Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial(法兰克福)

Holocaust Memorial
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加利福尼亚圣路易斯-奥比斯波1,002 条分享
Sad to see this memorial but is definitely a necessity! I was hoping to see more holocaust memorials in Germany. I would had hoped that Germany would do so, but unfortunately not. Munich had hardly any. Huge misjustice of the world. Should be more reminders so that it's not repeated.
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澳大利亚墨尔本1,207 条分享
Upon arrival, l was surprised to see how 'down played' it is ...no big monument to commemorate those people whose lives were lost.
It is easy to say that over 12,000 people lost their lives BUT when you actually see the lengths of the walls with their name that you can see it is an extraordinary amount of people.
The cemetery next door was closed so we couldn't see it up close but the headstones look neglected, although the area its in looks looked after
A sad place , but think of them and say a little prayer.
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Livea Pinto
8 条分享
Um lugar silencioso, para refletir, lembrar e rezar. Colocar uma pedrinha nos nomes das vítimas e visitar o interior do museu, onde há objetos da época e, ao fundo, relíquias do prédio onde havia o gueto e que foram descobertas nas escavações. O cemitério permanece fechado, pelo menos no domingo.
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Malki Tzedek
以色列特拉维夫8,414 条分享
Questo muro che circonda il perimetro dell’antico cimitero ebraico di Francoforte, rimane uno dei più importanti monumenti di Francoforte, come un luogo per la memoria e il ricordo dell’olocausto e delle deportazioni. Il grande muro all’esterno ospita incastonate dentro di se, le targhette di metallo con incisi nomi, cognomi e date di morte, degli ebrei residenti a Francoforte che finirono nei vari campi di sterminio nazisti. Questo grande monumento vuole essere un monito al passato. Ma pochi a Francoforte sanno darti informazioni precise dove si trova il monumento all’olocausto. Per non dimenticare visitate questo sacro luogo. Consigliatissimo.
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Phyllis B
纽约州纽约市96 条分享
2018年10月 • 独自旅游
This place is almost a secret in Frankfurt and if you don't know it's there you have a hard time finding it. It is located at the Jewish Museum which is only indicated by a large J and a large M outside of the building. There are no signs no advertisements and you don't see anything and any brochures or tourist guides. On the day that I visited I was the only one there. The Jewish museum is located in an area of town that was once the Jewish ghetto, one of the largest and first ghettos in all of Europe. At one time this was where the Jewish Marketplace was before later becoming the Jewish ghetto. To the rear of the museum you will find the wall which in circles the cemetery. Each of the plaques are about 3 in large and have the name, date of birth and date of death and the place where they were deported. This is the same thing as the place where they were killed but they like to call it deported. In some cases there's no date of birth or date of death and there is simply the serial number that was given to that prisoner or victim. There is a small plaque of which I have taken a picture stating actually understating what actually happened. The cemetery is locked and you are allowed to visit it for free but you must go inside and give them your ID card and they will give you keys to go inside the cemetery. The cemetery is in total neglect. Tombstones are falling down they are overgrown and in many cases there are no tombstones just a pile of rocks indicating that there is a grave there. It is very sad that this place should be in such disrepair and a satyr still given the horror of the way these people died that it should be so understated as if it is to be forgotten or hidden. I have a conversation with a local about this and they said that they are not trying to forget it or keep it a secret but they do not Revel in it either. They also told me that Germany still has a very active Nazi party and although that Nazi party is nowhere near as large as the one in the US and is not anywhere near as armed as the Nazi militias in the US, they still monitor the German Nazi party which occasionally commits vandalisms on sites such as this one. This is why it is locked and anyone entering must present a passport or government ID card in order to get permission to enter and to get the keys. I did not go inside and visit the museum however it was only 7 euro And probably would have been a very educational experience. It is a somber event to visit this site probably mostly because of the way it seems to be disregarded. Local people and traffic drive by the wall all day long as if it meant nothing. It is not given a site of importance or significance. It is not advertised. There are no Flags. There are no brochures or large statements about what this place is and what it means. The place itself is its own statement. Still I'm glad I visited and I think if you are in Frankfurt you should take an hour out of your schedule to visit. It's a 15-minute walk from the center of Frankfurt, just ask for the Jewish Museum or the old Jewish cemetery. It's easy to find the cemetery and the wall are free to visit and the museum is a very nominal charge. When you think of the way that Americans memorialize people who died with less of a sacrifice it seems as if the people in this Cemetery deserve more. Perhaps it's a cultural point of view. They honor them, they memorialize them but they do not make a big thing of it. It is what it is. But nevertheless it is important.
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阿根廷Puerto Rico103 条分享
2018年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Es una plaza en recuerdo a los caidos durante la Segunda guerra Mundial. La verdad es que es conmovedora. Tiene carteles con todos los nombres que tuvo la plaza
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纽约州纽约市3,014 条分享
2017年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Come to acknowledge the long history of German Jewry. Set in a former Jewish cemetery, behind the Jewish Museum, you will see thousands of placards with Jewish people's names and the location and year of their death during the holocaust. There are still a few old tombstones in disrepair here. I found it troubling that some placards are left blank, or some that were removed and never replaced. The municipality should take pride in maintaining this site. Whenever visiting Germany, it is the responsibility of the tourist to understand its sometimes painful history. This is a good place to do just that, especially if you do not have time to visit the actual Jewish Museum.
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Nomadusa 🇺🇸📷🏍🛸
塞内加尔达喀尔510 条分享
2017年11月 • 商务型
Seems to me Frankfurt is in denial of its past atrocities and this stark memorial is an example. It’s not so much a memorial of an atrocity but a brief reminder of a dark period in time without an explication of impact or complicity.

Nowhere is it explained, for example, all of Frankfurt’s Jews were deported and murdered between 1933 and 1945. That there were Jews living, thriving, and contributing up to 1945.

That there are 11,915 names on a wall surrounding a defiled and devastated cemetery, where jews had been buried since 1272, including among others, the names of Anne, Edith and Margo Frank, as they were originally from the city.

There is a museum nearby that is closed, for how long and why, I’m not sure. I asked a few people in the area where the memorial is, no one knew it was there.

It’s not clear to me the significance of the connection to the old Synagogue that was destroyed in that site, and the 60 arranged sycamore trees, or their layout, the crushed basalt, or molten asphalt. I could not find the commemorative plaque placed on a department store, in what seemed an afterthought of contrition, by a city focused on commerce and industry.

It was obvious it was an architecturally designed acknowledgment of a site, with an emphasis on design, rather than Frankfurt’s loss and complicity in an atrocity. A memorial needs to be a learning experience. This is more reflective of an Orwellian garden plot in an industrial banking capital more at ease with its red light district and Christmas markets.
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德国哈雷180 条分享
2016年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Take a moment from your visit or stay in Frankfurt to reflect on Frankfurt's Jewish community, once the most vibrant in Europe. Also visit the Museum Judengasse next door. Have we learned anything?
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德国法兰克福15,808 条分享
2017年2月 • 独自旅游
Die Gedenkstätte Neuer Börneplatz (der vollständige Name ist anscheinend 'Gedenkstätte am Neuen Börneplatz für die von Nationalsozialisten vernichtete dritte jüdische Gemeinde in Frankfurt am Main') erinnert sowohl an die Ermordeten der Frankfurter jüdischen Gemeinde als auch an die ehemals dort stehende Synagoge. Direkt daneben ist der alte jüdische Friedhof und das Museum Judengasse. Die Straßenschilder erinnern an die unterschiedlichen Namen des Platzes im Laufe der Zeit.
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