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英国伦敦48 条分享
2023年8月 • 家庭
I am utterly devastated to write this review as i have spent many a day in the golf club previously and it has been incredible.
Visiting from London regularly, I always make sure we stop by for a few meals. Food and staff were always incredible! However this visit, was appalling. There was a large group of us (maybe 20) The place was busy with golfers having a drink but we had booked so it was fine. Great singer in the bar area. Was hard to hear him in the dining room though.
All of my party found the menu very poor, Especially comparing it to the competition around that area. I would say food is outstanding in that area and the menus!
So menu wasn't great, actually rubbish but we ordered! I had a chicken burger which was very nice. But about 10 minutes after ordering, myself and 3 others in my group were presented with a pint of beer. I told the waitress who was an older lady and not very pleasant at all, that i didnt order this. ''It comes with it" she abruptly said to me. Now it didn't say on the menu that a pint of beer comes with a burger, cause if it did i would of said i dont drink beer AND IM DRIVING!! Someone else in my party did say to the waitress ''Oh no I don't want this'' and again rudely spoken to with ''give it to someone else''. Absolutely disgusting customer service!! Why were we who do not drink beer and who were driving not given the option of a soft drink? Or a bottle of water? And why did it not state on the menu that it came with a beer? OR upon ordering why didn't your waitress inform us about the beer coming with it. My mum and some others order fish and chips. It came out with no peas!! NO PEAS!? Even though on the paper it is served in it said 'fish chips and peas.' When my mother question the peas, the lady in question again rudely said ''it doesn't come with them''. My cousin has a severe allergy to cheese, she made sure to tell them that there was no cheese to be on her burger. Her burger was presented and on the side of it it had melted cheese. The melted cheese wasn't a slice of cheese, but there had been cheese on it and before they served it, they took it off. Absolutely appalling!! Luckily this was seen by a family member before my cousin put it in her mouth. I cant even imagine how the night would of ended if she would of ate it. Then my cousin had his steak finished by the time his chips came. I am utterly so disappointed to have to write this and i really hope that they sort themselves out and get back to the way it used to be. I would like to add to play golf there looks incredible! Beautiful scenery. Make sure you go home for dinner or to surrounding hotels.
Younger girls working there were all lovely and helpful.
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Claudia V
爱尔兰County Wexford82 条分享
2023年6月 • 好友
Golf service excellent.
However the food was appalling.
Speaking only of my own experience asked for the open prawn sandwich… A slice of soda bread, tossed iceberg lettuce ( unseasoned) and a bundle of small/tiny/skinny shrimp that always come from frozen packets….. sauce was pink/rose sauce. Means ketchup and mayo mixed. For dessert Asked for a cheesecake… a baked one… baked cheesecake.. yes I know it exists I can make it myself but, was burnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Texture wasn’t right. I have a medical condition and I can’t handle bad prepared food, eat most of it as I hate to waste money and food. But after 5 minutes it got the best of me and I got real sick on the bathroom.
I was truly embarrassed to read the amount of grammatical mistakes on the menu, specially coming from a posh club? I mean. Carlmel ( caramel) japalano ( jalapeño) icecream ( without space) beetrot ( missing an r and o) creame ( extra e without being a French dessert) . Bad. Not eating there again. Staff was very boring
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Neil T
捷克共和国布拉格1 条分享
2021年12月 • 好友
Briefly, by staying at home....
The wind whips in from the Atlantic Storm Systems and completely "dessicates" any ideas of sporting prowess...
It is unrelenting, and basically the only positive is the bar....
Not for the totally committed....
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Padraic M
49 条分享
2022年9月 • 好友
2nd visit to Donegal this year. Last time I played rosapenna and this time both courses in Ballyliffin and no rain in 8 rounds !!! Unreal scenery and 2 class courses- I prefer the Old Links but most of party prefer Glasedy. Definitely going back as sooo impressed with the setup. Donegal people are absolutely class and so welcoming. A long drive so give yourself time. Go to Nancy's Barn for chowder. Ballyliffin should sell photos from out on the courses and I would have bought them- great golf prizes too.
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Padraig McGuire (BusManPaddy)
爱尔兰韦斯特波特50 条分享
2022年8月 • 商务型
Group LOVED it.
Scenery is spectacular, lovely club house, lovely food and excellent staff, excellent caddies and of course excellent golf.
They said Definitely one they want to come back too.
Plenty parking, driving range and putting greens
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Louis O
爱尔兰都柏林16 条分享
Exceptional golf courses
Great food
Lovely people with service and a smile

4 friends attended the Fourball Challenge competition at Ballyliffin earlier this week. The place is sparkling. The courses are the jewels in the crown, but food and service were simply smashing. Honestly, this place is heaven on earth for enthusiastic golfers of all levels. Ballyliffin may be my 2nd favourite location for golf in Ireland now. Just 5 star golf!!!!!!!
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Jerome M
英国塞尔比5 条分享
Played the Glashedy Links - One if the best experiences in my golfing life. On the course - great fairways, tees well marked, challenges around every corner and the hospitality shown to our group was befitting on this Irish Open venue.
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Bernard C
爱尔兰都柏林31 条分享
2020年9月 • 好友
Played both glashedy and old links courses recently. One of the most scenic and beautiful places in the world to play golf. Both courses in great condition. The glashedy while great to play it , is no place for a high handicapper like myself. It's too punishing, if you are not on the fairway then your ball is usually lost in the brutal rough. It just leaves you frustrated and fed up. The old links is more forgiving and if you have a choice, the one to play. Overall though a great experience to play here ..
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Patrick G D
Berlin13 条分享
We were a group of 4 visiting for a 5th time
We played the old course once and Glashedy twice .
The golf courses were both fantastic.
We had breakfast each morning in the club house before we went out to play which set us up for the day and was amazing value with really friendly staff .

My only slight disappointment was that it cost 80 euro a round and it would be nice to be able to get 3 rounds for 200 euro when I mentioned this to the general manager he was not interested in offering us any deal at all which was disappointing..

But from a golfing point of view it is really worth a return visit and hopefully they will offer us a better price for 3 rounds
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16 条分享
This was a truly wonderful experience of golf. The courses are in great condition and the small amount of course maintenance going on did not spoil the experience. The Old Links is a terrific experience more links than Glashedy Links, but that is marginal. Both are a real test of golf but reward good shots and punish the poor ones. The clubhouse is comfortable although we did find the bar manager a bit serious but this did not detract from out days. We will be back to play again and soon.
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