Golosaitalia Day Tours
Golosaitalia Day Tours

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英国马恩岛350 条分享
2018年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Federico met us at our hotel and we then walked through town and stoped at 3 bars to have drinks and the free dishes to eat that are offered in many of the venues. It was great fun. We could choose whatever drinks we wished each time and then joined others to choose dishes to eat at each venue. Federico was very informative of the local areas and we discussed wider matters which was very interesting. It was nice to see the city in the evening- lost of young people having a good time.
Highly recommended.
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加利福尼亚圣地亚哥37 条分享
2016年5月 • 夫妻情侣
How many Basilica's have you seen and remembered? For an experience that will last a lifetime, do this parmigiana cheese and traditional balsamic vinegar tour. This experience will last a life time. My husband and I did a private tour arranged by Martina. We had Frederico as our personal guide and driver. He picked us up at our hotel at 8am and we headed off to the first location located about 50 minutes outside of Bologna. My husband loves the science and machinery found in factories and this was even interesting for me. Even though there was another tour group arriving at the same time, we had our own private cheese guide (Emanuwella sp?) whose family is part of this cheese coop. You got a close up view of the cheese process, going through all the different staging areas. Just the strength necessary for turning, flipping, lifting the cheese is impressive. You can tell the pride that these cheese producers have in their product. The final stage was the storage area that houses 40,000 wheels of cheese that sit here for 2-3 years. AND we get to taste the cheese.
Next was a quick trip to a small town nearby to grab a cappuccino. How fun to just sit and talk with a local who has excellent English (and has a Phd:) You rock Frederico!
We now are headed to a small farmhouse where the owners make Traditional Balsamic Vinegar. Patricia was our host and it was like being welcomed into her home (farm). It was just the two of us with Frederico, who did all the translation for us, and Patricia. We never knew how this process worked. Learning the different aging stages and how the vinegar is kept aged through out time 12-25 years was fun. Tasting this stuff compared to what we normally have at home is no comparison. I can't wait to try the recipe she gave us to use with the balsamic.
To end our adventure, Frederico took us up the hills to have a lunch at the 'Belvedere Cafe' that overlooked the landscape below. Oh...the restaurant was opened just for us. The layout of appetizers were amazing along with wine, specialty breads and good company. I was so full I fell asleep on the way back to the hotel around 4:30.
This is an awesome treat for yourself or family. We can't say enough good things about it.
Thanks Frederico for a wonderful day.
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Thank you so much for your kind words, we really appreciate! Martina
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Chris H
华盛顿Washougal8 条分享
2014年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Great day. The wife and I got picked up at 8 AM at our hotel by Audrey, our tour guide, and taken on a private tour of a cheese operation and a balsamic vinegar cellar and had a pleasant lunch in the countryside. It was special to be the only ones on the tour and not in some large bus load.
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Rona E E
马里兰哥伦比亚1 条分享
2014年9月 • 夫妻情侣
I joined my husband in Bologna because he was attending a large trade show for his companywork. I asked people back home in Maryland "what do you do in Bologna"? I was sent a link and as soon as I sent an e-mail of inquiry I received a warm e-mail from Martina Kuhnert. After reviewing the choices I then selected the Culinary day trip and the date. This was a surprise for my husband because I may be the "foodie" in the family however, he loves food just not to cook it. Alex our charming and well versed guide along with her intern Maddie picked us up at our hotel and off we went. The factories we visited were unique and friendly in the way you do not see in the US. Alex has a natural passion for the the products that we tasted and it was obvious that she was well respected and liked by the people that either owned or worked in the Balsamic Vinegar and Parmesan Reggiano factories. Please, please do not miss out on an awesome experience. We look forward to hearing about new kinds of tours they have planned for the future.
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Janine B
3 条分享
We pondered for ages if we wanted to spend the money in this day tour, after friends told us "don't even worry about the cost, just go.." And gosh we are glad we did. Alex was a WONDERFUL tour guide, and the local business we visited were fantastic. Just go. Don't even worry about it.
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Dominika K
41 条分享
My husband and I would like to thank Alex so much for our wonderful experience today! This has been the highlight of our italian trip! We have had a truly unique culinary experience and have seen traditional italian way of life. Alex's knowledge and passion for food is amazing! I think she should have become a chef. :). We had a wonderful day and we will come back to Bologna. If you are looking for something unique this is the tour for you!

