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Swiss Chocolate Train



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法国Houilles224 条分享
2023年8月 • 好友
Journée très bien organisée. Une accompagnatrice nous a pris en charge toute la journée. Train et trajet très agréable. Une petite collation vous ai servi avec soit café, thé, chocolat; À l’arrivée à Montbovon le bus très confortable à deux étages nous attend à notre arrivée.
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Minnesota179 条分享
The train ride is great, but you can easily do the same thing much cheaper on your own. The Cheese tour in Gruyeres is mediocre. You walk past some pictures and look at big vats of cheese and then get shuttled with tour groups through the gift shop. Too many people showing up at the same time. Too much down time in Gruyere but it is a quaint town and the castle is okay to visit. The bus ride to Broc is long and similarly the chocolate factory tour is crowded and simply an excuse to get processed into the crowded gift shop. If you want to visit, get a reservation or else you will be waiting along time for what will be a disappointing visit.
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loredana s
意大利博尔扎诺75 条分享
Il treno del cioccolato è un' esperienza carina da fare.... ma.. non proprio come la si immagina.
Dalla stazione di Montreux il treno in vagoni che ricordano l' Orient express parte per un percorso del Ciccolato che pero'.... si ferma dopo circa un' ora per proseguire su un pullmann... e questa e' la cosa veramente deludente....
Il primo tratto in treno è suggestivo attraverso i paesaggi delle alpi svizzere. Viene anche servita una colazione, che propriamente colazione NON è: un pain au chocolat offerto dalla maison Calier e del tea o del caffe.
La giornata è piuttosto lunga con a mio avviso soste troppo dilatate a Gruvyere e Calier.
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瑞士卢塞恩9 条分享
2022年8月 • 好友
The same views you can get with a leisurely bike ride. The attractions they take you to, super not attraction. It is all mediocre with high price.
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Rob and Catheri... G
德国伯布林根37 条分享
My husband and I are SO glad that we did this excursion!! The Belle Epoque train was truly a First Class train experience and we highly recommend it as well! The scenery was so picturesque and the food was amazing! It's a long day, so be mindful of very young children.
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Tickets: To begin with buying the tickets, there were not 3 seats together in 2nd class, so we paid $99/person for first class (rather than $69/person for 2nd class). We were only on the train for a very brief period, so we wasted $90.
NUTS: When we arrived at the train station, we were given samples of chocolate with no warning that all samples contain hazelnuts. Fortunately we read the tiny print on the tiny samples so my daughter didn’t eat them and avoided an allergic reaction. They served chocolate croissants on the train, also with nuts! No option for anyone not able to eat nuts. And the advertised cappuccino on the train is actually a paper cup of coffee from a thermos or a packet of hot chocolate.
CHEESE TOUR: We love Gruyere cheese! But there was very little of the factory operations to see, and the audio was just sad. No surprise, plenty of time allowed for shopping in the gift shop.
GRUYERES: The town and castle were lovely. We enjoyed our free time. The highlight of the trip!
CHOCOLATE TOUR: Another automated tour - but much higher quality and interesting history. Free samples (some without nuts!) and of course much time allowed for the gift shop.
Bus ride back home uneventful other than people getting upset that their seats were taken (although there were no assigned seats.)
If you like group tours, and don’t have a nut allergy, then you may enjoy the chocolate train (bus). For us, the most expensive and least favorite experience of our two weeks in Switzerland!
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Alff K
德国Siegburg101 条分享
Die ca. 3/4 Std. Zugfahrt in die Berge ist ein Erlebnis. Das angekündigte Frühstück bestand aus einem Kaffee und einem eingepackten Croissant (Noissette, Gott sei Dank hatte ich keine Nussallergie). Es folgt eine Busfahrt zur Käsefabrik Cruyere. Der Besuch ist wirklich sehenswert. Der Aufenthalt in dem kleinen Bergdorf Cruyere dauerte aus meiner Sicht zu lange. Es folgte die Besichtigung einer Schokoladenfabrik. Die Führung mittels elektronischem Guide war zwar sehr interessant aber aus Pandemiesicht eine Katastrophe. 20 Personen auf engstem Raum zusammen für eine länger Zeit. Zwar herrscht Maskenpflicht, aber es hält sich halt angesichts der stickigen Luft nicht jeder daran.
