National Sikh Heritage Centre & Holocaust Museum

National Sikh Heritage Centre & Holocaust Museum(德比)

National Sikh Heritage Centre & Holocaust Museum

National Sikh Heritage Centre & Holocaust Museum

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英国德比1,318 条分享
Interesting visit . . . .
2019年10月 • 好友
Having seen the brown signs for the National Sikh Museum we thought it worthwhile paying a visit and am glad we did.

Note that the access to the museum is not straight off the street, you need to go into the courtyard area of the Gurdwara. (The entrance is not behind the closed steel roller shutters!)

Plenty of interesting things to read about the Sikh religion and its history as well as the recent struggles and persecution in India that I was not aware of.

The upstairs room is currently under development and expected to be open within the next month or so which will exhibit a number of paintings depicting Sikh history.

A few more facts about what Sikhism is would probably have been welcomed by myself, but overall this was an interesting visit and will pop back at some point to see the finished upstairs room.
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Maninder Singh
1 条分享
2018年4月 • 家庭
learnt about the Sikh sacrifices during both world wars, and 1984 struggle, very educational and recommend visiting
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英国Willington32 条分享
How much was achieved by so few.
2018年8月 • 家庭
As a Sikh my viewpoint will be seen as being biased but in my humble opinion anyone really wishing to know about sacrifice / duty and the call of the British empire over two world wars needs to see this museum.

The current Sikhs number roughly the same as greaterLondon 22 million worldwide yet there impact on major world events such as the great wars and in today’s economic world is hugely significant.
So they should be celebrated no?

The truth is this this Museum tells a very different story.

One of oppression by the Indian government and the systematic and authorised destruction of this small faith.

Why you may ask? Why would the now super power of India want to destroy the Sikh faith?

Why did Churchill publicly praise and value the Sikh courage?

How did the Sikh Kohinoor Diamond end up in the Tower of London?

Where do Sikhs absorb there military skills and courage from?

How do Sikhs pray?
What / who is their god?

Why is it at the centre of their faith that makes all Sikhs believe that “ god is in us all?

Go to the museum and see, go and learn.

And maybe one day when your met by a cloth wrapped head on your travels you may understand the value to that man of that cloth and what those values have given to the world.

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英国Willington32 条分享
Eye opening
2018年1月 • 家庭
The history of the Sikh faith and valour in a simple guided setting.
Unfortunately the museum is under used and should be part of the local schools tour to explain the history of these glorious people.
It’s worth a visit esp on a weekend morning when it is open with lots of devotees and a chance to Visit the gurdwara as well.
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Evan/Litton B
Derby7 条分享
Evan B-Pittter:- Very Interesting Centre
2015年8月 • 家庭
Visiting this centre was both culturally interesting and educating. I feel that it is a centre which should be part of schools and public visits to support the embracing of our diverse communities
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Rav S
22 条分享
Great info
2015年8月 • 家庭
Interesting range of things to see and very informative. Worth visiting to see hopefully they will be adding more items
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Jack N
英国莱切斯特12 条分享
Awkward opening times
2014年8月 • 独自旅游
The opening times are very strange (the museum opens for a while in the morning, then closes around midday and opens again in the evening). I arrived in the morning on a Tuesday and had to nip into the adjoined gurdwara for someone to let me in. Inside though there's an interesting collection of Sikh military artifacts and several (!) cannons used over the past few hundred years. The Sikh who let me in also took me round the local gurdwara and answered some questions I had about Sikhism: great if you're looking to learn more about the faith.
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Steven S
Derby Uk128 条分享
Very chilling
2013年8月 • 夫妻情侣
For some strange reason photography is totally banned here - though to be fair it isn't that kind of place so don't be put off.

Overall it explains the strife that Sikhs have gone through including some awful holocaust style attempts at exterminating them that the British (and I am white British) should feel utterly ashamed about as we simply stood by and let it happen.

Very sobering and you'll learn lots - but what you learn will not make you feel proud to be British.

Very friendly people there who answer questions in a calm,unbiased way and you never feel like you are being preached to, judged or converted.

I'd suggest it isn't a great place for younger children - visit first to assess.
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英国伦敦2 条分享
Lovely Museum
2014年3月 • 家庭
The museum a lovely place to visit and has a lot interesting artifacts relating to the Sikh community. I would definitely recommend it.
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英国伯明翰94 条分享
Only trying for a narrow audience
2014年2月 • 独自旅游
Sort of open.I visited in its narrow open window on a Saturday. It is located opposite a temple in what might be called the temple compound. It is in converted industrial units and there are roller shutter doors rattling in the wind hidden by displays.

It was unattended and I don't think all the lights were on. It seems to be being used as a school though whether full time, just at times of worship or merely as overspill is unclear. That may explain the odd opening times.

As a museum it fails. I learnt little of Sikh culture and little of history. The focus is almost entirely martial and on atrocities and oppression. Personally i found the juxtoposition of schoolrooms and militarist texts somewhat unsettling. It all has the feel of something that was a good idea in 2008/9 and has withered. It is mostly display boards but there are, I think, audio devices that proclaim "press me". I gave up after trying 4 with no response.

As unmanned (and given the male military focus i will stick at "unmanned"), obviously no refreshements. No sign of toilets either.
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