Guide And Co. Day Tours
Guide And Co. Day Tours

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Gaetano P
意大利萨勒诺4 条分享
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Volli fortissimamente volli tornare a Ravenna dopo più di cinquant'anni. Sono stato molto fortunato per il bel tempo, per gli amici, per il posto dove ho dormito e naturalmente per la "ca' de ven" e tutti gli altri posti dove abbiamo mangiato, ma soprattutto perché abbiamo vissuto per tre giorni con una guida perfetta. Preparata, gentile, puntuale. Mi ha sopportato sempre, grande conoscitrice di arte e storia, si è prestata ed ha esaudito ogni nostra richiesta senza lesinare sugli orari. Ha una qualità unica e immediata: l'empatia. Se andate a Ravenna non avrei dubbi vi consiglierei questa donna! Brava
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Maria Teresa P
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2019年11月 • 好友
Una vacanza magnifica grazie anche alla guida Roberta che ci ha fatto conoscere Ravenna in ogni aspetto culturale artistico culinario ...grazie grazie grazie
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Daniela P
意大利2 条分享
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2019年10月 • 好友
Abbiamo trascorso a Ravenna,con un gruppo di amici, 3 giorni indimenticabili soprattutto grazie alla competenza , professionalità e grande simpatia della nostra guida
"Roberta Merendi".A lei vanno i nostri affettuosi ringraziamenti ....a presto rivederci
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加利福尼亚千橡市9 条分享
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I found Roberta mentioned here and contacted her at She is an archeologist by degree with a wonderful italian accent. My wife and I put together a Cruise Critic tour with 3 other couples while touring italy on the Oceania cruise Rome to Italy. I contacted Roberta almost one year in advance to book her time (May is very busy in Ravenna). She met us at the FREE Shuttle that Oceania provides into the city.
We started out in a church that at first glance was just some simple mosaic work. But did we get a history and cultural lesson! Wow! Once we had the base knowledge of people in 400 AD, we journeyed on to Dante's tomb and there was no one around - yet. Then on to see some of the more famous sites which really became amazing with our already learned wealth of knowledge.
Roberta was friendly, knowledgeable, interesting and knew the different 'guards' for the places we visited thus getting the group in each venue easily.
She made Ravenna one of my most favorite stops on our 10 day cruise.
Thank you Roberta!
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Guida M
意大利马泰拉22 条分享
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2018年8月 • 家庭
Anch'io sono una guida e di solito tra colleghi si è molto severi nei giudizi. Ma Roberta è stata eccezionale: con leggerezza e simpatia, unite a un'immensa competenza, è riuscita a a far apprezzare a noi adulti ma anche e soprattutto ai 3 ragazzini tra 10 e 12 anni le straordinarie bellezze e l'importante storia di Ravenna.
Un giro bellissimo di circa 5 ore diviso in due parti con un suggestivo percorso da Sant'Apollinare Nuovo con gli splendidi mosaici a San Francesco con il suo suggestivo "acquario", passando per la tomba di Dante; e poi i capolavori mozzafiato del mausoleo di Galla Placidia e della basilica di San Vitale.
Ottimi anche i consigli gastronomici che ci hanno permesso di gustare il meglio della cucina tradizionale romagnola.
Grazie Roberta, ti consiglierò a tutti e sono sicuro che ci rivedremo presto.
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意大利罗马3 条分享
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2018年1月 • 家庭
Abbiamo soggiornato 3 giorni a Ravenna e come nostra abitudine abbiamo cercato una guida per scoprire le bellezze e i segreti del luogo. Ci siamo affidati a Roberta Merendi e la scelta non poteva essere migliore. Precisa e puntuale, ma soprattutto preparatissima, sa trasmettere tutto il suo amore per Ravenna e letteralmente ti trascina a scoprire quello che da solo non avresti mai visto o notato! Tre ore piacevolissime alla scoperta di una città fantastica con una guida fuori dal comune. Vivamente consigliata a chi vuol andare oltre, anzi molto oltre, la solita toccata e fuga. Affidatevi a lei ad occhi chiusi.
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Mass14 条分享
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2017年9月 • 家庭
From the moment Roberta and I connected via email she was invested in customizing our tour per my requests, which were ambitious for one day. Her knowledge and expertise are matched only by her warm, charming manner. It's evident she is passionate about archeology, theology, architecture and mosaics as well as her native Ravenna. Whether you have one hour or all day, time with Roberta is time well spent learning about one of Italy's most stunning treasures.
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Twin Cities, Minnesota183 条分享
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2017年7月 • 家庭
I set up this tour through emails from home after looking at tours on Trip Advisor. Roberta responded quickly & was quite flexible in customizing the tour to meet our needs. We only had about 2 hours & she certainly made the most use of them. She met us promptly at the pre-arranged meeting point & we instantly liked her. We had a group of 9 ranging in age from 18 - 56 (made up of 2 families with adult children). Since we had such a short time, she took us to the highlights of the beautiful town of Ravenna. We especially liked Roberta because you could tell how passionate she is about the history of Ravenna and the description of the mosaics. When we entered the Basilica of San Vitale....breathtaking! Who knew how amazing & beautiful the inside of this church is! The mosaics are really indescribable. Roberta was the perfect guide to explain them. Our only regret is that we didn't have more time to spend with her, she is that good! Plus, after our tour, she recommended a local place for us to eat lunch and for some of us, it turned out to be our favorite food we had on the whole cruise! So don't hesitate to book a tour with Roberta Merendi, you will come away amazed & enlightened!
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加利福尼亚旧金山3 条分享
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2016年10月 • 夫妻情侣
We've all been on tours where the guide has an impressive spiel that covers the waterfront without revealing the complexity below the surface. Roberta's tour of Ravenna is the opposite. The architecture and the mosaics of Ravenna are marvelous in and of themselves, but to delve into the theology, ancient history, politics and culture underlying the graphic depictions of Christian salvation history enriches the visual experience. Roberta's warmth, depth of knowledge and willingness to answer our endless questions made our half day with her the highlight of our trip to Ravenna and Italy as a whole. Grazie, Roberta!
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Yoel F
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2017年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Passionate and knowledgeable, Roberta conferred both to us, on a quick, concise tour in this rare gem of a city.
Great experience!
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