Es folgte eine 3/4 Stunde Rückfahrt mit dem Reisebus.
Aus meiner Sicht sollte man die Zielorte lieber individuell anfahren, man spart dadurch einiges ab Geld und bleibt gesund. Das Problem ist, dass diese Fahrt für den Betreiber nur dann wirtschaftlich ist, wenn die Fahrt nahezu ausgebucht ist.
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瑞士Canton of Jura12,301 条分享
Si vous souhaitez découvrir la région du fromage et du chocolat, rien de tel que le Train du chocolat qui vous emmène de Montreux à Montbovon dans les voitures du GoldenPass 1ère classe du MOB Belle époque ou dans des voitures panoramiques. De là, le voyage s’effectue en bus pour la visite de la fromagerie La Maison du Gruyère avec dégustation, puis visite libre de la cité médiévale de Gruyères, puis transfert en bus à la chocolaterie de la Maison Cailler à Broc avec visite pour découvrir les secrets de fabrication du chocolat et dégustation. La journée dure 7h30 dont moins d’une heure en train. Cette excursion n’est possible que de mai/juin à fin août, voire septembre/octobre selon les années. Il vaut donc préalablement s’informer sur le site mob ou goldenpass ou aux guichets de la gare pour connaître les jours proposés, les tarifs, réductions, etc. La réservation est obligatoire en plus du titre de transport. Une journée bien remplie et pleine d’information, mais surtout pour des dégustations bienvenues.
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Julie B
3 条分享
What a great day! We had a group of eight, 4 adults and 4 kids between the ages of 11 and 15. The trip was easy to book via the Golden Pass website, following the pages instructions. I had been concerned that the platform would be difficult to find (we had had a hard time making a transfer in Lausanne the day before), but it was well marked and we found it easily. We had plenty of time at each stop and everyone was very accommodating. Before booking, I had read some complaints about the bus ride portion but we found both the train and the bus comfortable. If there is one suggestion, it’s that they provide seat assignments for the bus as well. It wasn’t an issue for our group but we noticed others continuing to jockey around seats, trying to keep groups and families together.
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Frank W
佛罗里达圣奥古斯丁69 条分享
First let me say I love Gruyere Cheese and Chocolate. If you agree we me this is the trip for you. You start out on this journey in a opulent antique train car with rich appointments like wood paneling, bay windows and plush seats and carpet. The very friendly guides start you out with either coffee or hot chocolate and a huge chocolate crousant. The train takes you into the mountains amid beautiful views and sheer drop offs. At the top of the mountain they bus you over to the Gruyere Factory where the best Gruyere Cheese is produced. This is the same place the Gruyere cheese you bought at your local store or Costco also comes from. As you start your tour, they hand you a package of Gruyere Cheese to sample with cheeses aged for different periods. It was an interesting tour and of course you can buy cheese at the end of the tour. Fresh Gruyere, who can resist.
Next, we were bused to Gruyere Village a quaint little town near the factory. As we walked to the town the cows were calmly munching on alpine grass and starting the process that will lead to that wonderful Gruyere Cheese. The Village was full of interesting little shops after which we had a lunch and the best Rosti I have ever had.
After leaving with full stomachs we were bused over the the Cailler Chocolate Factory to tour their operation. After a instructional tour of the history of Chocolate of which I was not aware, we got to the tasting station and feasted on every type chocolate they make.. Chocolate overload. The gift shop gave you a chance to purchase a huge variety of chocolate and we did. The bus took us back to the Montreux Gare and our hosts bid us farewell. It was the last day of the Chocolate Train for the season and the staff were off to another adventure.
This is a tour that combines beautiful vistas, great cheese, great Chocolate and a lot of Swiss history. It is well worth a visit.
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