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River Rhine(杜塞尔多夫)

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Eric C
英国切姆斯福德1 条分享
If you look on the Saga web site for reviews of "Majesty of the Middle Rhine" you will not find one, as they are no longer using that title. It seems that they keep finding new titles for similar river cruises Thus the new title will not have had time to gather negative reviews, and the old titles, and their reviews, will have dropped off the radar.
"A Cunning Plan" - to quote!
My wife and I booked to travel on Eurostar via Ebbsfleet to avoid a long coach journey from Folkestone or the hassle of London and St Pancras. When our tickets arrived they were for St Pancras, with no explanation of why we were not given earlier warning, so that we could have made a different choice. A letter to their CEO has gone unanswered.
The Saga rep. at St P. saw nine of us onto the train for Brussels, but on arrival the rep. there spent 45 minutes searching for the tenth passenger on her list, while we stood around in a corridor. She eventually ascertained that #10 never boarded the train, but the London rep. had not passed this information on.
All went reasonably well, but after four days I was stricken with sickness and diarrhoea, which entailed quarantine in the very small cabin. Just as my time was up, my wife had, in common with many others, the same illness, so we spent nearly four days watching the scenery go past our window.
On our return our friends have asked "Did you have a good holiday?" The answer is a resounding "NO!"
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Anni Lima
巴西Joinville92 条分享
Passeio agradável, tem barcos com comida e bebidas inclusas, outros com bebidas a parte, e passeios com discoteca noturnas, enfim, tem pra todos os gostos e bolsos, nós amamos. Super gostoso para fazer com as crianças.
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英国大伦敦3 条分享
Majesty of the Rhine via Rex Rheni.
My advise is DONT GO VIA SAGA.
We were held in a small box room in Folkestone from 5.30am till 6.45 before the Saga rep made any news or information to us. Then all she said was Bus driver had run out of hours so coach unable to leave till after 7.15.am. Now how is that for organisation.!! Try and beat it.

Then 2 hours in Dover Docks again NO comment made by the rep as to what was going on. And so on for boring journey.

Ship good food and service but CABINS terrible. single bed high off floor with wall on one side a big drop on other . Beds only 3 feet wide. MANY complaints

Return rep got off at Brugge as she lived in town stating driver would deal with all matters.!!

Instead of going to Calais as advised when we left ship, we went to Dunkirk ? spelling !!where we missed sailing and had 2 hours to wait then a 2 hour trip. !!

Finally SAGA managed to give coach driver the incorrect address for our delivery to taxis.!! In ALL a disaster by SAGA
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荷兰芬洛7,193 条分享
De Rijn is de levensader in Duitsland. Niet alleen een verkeersader maar tevens een toeristisch hoogtepunt. In Düsseldorf een van de belangrijkste plekken waar mensen zich ontmoeten. Fraai aangelegde Rijnoevers met diverse recreatie mogelijkheden.
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6 条分享
We had been looking forward to our first river cruise for 2 years, since it was cancelled due to Covid. Leaving at 5am on 2nd June and being driven to Cologne by car and coach via the Chunnel took a total of 12 hours, boring but we knew what we were in for. Despite being one of SAGA’s leased boats and past its prime, the Rex Rheni was all up to scratch and had a certain old world charm. We had no problem with the crew or food, however the entrainment was no better than you would find in your local pub and we had difficulty finding a seat in the bar to avoid hearing it. Then the problems started. The beds in the cabins were much higher than a normal bed and the edges of mattresses were very soft. There was a raised step up to the seating area and to make this easier there was a moveable lower step with sharp edges. The first night was a disaster when my wife went to get up in the middle of it, due to the height, her feet missed the ground, she slipped off the soft mattress edge and fell on the floor bringing the mattress down on top of her. This result in a black eye which lasted the whole of the cruise, severe bruising to her legs and toes and a large are of skin torn from her leg. We have been back over a week and it still hasn’t healed. Luckily we always carry dressings etc but soon used these up. When we tried to get more the accident was reported to the SAGA rep and we got some more dressings, on looking closely the use by date on the dressings were 2019, so probably the whole of the boat’s First Aid Kit was out of date. What they did have was poorly equipped and entirely unsuitable given the age of persons on the cruise. We understood from several people on the Cruise that they had also fallen out of the beds due to the mattresses including one gentleman who broke his toe.