We are both chefs and it was fantastic!
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加拿大渥太华29 条分享
2014年5月 • 夫妻情侣
My wife and I did Golosaitalia's "Cheese & Balsamic" tour in May, and echo what others have said. Alex was a fantastic person to spend the day with- warm & friendly as well as very knowledgeable & informative. The visit to the cheese producer was fascinating, as we saw most of the stages in production first hand. This small "factory" does not do group tours, so it was just the three of us, alongside the three cheese makers. Alex bought a few different cheeses (included), and we tasted them at a picnic stop in the hills. The balsamic museum and lunch at a small town osteria had a similar personal touch to them, and were equally delightful. Alex's philosophy is "this is your day", and she treated us so- no rush, just enjoy. Email communication beforehand (with Martina) was quick and complete. This day stands out as one of the highlights of our five week trip. If visiting Bologna, treat yourself!
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Marsha M
意大利Motta Sant'Anastasia485 条分享
2014年2月 • 好友
A friend booked is for us and it was the best way to see the city and get to see the city too. We tried everything and learned all about how the food was prepared. The tour took us through the markets and ended by trying all our purchases at a cute trattoria. Love this and will do it again.
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Toronto57 条分享
2014年5月 • 夫妻情侣
We went out for the day, with another couple, with Alex as our host. Alex is bilingual (Eng/It) and has great relationships with the folks at both the parmesan cheese and the balsamic vinegar locations. She is an excellent driver and that made the trip through the hills very enjoyable. Being on a tour with just four people made for a very personal experience. Alex clearly enjoys her work and her ability to explain the processes involved in the creation of the cheese and vinegar is very good. The day went by quickly and concluded with a delicious mid-afternoon lunch at a local restaurant. A fun time was had by all!
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美国52 条分享
2014年1月 • 夫妻情侣
We spent a day with Alex touring a parmesan cheese factory, the balsamic vinegar museum, and the market in Modena. We arranged everything by email with Martina, who let us customize our day to whatever we wanted to do. We weren't nickel-and-dimed for changing the standard itinerary, it was very easy and simple.

Our tour guide, Alex, met us at our hotel exactly on time. Our hotel was in the limited traffic area in the city center, so she actually parked on the outskirts in a pay garage and walked all the way in to meet us. She could have very easily told us to meet her somewhere so she didn't have to pay or walk, but she didn't. Very professional.

Alex drove us up into the mountains to tour a parmesan cheese factory. She's a good driver (which is hard to find in Italy!) and the views were beautiful, even in the winter. She explained the cheese-making process, showed us every step of the process, and bought some parmigiano, nero, and fresh ricotta from the store for us to taste test. The nero is so delicious! We bought some to take back home with us. On our way back down the mountains, we stopped at a cafe where she bought us an espresso.

She then drove us near Modena to the balsamic vinegar museum. I initially wasn't interested in this and was talking with Martina about other things we could do, but I decided to give it a try. I'm really glad I did; it ended up being a really unique experience. Real balsamic vinegar as we know it is completely different from the supermarket stuff. The real stuff is almost like a syrup, it's a dark color, and has a very distinct taste. Alex explained how they make the balsamic vinegar and let us try two different samples. She then walked us around the market in Modena. We have nothing like it back home, so it was interesting to see all the different stalls of meats, produce, cheese, and pastries.

We didn't feel rushed at all. Alex at one point literally said, "This is your day. I have no where to be." We just walked around aimlessly seeing the city and talking. It was very relaxed.

I couldn't recommend Golosa Italia more highly. My one regret is that my boyfriend messed up and forgot to tip her, which she definitely deserved. Three weeks later, he actually still feels guilty about it, that's how great she was.
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