bei einer 30 Tage Behandlung meinte er damit es hilft.
Ein Wiederspruch war nicht erwünscht, die anfängliche Freundlichkeit endete dabei sofort.
Am Ende hat uns der Besuch knapp 400 Euro für fragwürdige Produkte gekostet, der durchschnittliche Monatslohn für 5-6 Mitarbeitern.
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英国伦敦70 条分享
2018年8月 • 好友
Visited the other day as our driver dropped us off on the way back from seeing the elephants. Our guide was friendly and really informative and the venue is nicely well kept.

The demonstration was good, we each had a massage and tested out natural remedies. There is no entrance cost so we were happy to donate. However, we were taken to the shop and almost forced to buy something (everything is so expensive). We said no and the guide was very pushy. We walked out after much insisting and felt very uncomfortable. As we did have a nice time, we asked if we could donate and they said no.

I would not recommend coming here.
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