区域: 阿姆斯特丹东南
  • Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA • 步行 3 分钟
  • Strandvliet • 步行 9 分钟

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荷兰阿姆斯特丹5 条分享
2022年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Mid-sized, ultra-modern venue. Saw Sigur Rod there (fantastic show) - but I am reviewing the venue, not the band.

Really modern, and clean. Entry is efficient and quick. Avoid the “cocktail” counter on the way in. We got Mojitos that were awful.

The venue itself is just a big box. There are large bars along the side, so getting a drink is quick and easy. There is seating at the back on two levels. I believe the whole place is general admission, so if you want a seat - you probably just need to get there early. We stood on the floor (which was totally fine - except when extremely tall Dutch people stand right in front of you).

Overall - it is a venue. A place to see shows of all kinds, and they do it well. Might not be for you if you need assigned theatre-style seating.
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丹麦里伯3 条分享
Went there for a Loona concert. I loved the venue! First of all, the stage is quite high so that gives small people like me the chance to view the artist from the crowd (definitely a bonus at a kpop concert) I also LOVE the fact that they translated to English instead of Dutch since there are MANY people travelling from all over the continent for these concerts, I really appreciate that :) The sound is great for a smaller venue, staff is nice. Would totally go there again if I get the chance!
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Kathrin N.
1 条分享
2022年5月 • 好友
Thanks to AFAS Live I had the worst experience there yesterday at a concert I've been looking forward to for 2 years. I cannot even describe what all went wrong and was not organized.

First of all, they didn't manage to arrange the people in neat rows from the beginning, which resulted in people standing in a huge crowd, shoving and pushing, so you could hardly breathe.

Instead of solving this problem they just left people standing like that for HOURS in the blazing sun and you couldn't even sit down because everyone was so squeezed in together. There were neither barriers nor signs. After THREE hours of us already standing, they then considered it necessary to erect a barricade. Why not do that before?

We had booked a soundcheck package, which is supposed to get us into the hall before the normal VIPs. The team there didn't manage to bring the people under control and sort them properly, so we were still standing outside and the normal soundcheck people were still in the hall (normally they should have to leave the hall and and we should have been let into the hall first). We payed a lot of money for that and they didn't even bother to let people entry in the correct order! This is not acceptable!

The security was a joke. We fans had to organize ourselves in lines, because they did absolutely ZERO. They yelled at us in dutch, so we couldn't understand and were simply not in control. I have never experienced anything like that. Several people fainted or had panic attacks and we weren't even allowed to get them water at the bar, because according to the bartender, she's "not allowed" to do that. We asked for TAP WATER.

After we were finally in the hall and had been standing constantly for 8 hours, we were not even allowed to sit on the floor there.

I was at the same concert in Berlin and there it was no problem to sit down and they even handed out water to the people. The securities at AFAS were constantly behind us and pushed the people who wanted to lean against the barricade or wanted to sit down for a short while because we just couldn't stand anymore and were totally physically exhausted. I was grabbed by a security several times AT THE HIP because he wanted me to go more to the front. What is this???? I told him several times "don't touch me" but he didn't care. He even kicked my friends foot to get her to stand up.
One of our friends was standing in the front and the security guy elbowed her so hard in the ribs that she had to stop watching the concert and leave the hall, because she couldn't breathe.
Because of this bad organization the whole crowd was totally exhausted and you could feel it because nobody had energy anymore.

I have NEVER experienced such a bad organization at a concert. You absolutely destroyed our concert experience and it's better for everyone if you never host a kpop concert again. I would never visit this venue again in my life.
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Henny T
荷兰Silvolde365 条分享
De AFAS Live is een prima locatie voor het bezoeken van een concert. De tickets zijn op meerdere manieren te gebruiken. Je kunt als je wilt staan op de "vloer" maar wanneer je liever zit kan dat ook. De zitplaatsen zijn echter wel beperkt. Aan te raden is dan om tijdig aanwezig te zijn zodat dit geen probleem vormt. De akoustiek vond ik best goed waardoor het geluid prima tot uitdrukking kwam. Al met al een prima avond gehad.
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andrew m
英国Lymm213 条分享
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Slick entry procedures, individual lockers, and subtle but present security made for a great stormzy concert. Really clean and good selection of drinks at the bar too
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Lotte G
荷兰埃因霍温9 条分享
2019年3月 • 好友
I’ve been to the AFAS venue two times already. Once in March 2019 and the last time on January 21st. I must say I loved the fact that the venue isn’t too big, giving a warmer and more intimate feeling if you will. I was in front of the stage both times and absolutely loved it!
Also, the sound quality is great!
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Willem W
荷兰Goor271 条分享
2020年1月 • 好友
Prachtig optreden van de ProgRock band Dream Theater
De zaal is uitstekend. Prachtig mooi vol geluid. Naar de toiletten in de pauze is minder. Bij dit soort concerten zijn de bezoekers meestal mannen. Lange rijen voor de toiletten in de pauze. De pauze was 20 min. Dat was ook de tijd dat ik in de rij heb gestaan. Voor de rest een prachtige avond.
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18 条分享
2020年1月 • 好友
Wat een flut zaal. Rugzakken mogen niet mee naar binnen (vervelend als je van ver moet komen en onderweg wat wil eten of werken) en in plaats van een gratis garderobe kun je voor 6 euro een locker huren waar amper een fatsoenlijke winterjas in past. Bovendien staan de lockers in een smalle gang bij de uitgang van de zaal waardoor je er na het concert bijna niet bij kan. De looproutes zijn sowieso vanaf het moment dat je binnen komt al chaotisch.

Qua horeca is het fijn dat je overal kunt pinnen. Wel Amsterdamse prijzen uiteraard.

Het is hopen dat je favoriete artiest niet in deze zaal komt. Wat een aanfluiting. De Ziggo Dome ligt op een steenworp afstand maar daar is alles stukken beter geregeld.
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Michel P
2 条分享
Nu weet ik wel dat men uit de verkochte drankjes flink winst wil slaan, maar €6.50 voor een halve liter flutbier (Heineken)?????? Compleet belachelijk, zelfs festivals zijn niet zo duur.
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荷兰Barendrecht23 条分享
2019年12月 • 家庭
AFAS live, one of the best theaters if jou want to have great acoustic.
Bin there for different kinds of music, musical,bands or solo artiest.
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