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区域: 格罗斯—卡尤 (Gros-Caillou)
  • Pont de l'Alma • 步行 6 分钟
  • Alma – Marceau • 步行 9 分钟

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Amilcar Guzman
伊利诺伊州Harwood Heights934 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
2024年3月 • 商务型
World class library in a Parisian neighborhood. Tons of books and programming available to families and adults of all ages.
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加利福尼亚洛杉矶5 条分享
3.0 分,共 5 分
2019年11月 • 独自旅游
The facility is excellent, and they seem to have an impressive collection of books. I'm an American, and I was looking for a quiet place to write. That's all. I didn't realize I'd have to pay 10 Euros just to do this. If I lived in Paris, I would gladly pay membership fees to use this place, but why come just to visit? I have never paid a single time to use a library in the USA, by the way. Not sure why this library can't fundraise for the funds it needs, but there you go.
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Thank you for your kind words about our facility and collection. We have been a private, independent, non-profit institution since 1920, and do not receive any of the government subsidies that US and French public libraries rely on. Both membership fees and fundraising donations are essential for us to adequately fund the collection, programs, and services we are proud to offer, and we thank everyone, annual members and day users alike, for their support.
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英国剑桥615 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
2019年5月 • 夫妻情侣
This place has a history stretching back to the Lost Generation, but their newly updated space gives you the best of a modern library. It costs about 10 Euros for a day pass or 100 for a year membership, and the catalog is outstanding: my father went in and said that they had every single one of his favorite sf/f writers. There's also an incredible archive of fashion magazines, so if you're in Paris doing research on fashion history, this is your place. They also do extensive programming for young people and have two librarians (with library degrees) for young people on staff. Great place!
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Artsy Snippets
法国巴黎4 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
2019年5月 • 家庭
The American Library in Paris (commonly referred to as ALP) is so much more than a collection of books.

Located right next to the Eiffel Tower, it is easily accessible by bus and is always full of all types of people ranging from students preparing for their Baccalaureate, to teachers of all subjects correcting papers. Its soundproof reading room is excellent for concentrating without getting distracted by the children in the young readers’ section.

In addition to being an ideal workspace, its shelves are filled with classics, contemporary young adults fiction, children’s books and magazines from the 1960’s. The friendly staff is always available to help anyone out in finding a book or giving suggestions.

Furthermore, the library team organises events such as evening with an author or the teen writing group to transform the library into a generator of ideas and friendships.

Although some may think that libraries are for the elderly, not once have I passed between the rows of neatly organized books without coming across a teenager immersed in a good novel. It is not a place where the older people go to wither up and disappear amongst encyclopedias, but a place where young people who enjoy reading and writing spend their free time for their own pleasure.

I strongly recommend this amazing library for anyone of any age who just wants to get lost in the world of words.

Friendly, immense, work-friendly.
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法国巴黎31 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
2019年3月 • 家庭
I am American living in Paris with my French wife and French/American teenagers. Without the American library our life would be different. Nestled under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, its a much used weekend destination for us. We have a family membership and often leave with 25 books. They have everything. Classes for kids, famous American authors visiting, magazines, coffee, and WiFi, and places to hide and work. The second largest English language lending library in Europe! And some of our favourite restaurants nearby. As they say in New Yawk, what's not to like! If you are a reader...or à student, this is ground zero. As they say in French, profitez. Take advantage. They have day rates, and the staff is cool. I would spend a fortune on books without them...
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法国巴黎7 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
2018年7月 • 独自旅游
J'y suis allée pour travailler mon anglais et pour moi c'est un super endroit. La bibliothèque propose un grand choix de livres pour tous les cas âgés et dans tous les styles en anglais. Les personnes qui y travaillent sont très souriantes et avenantes.
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David P
俄勒冈波特兰37 条分享
4.0 分,共 5 分
2017年8月 • 夫妻情侣
The library's collection includes books belonging to the international film star Marlene Dietrich. She was a recluse during her final years in Paris, and one can imagine her spending many hours reading her favorite stories. Several of her books are about the great Dietrich. And in one of them - written in her own hand - she says "Lies!" In fact, several of the books have her opinions written in the margins. The Dietrich collection is in the Director's office,available with permission.
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新泽西普林斯顿148 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
2017年5月 • 独自旅游
The American Library in Paris is the largest English-lending library on the European continent. It's a calm oasis in which to sit and read, and get some work done, if work you must! The library hosts several literary events each month, which are always interesting, and free to the public. It is possible to purchase a day or a week pass.
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Jan S
法国巴黎294 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
2017年3月 • 独自旅游
I spend a lot of time at the Library, for me is it a great place to relax and spend some quality time with the thousands of books available. It is a private library, so you have to pay to use - but it is worth it to see the largest collection of English books on the Continent. It is also nice to hear my native language predominately used, a little home away from home for me. Wonderful staff and you cannot beat the location - so close to the Eiffel Tower. I would recommend this Library to anyone visiting or living in Paris.
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21 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
2017年2月 • 独自旅游
The library became one of my favourite places to visit sonce a while. The team works hard to organize a lot of literary events and keep up the customer service on a high level. The membership is expensive but it's definitely worth it.
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