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Laderach Chocolaterie Suisse(卢加诺)

Laderach Chocolaterie Suisse


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Il cioccolato Laderach viene chiamato "cioccolato fresco" poichè viene utilizzato latte fresco e panna anzichè latte condensato o in polvere come per la maggior parte dei produttori.
L'ho acquistato per curiosità a Friburgo, marca sconosciuta fino ad un mese fa, ma a detta di mia moglie e delle figlie il miglior cioccolato da loro mangiato ... oltre che il migliore è anche il più caro (purtroppo), ma credo che valga la pena provarlo.
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Caterina C
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2022年4月 • 家庭
Cioccolato squisito, ottimo quello con nocciole, frutti rossi, con scorzetta di arancio. Un po' caro ma vista la qualità fate un giretto a Zurigo non potete non assaggiare un bel pezzo di questa goduria!!
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瑞士日内瓦20,476 条分享
Läderach est présente dans de nombreuses villes suisses. Parmi leurs spécialités, les tablettes de chocolat vendues en vrac et les têtes de choco. Mon pêché mignon, le chocolat noir aux noisettes du Piémont. C'est délicieux mais avec les prix qui vont avec, donc très cher.
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dave h
新泽西萨米特2 条分享
Online Service. The chocolate is probably good, but I never got to try it, because my online order either was not placed, not sent or simply not available. The customer service stated that there were backorder problems. I even was sent jpeg pictures of a tracking order with no link associated. The credit card was charged, no problem there, until now 4 weeks later since placing my order, I have not received a reimbursement. Very unprofessional, unfortunately.
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Rosatea A
意大利米兰3 条分享
2021年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Tutto ottimo. Ma cioccolato fondente con mandorle e nocciole: eccezionale. Il prezzo vale la qualità. Quando un Läderach anche a Milano?
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Oxford14 条分享
2021年11月 • 商务型
Nice chocolate, if a little over priced but the staff are horrendous. Everyone seems unhelpful, rude, and generally clueless about products and ordering. Was going to spend a lot at Christmas and ended up not doing so because staff were so unprofessional. Considering how much they charge a little training would not go amiss.
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英国伦敦92 条分享
I bought box of chocolate pralines and was shocked to discover they still use PALM oil - this is a cheap substitute and controversial..deforestation of our planet happens because of cheap palm oil, animals are loosing their corporations can make BIGGER profits. disgusting and no place for palm oil in 21st century!
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alberto l
意大利博洛尼亚161 条分享
2020年6月 • 夫妻情侣
La cioccolata è buona ma , almeno x me , costa davvero troppo ; ho comperato 3 pezzi di cioccolata sfusa , 2 con le nocciole ed 1 con le mandorle , ogni pezzo sta sul palmo della mano : totale di 18 franchi !
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波兰卡托维兹6 条分享
My friend and co-worker recommended me this chocolate but after trying it I felt quite disappointed. It is pricy and well, for this price I'd expect something better then glucose syrup (see photo with ingredients). Milk chocolate is definitely too sweet for my taste (and I've eaten a fair share of various chocolates in my life). I've bought some of the Easter collection, on the photos you can only see little bunnies and eggs - even my child didn't want to eat this, and he's a sweet tooth just like me.
So, if you want to give it a try, ok, but in my opinion ratio quality/price is disappointing.

Another thing is, a friend of mine ordered some chocolate via EU store and she told me that the staff responds quickly to messages but she didn't get an e-mail about order sent. It is also difficult (impossible?) to sign on to see the status of the order. I couldn't find it, either.
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Alessandra D
瑞士卢加诺15 条分享
2019年12月 • 独自旅游
Vivo a Lugano e acquisto cioccolata per me e per gli amici che vado a trovare quando torno in Italia. La cioccolata Svizzera è notoriamente eccellente, ma quando si assaggiano i prodotti di Laderach, le mini mousse o le loro cioccolate sfuse tutto il resto è nulla. Prezzi elevati ma qualità eccellente e se si vuole l'eccellenza bisogna essere disponibili a pagarla. Qualità prezzo 1:1 come è giusto che sia
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