D-day Guided Tours
D-day Guided Tours
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E Ellis
英国伦敦4 条分享
This is a very late review but as it the tour was so excellent, I am still going to post it. Mathias Leclere took my elderly, semi-disabled father, another older gentleman and my daughter on a 8 hour DDay tour last April. My daughter told me that Mathias was incredibly knowledgeable about the area and very patient with the two elderly men who like to talk over people and tend to think that they know more than the guide! The tour itself was quite comprehensive so the group saw what they wanted to see as well as other interesting sites. It was a truly marvelous tour and easy to plan with Mathias so I recommend his tour heartily.
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I recently traveled to France with my wife and had one day coming from Paris to Normandy to visit the beaches and areas related to the WWII liberation of France. (My wife stayed in Paris to explore and shop.)
I decided to hire Mathias for a private, full day tour based on his reviews and email correspondence. If I could give him more than 5 stars I would!
Mathias met me on the platform of the train station in Caen around 8:40 am. He had given me the train information and times to reserve ahead so I would be ready to go when I arrived in Paris.
We proceeded to visit the German cemetery, St Mere Eglise, the bridge at La Fiere, Utah and Omaha beaches and some of the bunkers above them, Pointe du Hoc, the American cemetery (Arriving just in time for the lowering of the flag and playing of taps), the port town of Arromanches, and various other sites as we drove around the area. We also grabbed lunches at a deli in St Mere Eglise and ate on the beach near a German bunker.
Overall this was one of the best days of my two week trip to France. Mathias knew all of the best sites to visit and was really good at finding the best parking spots to minimize walking times from the car.
He has a great presentation of pictures and stories to share at every stop. Also some wonderful personal stories of growing up in the Normandy area and his grandfather's experiences during WWII. It is clear he is very passionate about his job as a licensed guide and puts a lot of effort into tailoring the tour to the person's expectations.
I looked at several guides before choosing to hire Mathias and I would absolutely use him again if I ever get back to the area.
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Clayton Watkins
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My friend and I booked a two-day tour with Mathias Leclere of the Normandy beaches, American Cemetery and surrounding villages. My uncle landed on Omaha Beach and Mathias had researched his Division and was very prepared to give us a custom tour. He picked us up at our hotel in Caen each morning and gave us very informative information while driving to the sites. He also took us to some out of the way places that only experienced guides would have knowledge of. Mathias was always friendly and personable and after the first hour we felt we were with a good friend. He knew the best places to stop and have lunch each day and we believe we learned and saw more in two days with Mathias than we would have seen in two weeks of exploring on our own. My friend and I agreed that Mathias could teach a course on WWII history on a college level and we definitely got what we paid for. I highly recommend Mathias Leclere as an outstanding guide! We also noticed that when we met other tour groups, the other guides would always come up to him and shake his hand out of genuine respect.
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英国埃尔斯米尔港34 条分享
2022年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Booked with ledger holidays for a luxuria coach down graded only a couple of days before everyone on the trip had the same story just different excuses, the itinerary itself was very good just the treatment of ledger we we’re offered £75 per person when the actual difference was £100 when we complained they were not really bothered. We will not book again with ledger and would advise people to be aware.
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2022年7月 • 夫妻情侣
My new wife has been to France many times, but this was my first time. Normandy was a key highlight of our honeymoon trip and Mathias made sure it was spectacular. His attention to every detail was amazing, down to his adjustments in mid tour based on who we were and what we told him.
We would (and will) ask for Mathias the next time we do any guided tour near Normandy: he is fluent in several languages, he navigated us seamlessly as he educated us, his family stories brought the historical events into perspective, and we like to think we gained a new friend in France.
Thanks for making our trip so wonderful.
Rex and Amy Berggren
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德克萨斯州休斯顿37 条分享
Mathias arrived promptly both mornings at our apartment in Bayeux. We spent two entire days exploring many sites in the American sectors of the D-Day invasion. Mathias was personable, knowledgeable, accommodating, friendly, and took us to a few less-visited sites. We had lunch at one of these sites at a bluff overlooking Omaha beach. Would definitely recommend!
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Ray S
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2022年6月 • 好友
I am sitting here and cannot believe I am leaving this review. Leger Holidays of old simply wouldn’t have allowed most of the problems we experienced to occur, and those that did occur they would have known how to deal with.

At the start of the tour, we set off as a party of 13 on our Leger coach at 7.30am from Ipswich. After a short while the driver announced that Shearings had not picked a couple up and that we would have to return to Ipswich to collect them. This resulted in a missed ferry and eventually arriving at our hotel on an industrial estate in Caen at gone midnight. There were two coaches on the same trip - one went via Calais and we went via Dunkirk. Interestingly the other coach party stayed at a different hotel.

On Day 2, we were up early and off to see Pegasus Bridge. After visiting the bridge and looking around the museum, we returned to the coach to discover the water pump had sprung a leak, so we wouldn’t be going anywhere fast. The rest of the day was spent waiting for the coach to be repaired or another coach to arrive. After a lot of hard work from our tour guide and driver we eventually got a hire coach to take us back to our hotel at 5pm. Rather than hire another coach, Leger then decided to send a coach out from the UK overnight.

