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Viaggiare Bene
意大利3 条分享
2022年3月 • 独自旅游
Li conosco dai tempi del buon vecchio Piero e Andrea, la gestione è cambiata ma mantiene una buona aurea.
Negozio dal sapore di ciclo officina, ottima selezione di prodotti in pronta consegna e un buon usato a disposizione.
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Danilo P
意大利罗马5 条分享
2020年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Ho prenotato sabato per domenica una citybike da donna per un'uscita con amici e visto che a noi mancava una bici,mi sono rivolto per tempo a Gazebike.
Purtroppo,con mio profondo stupore, al momento del ritiro della bici,mi sono reso conto,non solo che non c'era,ma che addirittura non esisteva nessuna prenotazione perché chi di dovere,non aveva letto il msg del signore col quale la avevo fatta.
Mi hanno invitato ad attendere una mezz'oretta dicendomi che avrebbero cercato di risolvere,ma quando gli ho chiesto certezze sull'arrivo della bici,non sono stati in grado di darmene.
A questo punto ho abbandonato il mio proposito e,avendo 10 amici che mi aspettavano,mi sono rivolto ad un'altra associazione nei paraggi che si è dimostrata eccellente.
Così ho potuto "salvare" la nostra Domenica.
PS Sig. Mattia,così mi sembra si chiamasse il ragazzo al chiosco, ricordi:" non è chi fa che sbaglia,ma l'incompetente!!!"
Erano doverose almeno delle scuse che mai mi sono state poste.
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Jenni W
德克萨斯州奥斯丁2 条分享
My boyfriend and I took this tour along with another couple on their honeymoon-- the small group, neighborhood path and our incredible guide Sara made us feel like an old friend was showing us around one of her favorite places.
The Park Appia Antica is not only full of ancient Roman history, but has also been a major hang-out, neighborhood, wartime shelter and road-to-the-city throughout the centuries and it is clearly still a center of Roman life today.
We learned a lot, rode bikes with the wind in our hair, navigated a few slightly-more-difficult paths and listened to stories of life in the Roman empire.

It was really one of my all-time favorite tours anywhere!
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Alex and Lynn
加利福尼亚12 条分享
We had so much fun with this bike tour seeing the Roman Aqua ducts, Appia Rd and all the history that followed. Sara our guide was fantastic, she had great patience and answered all our questions, so knowledgeable! We chose this tour because of our 11 year old and this tour was able to accommodate perfectly. Marcos’s crew was excellent. The day we went turned out to be a scorcher day of heat but Marco’s crew had a nice treat at the end to help us recoup. Lots of water stops, Good times, easy going lots of fun. I learned so much about Rome and saw some beautiful countryside.
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法国Bethune160 条分享
Nous avons commencé notre découverte de Rome par cette activité qui a enchanté toute la famille. Le parcours permet de découvrir la campagne romaine et d apercevoir de beaux vestiges. Notre guide, Sarah était super sympathique. Un grand merci à elle.
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法国斯特拉斯堡16 条分享
Just finished a wonderful bike tour with Marco and Marcello. They are great guides, and took the 4 of us on a really fun ride. We saw the Aqueducts, rode the Appian way, had a coffee and saw the ruins and mausoleums along the way. This was by far one of the best things we did while in Rome. Go off the beaten path, see Rome from a locals point of view. Our kids are 11 and 12, and they enjoyed it immensely. Thanks Marco & Marcello!
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Tiziana P
50 条分享
2018年4月 • 好友
Per chi ha voglia di trascorrere una mattinata all'insegna della storia e delle bellezze di roma legando anche una sana attività fisica all'aperto, il modo migliore è il tour su due ruote. Inoltre è un buon inizio anche per chi è sempre aperto a nuove conoscenze.
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William S
加拿大Stittsville12 条分享
Did this tour with Marco who was an informative and engaging guide. We toured the Park Antica Appia which is a large open area south of the main centre of Rome. Marco was careful to give us directions on what we were to do and then provided an explanations of what we were seeing along the way. The tour included renaissance and Roman era aqueducts-the later dating back to the Emperor Claudius in the first century CE. the tour passes through open parkland, horse stables, and wide open spaces that are hard to find in Rome. We also rode for about 6 kilometers along the Appian Way––the first of the Roman roads that stitched the empire together. Parts of the original road are still used, along with the ruts from the wagons used to haul food into Rome. Built circa 312-3 BCE, the road is lined with Roman monuments and mausoleums. The final stop along this was a massive mausoleum to a young girl that a later Roman family built into a fortress and thus it is substantially intact. The family controlled this area including a private church until 1859, when the Papacy purchased it.

Be prepared for some bumpy parts, so be sure to secure your belongings or risk having them bounce off. The route is free of cars for most of the journey other than short sections at the start and end. Water is provided and there are fountains along the way. About half way there was a stop for bathroom breaks or to get a refreshment.

In summary, an enjoyable, informative, and different trip from the typical ride in Rome. Highly recommended.
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1 条分享
2018年6月 • 独自旅游
This was such a special day! Marco is a knowledgeable guide and taught great details about Via Appia. He is from the neighborhood, introduced me to a volunteer that works in the park, and was very patience with my lack of practice biking. The route that they prepare is different to other major companies because he knows the entire park well and this makes the tour very adventurous. The bicycles are excellent and this is a local family business, so if you are interested in exploring via Appia Antica, I recommend to book a tour with Gazebike!
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澳大利亚墨尔本1,072 条分享
2018年5月 • 夫妻情侣

Yesterday we took an excellent (and easy) bike tour with Livio around the graffiti of the Quadraro area. Very interesting to hear about the people and the current and past history of the area and how the graffiti is an expression of the Quadraro’s lived experiences.

Thank you Marco and Livio for sharing your passion and interest with us.

Lynette and Mark
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