Dartford Heath

Dartford Heath(达特福德)



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Stuart H
英国班伯里40 条分享
Green Oasis in Urban Area
I was born and brought up in Dartford and have known this wonderful heath for over sixty years. I invariably return to it whenever I am in the area. Hardly changed in all that time, it's a green oasis within an otherwise fairly urban environment. The flora and fauna is most varied as the heath has habitats from grassland to birchwoods and ancient hawthorn thickets. (One is unlikely nowadays, however, to spot a Dartford Warbler here!) There are several sandy ponds in which common frogs and smooth and palmate newts breed. Popular with dog-walkers the Heath can be busy in places at times but this can be easily avoided. Also, nearby arterial roads create some background noise. For those nervous of getting lost (!), many attractive walks have been marked out.
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英国达特福德21 条分享
Strange to advertise car sales at dusk
Came to this place to see what all the fuss was about and went for a brisk walk. Saw a car with a for sale sign £2,000. Well i have to say it is not a bad price for a 16 plate Seat Ibiza. The suspension was certainly sturdy from what I could see and judging by the amount of people around the car looking at the interior there was certainly a lot of interest. After about half an hour or so a male and female came out of the car (The owners i assume) to a standing ovation. The cars good but not that good. All in all though a pleasant walk
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London87 条分享
Really loved it
Went with dog on a Sunday morning, easy to find, free car park. Lots of space to walk with or without dog, great open areas and woodland too. Lots of rabbit droppings around so obviously popular with them too. Really pretty heather and gorse. My only suggestion would be to put more dog waste bins around as you have to carry a bag of dog waste around with you if you dog wants the loo at the beginning of the walk as the dog waste bins are back at the car park. As a result a lot of people just don’t bother..
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英国达特福德254 条分享
Fantastic local space
2019年4月 • 独自旅游
We visit regularly with the dogs, who love running around the open heathland and through the ample woodlands. There are a number of marked walkways to explore as well as a wide range of well beaten paths to ensure that each walk is different and unique. It's a lovely, relaxed, local space. It could usefully do with some more dog litter bins scattered around the walks to save walking around with bags (and to encourage more to clean up), but otherwise fantastic.
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Amanda P
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Peaceful walk
2018年4月 • 好友
Although the weather was not at heat wave level it was warm enough to walk without a coat. Each route is clearly marked making it easy to follow and navigate your way round. Plenty of nature surrounding you on your walk. Good place to destress.
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英国伦敦246 条分享
Great Place for a Bike Ride & Chilax!
Really love going here it's a really nice place to visit with the wide open landscape surrounded by lovely dark green trees. Really nice place to ride a bike and for the more adventurist try the dips. Great for mountain bikes or BMX's. Keep away from the industrial part you get a lot of cars sitting around waiting for their own little adventure... unless you want that! Nice place on the right side of the Heath though!
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英国达特福德126 条分享
Great for dog walkers and doggers!!!!!
2017年7月 • 独自旅游
Nice heathland fir walking the dog but be ware after dark!!! It's a well known dogging site apparently!!!!
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peter b
英国达特福德29 条分享
Good dog walking area
2016年10月 • 独自旅游
This is a great place for dog walking but if your dog likes chasing rabbits you may find it goes missing for a while ! There are some strange going ons that can occur and the local youth seem to take some pleasure in setting on fire .
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英国伦敦1,520 条分享
Lots to see and explore
2017年6月 • 独自旅游
There is over 300 acres of well kept (mostly) heathland, parts of which to my mind are light woodland, in spite of the efforts of the Dartford Employees and Volunteers that regularly work here to try to keep it heathland. If you have never been here before, it will take many visits and a lot of walking to get an idea of what is here to see and explore. There are 4 main parking areas, 2 in Denton road, which spans the A2, one in Oldfield Lane,one in Rochester way and one in Heath Lane. Heath Lane is the only one that has a useable map at the moment. There are 6 marked trails starting at one kilometre and the longest is six kilometres, you can easily combine and modify these to suit yourself. There are 3 ponds, sometimes you may think there are more when it has been raining. It can be muddy in places here and there. There is a section called The Glory Bumps that is much loved by children on their pedal bikes, these are the remains of excavation works for brick making in the past. A lot of the visitors are dog walkers, some do not clear up after their animals so watch where you put your feet. I have been walking here for over 15 years on and off and still find bits that I have not seen before.
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Peter R
英国达特福德918 条分享
Lovely area for walking
2017年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Great area for walkers either with or without a dog. There are a number of sign posted walks many of which can be started from the free carpark area (in Heath Lane).The walks range from 1km to 5km, with the longer route taking you across Shepherd’s Lane (mind the traffic) and then over the A2 into the Leyton Cross area. There is plenty of bird and other wild life as well as plant life to keep a lookout for. There are sometimes organised walks arranged around the Heath. Be aware it can get very muddy after a long wet period.
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