Chiesa Santa Maria del Sepolcro
Chiesa Santa Maria del Sepolcro


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The church of Santa Maria del Sepolcro in Potenza was most likely built by the powerful order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, better known as Templars, whose task was to assist pilgrims heading to the Holy Land. The "Casale del Santo Sepolcro" was built north of Potenza, at the crossroads between the Via Erculea and the Via Appia Nuova, passage routes for pilgrims heading to Jerusalem, in an area called Santa Maria.
In 1312, when the Templar order was suppressed, the farmhouse with its adjoining church passed under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Potenza, Guglielmo, who took care of it and added the name "Santa Maria" perhaps due to the existence of a chapel or icon dedicated to the Madonna or to ingratiate himself with the locals. When king Alfonso V of Aragon assigned the fiefdom of Potenza to the Counts De Guevara, they radically changed the face of the entire territory and in 1488 undertook the renovation of the ancient church, alongside which they added a convent, entrusted to the Franciscan Order.

The interior has a single hall layout with a terminal apse. In the large central nave you immediately notice, on the right wall, the altar of the Blessed Sacrament, made of stucco, the work of Masillo Faiella.
In 1656 the Bishop of Potenza, Monsignor Claverio, had this valuable baroque altar built on the right side of the nave of the church, with a tabernacle in the center where he solemnly placed the relic of the Precious Blood: a small clod of earth soaked in the Blood of Christ. The altar also has some golden polychrome wooden statues of the archangels: Michael, who tramples the dragon, Gabriel, the Archangel of the Annunciation to Mary and, finally, Raphael.
At the end of the 1960s the façade of the Church was restored to its original style with a pronaos (portico) with a sloping roof and three round arches. At the same time as these works, the current convent of the Franciscan fraternity of minors was built.
The Church is in Gothic-Catalan style. On the façade there are two stone coats of arms, symbols of the Franciscan order: the first shows two arms intertwined around a cross: that of Christ and that of Saint Francis, both with the marks of nails; the second coat of arms is a cross with the addition of some symbols of passion. The 16th century wooden door, embellished with floral carvings and geometric framing, is surmounted by a lunette with a fresco dated 1658 depicting the Deposition.
Inside the church is divided into two naves. The coffered ceiling in polychrome, gilded and carved wood dates back to the 17th century. In the church you can admire valuable paintings: noteworthy are "the Madonna delle Grazie" with St. Francis of Assisi and St. Patrick, an oil attributed to Antonio Stabile (1582); a tempera with the apparition of the Virgin to Saints Francis and Roch (by Antonio Stabile) and "the Adoration of the Shepherds", a 17th century work, attributed to Onofrio Palumbo.The church houses a beautiful copy of the "Veiled Christ" by Giuseppe Sanmartino, Naples, 1753. There are three copies throughout Italy, in Campania, Emilia and Basilicata regions. One is in Potenza, to be precise, in the church of Santa Maria del Sepolcro, whose medieval origins date back to the Templars. The Veiled Christ preserved in the church of Potenza is a fairly recent but still very suggestive wooden sculpture, created in 1914 by the South Tyrolean sculptor Helmut Perathoner. The sculpture is made with pine, a very soft wood found in the Alps, then covered with layers of plaster and on which a color has been applied that makes it look like marble. It is exhibited only during Lent. Inside the church is divided into two naves. The one on the left is the oldest and was built during an expansion of the church in the 17th century.It has four baroque altars, set against the perimeter wall. interspersed with paintings of fine workmanship, dating back to the 16th century such as the "Apparition of the Virgin" between Saints Francis and Roch, a panel from the Raphaelesque school, kept in the second altar.
The altapiece of third altar is the "Adoration of the Shepherds",
On the first altar we find an aedicule with the statues, of St. Anthony of Padua, St. Anne with Mary and St. Nicholas.
Finally, on the fourth, there is the aedicule with St. Francis of Assisi at the center, flanked by Franciscan saints. Over the entrance door, in the counterfaçade, is the cantoria where the organ pipes are placed.
At the end of the nave there is a round triumphal arch, with stone columns, at the base of which there are small heads of lions and leaves and, on the capitals above, acanthus leaves and flower corollas. Beyond the arch there is the polygonal apse with three trilobed single-lancet windows. The vault is underlined by stone ribs. The apse, in Catalan Gothic style, shows the monogram of the Holy Name of Jesus of St. Bernardine of Siena, IHS.
A beautiful Crucifix hangs from the ceiling right on the altar.
The altar, the ambo, the stone baptismal font, and the copper tabernacle are the work of the Franciscan artist from Potenza, Father Tarcisio Manta, who executed them in the 1980s.
Recently, the church, already adorned with noteworthy works of art, was embellished with a finely crafted wooden statue dedicated to Santa Maria del Sepolcro, located to the right of the transept.
This historic church is worth a visit.
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antica chiesa templare un pò modificata nei secoli.bello l abside gotico ed il portale rinascimentale,bellissimo l altare laterale ed il soffitto cassettonato del vescovo claverio del '600.conserva una croce temlare.molto suggestiva.da visitare
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Alla ricerca delle chiese della zona abbiamo ammirato questa,dall'aspetto senz'altro semplice ma di certo ammaliante e suggestiva .
E all'interno è gradevole e accogliente,molto ben tenuta.
Nel complesso molto bella !
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Si dice che sia stata fondata addirittura dai Templari...
Semplice nelle forme, ma con opere di pregio, che a me non sono piaciute particolarmente.
Forse non l'ho capita, o non sono stata capace di apprezzarla.

*mi scuso per la recensione postdatata*
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Interno con banchi laterali e maxi schermo per chi non riesce a poter vedere bene l'altare.
Presenza coro.....musiche eccellenti.....
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in zona centrale, con pregevoli tele, pietra, stupendo soffitto in legno e di pregio la statua policroma della Madonna.Consiglio di entrarci!
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Tempio ampio, ma conciliatore di intensa concentrazione.
Presenza del coro della chiesa, con musiche e canti delicati e di profonda intensità che favoriscono la vicinanza dell'animo umano con il buon Dio.
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Il solo entrarvi ti da' una pace interiore.
In questa chiesa puoi ammirare un soffitto ligneo che ti lascia senza fiato,e' ricca di statue e quadri.
L'unica pecca e' la mancanza di un parcheggio adeguato.
Visitatela ne vale la pena.
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Chiesa e convento di Santa Maria del Sepolcro venne costruita tra gli ultimi anni del XII secolo o i primi del Duecento dall'ordine dei templari. Nel convento vissero o passarono, frati di santa vita come il B. Egidio da Laurenzana, preso in considerazione dal Guevara, Ginepro da Potenza, fra' Matteo da Tito, Gianfrancesco Caporella da Potenza e Luigi Filippi da Avigliano.
A causa della soppressione delle corporazioni religiose, i religiosi lasciano il convento e libri ed opere d'arte vengono dispersi o saccheggiati.
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maybe m
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Molto antica, una volta ai piedi della città storica, oggi inglobata dal disordine urbano. È ancora un convento. All’interno, particolari gotico-catalani, abside con bella articolazione, bell’altare barocco in stucco (inconsueto per la zona).
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