The Fish Pub

The Fish Pub(佛罗伦萨)



区域: 佛罗伦萨历史中心区 (Florence Historic Center)
  • Alamanni-Stazione Santa Maria Novella • 步行 8 分钟
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Daniele B
29 条分享
2016年7月 • 好友
Posto molto bello ......peccato l aria condizionata non funziona ....cibo con pochi sapori ..posto giusto per impressionare partner al primo appuntamento
Io preferisco mangiare bene !!!!
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加拿大Coteau-du-Lac214 条分享
2015年6月 • 独自旅游
Un peu à l'écart du Mercato Centrale, un petit bistrot sympathique. Rien de spécial mais reposant du bruit du Mercato Centrale et ayant , surtout, l'air plus sympa. (24.5 Euros avec quelques bières).
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德国慕尼黑7 条分享
2014年8月 • 好友
Although the workers were more than friendly, this pub just seemed like an average one compared to the others I seen on my holiday.. The drinks were dear enough and we didn't try the food.
One memorable thing about it was that you could sign the wall with a marker and it was cool seeing all the people who had signed it from around the world..
Apart from that there was nothing in particular that was enjoyable or whatever..
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马萨诸塞波士顿210 条分享
2013年8月 • 夫妻情侣
You see, I found out about the Fish Pub from one of those flyer pushers in the center of town. Every week he would try to invite me to The Fish Pub and every week I would say no thanks when he tried to hand me a flyer. Until one week, I finally took one. That's when I noticed there was a Dominican flag on the flyer. My interest was piqued. I read there was typical Caribbean food and I was suddenly this guy's new best friend. I asked him where this place was and suddenly I found myself walking from the Duomo to the back of Mercato Centrale with my new best friend.

I was so excited to find Dominican food in Florence and from what he told me this was a Dominican restaurant. Then, we arrive in front of the green painted windows and I notice a menu but it's Irish pub food. You can't even imagine my confusion. The club promoter was standing out front and my once best friend whom I am now disappointed in, introduced me to Moreno. Immediately I asked if they are a Dominican restaurant. After all he is Dominican. He said they aren't but the chef who is Dominican can make Dominican food if I like. I went inside to check the place out. All the while I am only thinking about what Dominican food I would request, meanwhile my former best friend is telling me all about where the dancing takes places, etc. Honestly I am tuning him out completely. Until, he tells me if I visit he will make sure I get free drinks all night. He wants me to promise I will come on this particular night. I drop a huge bomb and tell him I don't know. I have to check with my boyfriend to see if he wants to come. Suddenly it appears the offer of free drinks will not stand. He didn't say this but the look on his face sure did.

I left excited to possibly return and enjoy typical Caribbean food. I phoned my boyfriend as I skipped back to our apartment. He told me he has been to this place and it's only a place for American college students. I convinced him by telling him about all the wonderful Dominican food we would eat, and so we found ourselves there that night. It was a Sunday and it was indeed full of drunk American students who did shot after shot of alcohol. There was dancing. Well more like groping and grinding in front of the bar area. There was loud Spanish music of all types. I heard some of my favorite songs and I sang loudly from the table while my boyfriend laughed. I even got the free drinks the flyer pusher guaranteed me.

The Dominican food was okay. I had rice with beans, fried plantains, and beef with onions. My boyfriend had a stew called sancocho. It had vegetables, five different types of meat, all in a thick broth served with white rice. The food was okay but nothing spectacular. Since they don't have a Dominican menu the chef simply came and told us what he could make based upon what he had available. If they prepared Dominican food regularly they could certainly have great food but i think because they didn't have time to fully prepare for such a meal the taste was lacking what would of been there had the food had more preparation time.

It was definitely an experience. I was thrilled to find a place where I can fulfill my need for Caribbean food but in the future if we were to return I would try to talk to the chef a day in advance in hopes of giving him more time to prepare for the dishes properly which hopefully would increase the overall taste.

Other than our experience, this place seemed like typical US college town bar where students go hoping to score, if you know what I mean since the drinks are cheap and the girls are sucking them down fast.
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16 条分享
2013年4月 • 好友
Het is een leuke pub, alleen bediening was 'niet zo vriendelijk'. Wij waren met een grote groep jongeren langsgekomen, free shots gekregen was zeker de moeite waard! De Pub veranderde in een echte discotheek.
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