A few days later we were overcome by sickness during the night and learnt in the morning that several people had contracted a Sickness and Diarrhoea problem and to this date, over a week after leaving the Cruise, we still cannot find out the cause. There was not an immediate plan in place to action apart from being told to isolate in our cabin for 24 hours after the last “episode”. During this time help was very sparse and contacting reception for food was difficult as our phone was not working. It was fixed eventually but we were out of isolation by then. The serving of food to us was sporadic and not covered up despite being carried all through the boat plus we got what we were given and unable to choose from the menu most of the food given was not suitable for someone getting over stomach problems. Also things like cups, knives and forks etc were sometimes missing. A few days later we noticed meals being taken to rooms covered in cling film which was an improvement but too late for us.

Due to the illness we missed almost 2 days of our holiday due to being confined, however the rest of it was spoilt due to my wife's injured leg which prevented her from walking any distance when the boat was docked. We were looking forward to walking around some of the lovely towns but this was not to be.

Many people we spoke to said that it was nothing like SAGA Cruises they’d been on before, but dare we risk trying another one? They really need to get their act together especially with their Customer Care, trying to call them on the phone to complain was a nightmare and I spent 2 hours one day waiting on the phone and an hour the second day, both with anyone answering. I only managed a reply on the third day because I called there “New Bookings Line” and got a response after 45 minutes.

I have purposely left putting up this review for 4 weeks hoping to get a response from SAGA. To date I have received nothing despite their promise of replying within 28 days. To say this is shabby treatment from a company supposed to be in the interests and for the benefit of the elderly is an understaement.
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Eleanor H
1 条分享
I am on board the Amadeus Silver II cruise at the moment coming to the end of the cruise on the Rhine and Danube. This has to be the worst holiday I have ever had. Besides the flight being cancelled at the beginning and having to find our way with alternative flights to the start of the cruise the whole cruise was a shambles. The cruise director was horrendous, she could not arrange anything and I have just had to endure 2 hours of where the crew came from at 9 pm when we should be dancing and enjoying the last night of our holiday. I an so miserable, I have had the west holiday ever and will never ever ever travel with Amadeus again or even go on a cruise again. I am so unhappy I could cry and never want to go away again.
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Boston92 条分享
We recently sailed on Avalon’s Visionary. We booked many months ago through a travel agent. We got the Panoramic suites. To our dismay we were next to the engine room and laundry.After the first night of vibration, noise and smells several rooms were changed. Beware.. check location of your room.We basically moved our rooms with little help.
The food was good. Rooms are spacious and the bathrooms were great size. Do not open sliders at night as bugs so come in!
We had a great band one night with dancing. So much fun. Another night musicians but audience needed to be quiet. Disappointed that there wasn’t at least a piano player as on some Viking cruises.
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瑞士巴塞尔678 条分享
Le foto che vedo pubblicate si riferiscono praticamente a tutta la lunghezza del fiume e penso che e´importante fare un distinguo: ci sono posti meravigliosi lungo il fiume come si puo´vedere anche dalle fotografie ma dal momento che l´attrazione (fiume Reno) e´censita sotto Düsseldorf penso che bisogna valatarne la parte che attraversa la citta´e questa parte forse e´la piu´brutta di tutto il fiume. Prima di tutto qui si vede bene quanto e´inquinato questo fiume dalle industrie situate lungo il suo percorso. Il colore e´di un marrone caccarella. Poi la vegetazione e´praticamente inesistente e lascia alquanto a desiderare.
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Arch W
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States3 条分享
Viking River Cruises. My local travel agent, Christine Hardenberger of Modern Travel Professionals/Chesapeake, Virginia…..made all of our arrangements. Communication from start to return home was perfect. Viking runs a ship shape organization. Look online for Christine to make your trip arrangements now.
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Josephine L
英国索尔兹伯里8 条分享
We traveled on a 5 day 60s music cruise on the Rhine with Saga, never again! We arrived at St Pancras Eurostar to board the train, absolute chaos, no one to help with our bags, it’s Saga, so we’re all of a certain age, and need assistance with our luggage, the staff were rude, trying to rush us, this is before we even get to the train! Then it’s worse, there is a huge gap from the station to the train, and 3 steep steps, we had to lug our cases on board, it was a miracle we managed to heave them on to the train!
The journey from Brussels to the boat was incredibly long, a flight option was not offered, and would have been much easier! The boat was adequate, and meals and service very good, however very sadly on the 2nd night one of the band had a stroke! This sadly was not Band of Gold as advertised, Very unfortunate, and we felt very sorry for the band, but Saga had no back up plan, so the 2 night there was no 60s music played at all, and considering we were only on a 5 night cruise, surely someone on the boat could have found some to play for us? The 3rd night they thought it a good idea to put on Karaoke! The girl was trying to do 60s but it was clearly not her forte, the last night we did manage a good boogie, but what a ruined holiday! Saga is not what it used to be, and I certainly think none of us will travel with them again, especially as they are impossible to contact before or after the holiday!
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