Preston Guild Wheel

Preston Guild Wheel(普雷斯顿)

Preston Guild Wheel

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英国普雷斯顿215 条分享
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Great route around Preston if I want an easy spin on the bike. Great to walk too, we regularly walk sections of it. Well signposted, I would recommend cycling it clockwise to avoid pushing up the steep hill in Brockholes wood.
I can’t understand another reviewer stating it is closed to cyclists when it rains, when it’s windy and in winter. I’m unsure where he read that, but it is never closed, ever. It is a circular walking and cycling route, mainly on shared paths, how could the council close it every time it rains?
I’ve done it at varying times of the year, mostly in winter, in snow etc. It is always open.
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Karl H
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2021年9月 • 家庭
Great bicycle ride today with or 7 yrs old son. Completed the 36 kilometres of the Guild Wheel. Highly recommend. The route is not hard with only a few small hill climbs and only a small amount of riding along the roads. Mostly flat and smooth ride. Recommend starting off clockwise as there are some very steep hills we went down and would hate to go up these if you went the other way round. We started off at Mariners Way car park near McDonalds and headed for Audi car dealership, from there it is sign posted. Happy riding!
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英国利物浦42 条分享
2021年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Really enjoyed seeing more of Preston and what a surprise! Brockholes, Broughton, Avenham Park my favourites. Parked at the car park on Mariners Way which is free (opposite McDonald’s) plus has a mobile catering van on site which seems popular. We struggled to find a GW sign at the beginning so headed off for Preston Audi and picked up signs in a few minutes. After that the signposting was excellent the whole way. Tiny bit on road with majority cycle pathways / off road. Nice riding alongside the Canal & River. It is a good recommendation to cycle clockwise otherwise you will have to climb up a short bit of uneven road near Brockholes. All in all a great 21 miles.
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Steve M
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2021年3月 • 家庭
Great place to visit but it's an outrage that the guild wheel is closed to cyclists when it rains, when it's too windy and during the winter months. The council need to address this ASAP! The only people able to use this track at the said times are: Joggers, walkers and dog walkers. Thus causing a huge surge in Cyclists using the route in the warmer/dry/summer days and months! If they were allowed to use it all year round like the, joggers/walkers and dog walkers, surely would even out the traffic. Sort it out LCC!!!
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David K
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2020年12月 • 独自旅游
The council never asked locals if they could use path near river wall as a cycle track. Worst idea ever. You cant have a quiet walk as always looking over shoulder for bikes. Its worse on nice days as loads of them.
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Paul C
英国普雷斯顿26 条分享
There are some steep sections on the cycle or walk.
some very attractive sections especially by the river Ribble.
a good 2.5 hour cycle.
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33 条分享
2020年9月 • 独自旅游
It’s 21 miles so it’s not short and there are some big hills. Make sure you go clock wise so if your standing facing avenham park and your back is to the river go left. Kids may struggle and need to walk up hills but if you take a day or couple hours to do.
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英国Leyland38 条分享
There is a mixture of terrain and surfaces to walk and ride on. There are some nice views and the area around the river Ribble is very good.

My only warning is that The Guild Wheel is a 'shared space' so there is a mixture of walkers, joggers, dog walkers, cyclists, runners, children, dogs, and people using mobility aids. You need to be careful while walking.
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英国普雷斯顿42 条分享
First time we cycled the Guild Wheel, and really enjoyed it. We parked at the car park on Maritime Way and cycled clock-wise. Most of the route is on a dedicated path, there are about 4 small sections on-road, but these are exteremely small/quiet roads, so virtually no traffic. All very well sign-posted. There are about 3 or 4 steep sections.

Some lovely scenery, the route also passes through Brockholes; the last part is along the Ribble, with quite a few benches/picnic tables, and ends up going through Avenham Park. That's a really nice section of the route.

Definitely worth doing again, maybe doing it the opposite direction.
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Alan M
英国普雷斯顿224 条分享
2020年4月 • 独自旅游
Rode the guild wheel loads of times but during this corona virus lockdown it has been a great . I see something different every ride and loads of different age groups enjoying it. Love spotting the wildlife, even got to see the osprey still to see a deer but fingers crossed.
Anybody who is thinking about doing it but is worrying about ot. DONT!. Get on it. Follow the signs and you can stop and return at any time. Brockholes is for me the highlight of the ride
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