On Day 3, we were up early again as we were now trying to get the remainder of our tour condensed into one day. As a result there were no museum trips, along with reduced time to visit the beaches and to pay our respects at the cemeteries. This was to much to do in one and by the end of the day it had been too much for some.

There was yet another early start on day 4 so that we could make the 12.30pm ferry in Dunkirk. Despite this, we eventually arrived at the port to find that we had missed the ferry, due to the admin team giving our coach driver sailing times for Calais! By late evening, we were finally safely home.

On top of all this, the hotel receptionists during our stay were unhelpful and not approachable. The hotel did not serve food and there were very limited options close-by to eat. When we asked if we could order a pizza and sit on the tables outside to eat, we were told this was not possible. We walked to a restaurant, but there were other less able people who we suspect just went to their room with no evening meal.

Despite all of these issues, our tour guide and driver were exceptional and a real credit to Leger. They went above and beyond to do all that they could to salvage the tour.

Leger have been contacted and given the opportunity to address all the problems encountered, including having to cut the tour short. The coach breaking down could not have been predicted but the late arrival, poor hotel and missed ferries should not have happened and Leger's customer service has been poor.

Our party have each been offered a goodwill gesture of £35 as compensation and told this is Leger's final response. From here, Leger have said that we now need to either complain to ABTA or go to court. The £35 that they are offering is in fact an additional £35 supplement that we paid on the coach to visit museums that we did not visit due to the issues outlined above, so rather than a goodwill gesture it is effectively just a refund for the museums.

I still honestly believe that Leger customer services have not actually understood what has happened and sincerely hope that maybe a senior member of management will read this review and look into how it has been dealt with.

Conclusion fantastic front of house with the most helpful guide and driver possible. Unfortunately this cannot be said for customer services.
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Dear H6742MVrays, My name is Mathias LECLERE, I am a private tour guide in Normandy. I run private tours thanks to a website named ddayguidedtours;com I am sorry to read about your issues coming with Leger holidays. However I have no links with this company. Could you please change your review and put if on the account of Leger Hollidays. Sincerely yours Mathias LECLERE
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Norma LaGuardia
科罗拉多丹佛2 条分享
My wife and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary and my birthday with a trip to Paris. We chose Normandy as one of our day trips and ddayguidedtours.com as our tour company. The reservation transaction was very easy. Our tour guide, Mathias LECLERE met us at the Caen train station at 8:30am as arranged. And then began one of the most memorable experiences of our lives. Having served in Viet Nam, a student of history especially WWII, son of a father that served in the south Pacific, a son in law whose father in law was at Normandy during the invasion I/we were moved beyond belief in the way Mathias laid out all of what we were about to see and experience beginning with the German cemetery. His knowledge included the scope and breath of the invasion but also brought to life the things that went right and what things went so terribly wrong during those first 24 hours! The individual stories of how against such defenses the Americans and the Allies overcame the odds they faced. The Rangers at Port du Hoc, Engineers and Seabees at Utah, the Airborne troops dropped all over the place including the town of Sainte-Mere-Eglise. It became apparent early on, throughout lunch and right up until Mathias put us back on the train to Paris at 7pm that he is a true, highly educated professional whose word pictures will be with us for a very long time. That drawing you did in the sand on Omaha beach, listening to your words...we could picture the soldiers coming out of those boats, crossing that beach only to be looking up at that seawall...and that's where we were standing! The flag lowering at the American cemetery and that one last stop the memorial to those who were part of the support for the whole Normandy invasion were something else.

Thank you Mathias,
Rich and Norma
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Craig H
2 条分享
What an Excellent trip! so informative, interesting, detailed and Leger Holidays are the ideal choice.
We where taken out by our drivers Helen and Steve who where just fantastic, really approachable, friendly and empathetic, a great couple who made the trip more than comfortable for all.
Our tour guide Pete was so knowledgeable, just bits of key information that where priceless to know, loved it!
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Erika Lee
俄勒冈波特兰2 条分享
Mathias gave me the best tour that I've ever had! My sister and I took a 9 hour D-Day tour with Mathias and he was worth every penny! He was so knowledgeable about WWII history and he answered all of our questions! It was one of the most memorable days of my time in Europe! He picked us up from our hotel and drove us around to all of these amazing sites! We started off by visiting the German Cemetery, then journeying to Pointe Du Hoc and Omaha Beach. As an American, one of the most moving parts of the day was seeing the American Cemetery. It was an absolutely gorgeous cemetery overlooking the English Channel and we were able to stay and watch them lower the American flag. We also went and saw Longues-Sur-Mer and Arromanches-Les-Bains. Mathias was a wonderful tour guide who was so passionate about what he does! One of my favorite memories from the tour was when my sister and I wanted to see an obscure German bunker hidden in the French hillside. Mathias was willing to drive us up there, climb the hillside, and crawl on our hands and knees to see this incredible hidden bunker. It was so much fun to see it! I would take a tour with him again in a heartbeat!! He's a wonderful person who loves what he does and he's so accommodating! We even had time to stop for some yummy crepes!
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