Mosaic Art School "Luciana Notturni"

Mosaic Art School "Luciana Notturni"(拉韦纳)

Mosaic Art School "Luciana Notturni"

Mosaic Art School "Luciana Notturni"


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The most fabulous workshop
The most fabulous workshop I had ever attended! Love their professional teaching skills and serene environment.
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Une excellente formation !
Un enseignement unique dans le cadre exceptionnel qu'est la ville de Ravenne. Grâce à l'expertise, à la pédagogie et à la gentillesse des intervenants, les cours dispensés par la Mosaic Art School sont à recommander pour ceux qui débutent mais aussi pour ceux qui veulent approfondir leurs connaissances de l'art des mosaïques. Un grand merci à Luciana de partager son expérience avec autant d'enthousiasme !
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Perfekte Kombination aus Erholungs- und Aktivurlaub mit jeder Menge besonderen Momenten
Der Kurs hat viel Spaß gemacht. Luciana und ihre Kollegen sind ganz besondere Menschen und künstlerische Vollprofis mit insgesamt wahrscheinlich ca. 150 Jahren Erfahrung in Sachen Mosaik. Ich konnte sehr viel profitieren. Ganz bestimmt komme ich zurück an diesen wunderschönen Ort und in diese ganz besondere Schule!
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Kathryn H
Houston, Texas2 条分享
Artistic retreat that surpassed all expectations
I traveled to Ravenna, world-renowned for its mosaics from early Christianity to treat myself with an opportunity to learn to create my own treasures. I did not know of the city until I was searching for a class in Houston and found the recommendation to learn from the best at the Mosaic Art School. From the first minutes in Luciana's shop through the 5 days of work in her studio the experience was magical. Luciana is a gifted teacher - she moved from art theory to art history to the practicalities of mosaic construction with fluidity. I learned much more than I ever expected all while delighting in the creation of two pieces of art to take home. I was one of six in the class and my fellow classmates and we each came from different countries. We enjoyed each other's company so much while still having a unfettered personal reflection space to immerse ourselves deeply in the creative process.
Each person in the class was supported by an entire team of professional artists and university students dedicated to becoming mosaicists. Their work with us, as well as Luciana's, was hands-on and supportive with significant suggestions with the first piece but with a gentle touch - we were encouraged to stretch our creativity in the second piece we created.
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Katerina B
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general course
2020年3月 • 独自旅游
The experience in the workshop of 5 days - general course with Luciana and professional team was so intense and deep that gave me the feeling of gaining the keys of certain profession, which people usually have to study for long time at universities. I’m very grateful that my inner love for mozaics brought me to exactly this school, because before that i spent 6 months in Barcelona - the city of mosaic to say, but didn't meet there anything similar to this.

Katerina Bakulina
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Stephanie K
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Learning from the best
Luciana Notturni is THE reference on all things mosaic! The breadth and depth of her knowledge and experience is unsurpassed. It is a gift to spend time with her learning the theory, technique, history and art of mosaic making. I am so grateful for this experience. Thank you Mosaic Art School!
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Silvie Y
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Mosaic course
2020年1月 • 独自旅游
I attended both the standard mosaic course (December 2019) and the carpet floor mosaic course (January 2020). Both were amazing experiences. I learned so much from Luciana and her professional team. I feel privileged to have been able to learn from them and acquire so many new skills. The course is held in her private studio in Ravenna (I fell in love with that city); in small groups which enables you to get all the attention you need. I want to thank Luciana, Luca, and her whole team for all the knowledge, patience and energy they shared with me.
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susan d
卡罗莱纳州Hillsborough3 条分享
Excellent "hands on" experience with art theory
I have studied historical sites and art/architectural history related to mosaic art and learned about this wonderful Mosaic Art School by chance. I was fortunate to attend the one-week course and found it to be a transformative experience: to learn the basic techniques of working with stone and glass tesserae by making both a traditional mosaic reproduction and a modern "free form" project. There is considerable art theory worked in skillfully during the classes. You may not realize how much you have learned until you get home! Ms. Notturni is an excellent teacher and a mosaic artist of renown. Her team members, especially Lucca and Gabrielle, are not only artists in their own right, but also patient and helpful teachers. And this amazing experience is located in Ravenna, Italy--a magical mosaic sanctuary where it is easy to get around and explore. You will not regret this experience.
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Magdalena W.
马萨诸塞Stoneham6 条分享
Ancient Mosaic Course
2020年1月 • 好友
If you like any type of artcraft this course is a wonderful way to get away from home, grab your best friend, and experience a bit of history, art, wonderful Italian cuisine, and test your patience with making extraordinary pieces of art. Luciana and her staff makes you feel welcome opening her studio to students from all over the world. I am already planning to come back.
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密苏里杰佛逊市728 条分享
Went here to see a demonstration of how to make Mosaics. They showed us in detail all the processes that are needed to complete a mosaic. There were completed pieces hanging on a wall available for purchase.
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