Agricola Giansanti
Agricola Giansanti
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2023年2月 • 独自旅游
Ho chiesto ricotta fresca di oggi e quando era stata fatta; mi è stato risposto "ieri" ma non è cosi perché la loro ricotta quando è fresca ha un altro sapore .. e la conosco molto bene, peccato perché ero andata apposta facendo dei km... avrei preferito la sincerità.
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Buongiorno Ornella, mi dispiace doverla contraddire. Effettivamente la ricotta è stata fatta il 31 gennaio e quindi le hanno dato un'informazione corretta e sincera, però forse avrebbero dovuto avvisarla che la ricotta avrebbe potuto avere un sapore diverso semplicemente perchè dal 15 gennaio è cambiato l'addetto alla produzione della ricotta... Essendo il nostro un caseificio artigianale, tutti i prodotti sono fatti a mano e quindi cambiando l'addetto, anche il sapore può cambiare... così come la materia prima ovvero il latte che lavoriamo che proviene solo dal nostro allevamento, ogni giorno può cambiare nel sapore, nella quantità di caseina ecc... come le dicevo non utilizzando macchinari industriali, i nostri prodotti saranno sempre freschi ma potrebbero avere sapori più o meno differenti un giorno dall'altro... Ci dispiace che non le sia piaciuta questa volta, ci auguriamo di averla di nuovo nel nostro negozio e che le possa piacere come prima. Può stare tranquilla che non le daremo mai informazioni non sincere... Le auguriamo una buona giornata.
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英国坎伯利301 条分享
We did the 8.45am tour last week, and it was brilliant. Leila spoke perfect English, and explained everything really well. We loved watching the whole process from start to finish, which was fascinating. The cheese room was immense, and the tasting was very cool as there were three ages of cheese to try and they were all quite different. It's worth saying two things - firstly, there are two tours a day, but it's only in the 8.45am one that you get to see the cheesmakers pull the cheese from the milk, and actually form the cheeses. They only make 10 cheeses per day, and they do it in that early slot. Secondly, this cheesmaker is quite rare as it produces every part of the process in house i.e. the cows are there, the hay for the cows is grown there, so the milks etc - only the salt comes from outside the factory. So it's a bit special to visit such a cheesmaker, still very artisan, family owned etc. Great shop at the end too. You can book up on their website. This was one of the best things we did on our holiday, I highly recommend it. And thanks to Leila for helping with our arrangements!
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Katie M
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2022年7月 • 家庭
Our kids (6 and 4) enjoyed seeing the farm, watching as they made the daily batches of cheese (only available at the 8:45am tour) , and seeing the complete process of processing the cheese.

The tour ended with a very generous tasting of Parmesan cheese of various ages and water. This was a highlight for all of us. Definitely stop in if you are in Parma.

Our tour guide spoke excellent English and had a good sense of humor throughout.
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Caroline R
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2022年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Petite ferme produisant de fromage parmesan. Belle visite, explications claires et possibilités de voir une étape de production. Généreuse dégustation. Merci Leila!
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Massimiliano M
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I cannot recommend enough the tour at this small production facility close to Parma - the tour was a great introduction to the king of cheeses (Parmesan cheese), detailed and engaging. it allows you to experience every step of the cheese making process and it ends with a spectacular tasting of their product. The guide was knowledgeable and very attentive to all the guests.
it's a small operation and they manage the production process end to end from the grass feeding their cows (that is coming from the fields just outside the facility) to the aging room where the final product gets to rest until is time to be consumed (they sell cheesed aged from 12 to 70 months and they are all exceptional). For my daughter it was the highlight of our trip to Italy.
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Gabrielle M
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2022年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Tour was amazing! Highly recommend the 8:45 time so you can watch the parmigiano reggiano process. Leila was a fantastic, detailed tour guide. And of course, the cheese was delicious!
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意大利帕尔马22 条分享
2021年12月 • 夫妻情侣
Natale ed ultimo dell'anno , cappelletti fatti col parmigiano di Giansanti, ottenuto con l' esperienza del casaro Giorgio Zambrelli e scelto dall' impagabile Anna Maria , sempre molto competente e gentilissima. Grazie a tutti e Buon 2022
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fabio battois
意大利威尼斯6 条分享
2021年10月 • 家庭
Esperienza fantastica ascoltare il racconto dell’arte del parmigiano reggiano dalle parole di Giorgio che trasudano passione, esperienza ed amore. Grazie Giorgio ritorneremo sicuramente e questa volta alla mattina presto pee vederti all’opera con il latte fresco......
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Sabine S
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2021年9月 • 独自旅游
Eventhough I was the only one who had booked the tour on this morning, I received the complete tour. I was able to see the process of the parmegiano making as well as a lovely tasting.
The staff took its time to answer all my questions, which were quite a few.
I can definitely recommend the experience. It should be a must do during your journey through this beautiful and tasty region of Italy.
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Leah E
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We were granted a full tour of the cheese making process conducted by our tour guide, Layla, today and we were extremely satisfied with our experience! She was very knowledgeable of the product and process and answered all of our questions thoroughly. The cheese tasting at the end was the icing on the cake! This is a special farm creating a special product and you can tell that the entire crew (who were all very friendly) take pride in their work!

Extremely great value! The fact that the farm and factory are just right off of the Traversetolo bus stop on the 11 line makes this experience convenient and affordable for travelers like ourselves on a budget. (Also the 1/4 kilo of cheese we purchased after the tour is already gone from just one meal, delicious!)
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