Elephant Valley Project
Elephant Valley Project
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Elephant Valley Project
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柬埔寨金边8 条分享
2023年10月 • 夫妻情侣
This is a must visit! A beautiful project making sure rescued elephants can feel like elephants again, while having a positive impact on the local community.

You will definitely see elephants when visiting EVP. It was amazing to see the elephants emerge from the jungle, making their way to the river to be washed by their mahoot. Such a beautiful thing to observe. If you do a full day you will have an super delicious lunch at the beautiful base camp. You will then see more elephants in the afternoon. If you have limited time or finances, a half day should be enough.

Just get your butt to Sen Monorom and check out the Elephants! It’s so so worth it!
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Laurence B
1 条分享
2023年10月 • 家庭
On a vécu une journée sensationnelle. Nous avons 3 garçons et nous voulions une rencontre avec des éléphants sans chichis, spectacle ou autre, juste les voir dans leurs habitudes. C’était génial !
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Sabine L
6 条分享
2023年9月 • 家庭
Très bel endroit et un vrai sanctuaire pour les éléphants.
Ils sont choyés et libre et toujours en contact et se so t les gens du village qui s,en occupent.
Une expérience incroyable à faire sans hesitation .
Tout est compris dans le tarif et en même temps on aide ses éléphants et les habitants du village
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Dawn W
4 条分享
2023年8月 • 家庭
What an amazing experience - we will never be that close to elephants in their natural wild. Trekking with them in the morning and afternoon with some chill time in between at the jungle lodge!

The project is doing an amazing job working with both the elephants and the local community
Highly recommend!!
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Lotte J.
德国柏林192 条分享
2023年7月 • 家庭
Wir haben uns gezielt für eine Tagestour bei EVP entschieden, weil man hier nicht mit Elefanten baden geht. Man wird von der Organisation mit einem Pickup abgeholt und zu dem Ausgangspunkt gebracht. Die Guides sind Angehörige der Bunong Minderheit. 48 von ihnen erhalten durch ihre Arbeit hier ein Einkommen. Vormittags geht man in den Dschungel und trifft dort auf Elefanten. Mittagessen wird im Basecamp frisch gekocht.Besondere Essgewohnheiten/ Allergien werden vorab abgefragt und natürlich berücksichtigt.
Nachmittags gibt es nochmal eine Wanderung zu den Elefanten, die man immer im gebührenden Abstand beobachten und bewundern kann.
Buchung und Bezahlung leider nur online.
Der Guide mit dem man den ganzen Tag unterwegs ist, spricht super Englisch und beantwortet alle Fragen.
Hier weiß man, dass das Geld gut angelegt ist. Ein Tagesausflug kostet 95$. Die Wanderungen werden auch bei Regen durchgeführt
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Víctor D
西班牙马洛卡帕尔马10 条分享
2023年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Cogimos la opción de 1/2 día con elefantes + trkking por la selva.

Si solo puedes pasar un día en el lugar, es una opción muy recomendable. Pudimos disfrutar de 5 de los elefantes que tienen en semilibertad. La labor que realizan en el EVP es maravillosa.
Los animales están en perfectas condiciones, con amplio terreno donde poder vivir.

Experiencia muy recomendable para todo tipo de visitantes!

El trekking en la selva fue muy bonito, con un guía local muy simpático, mos pudimos bañar en una cascada q hay en el lugar.
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Charles B
3 条分享
EVP is an awesome conservation and community project in a very challenging context in Cambodia. They are doing terrific work and provide a unique opportunity to be with elephants in a wild setting. More importantly they are working with the local Bunong community to ensure that the forest that they depend upon continues to be protected. Great job!
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英国海斯廷斯2 条分享
2023年3月 • 独自旅游
I am classed these days as a “mature traveller” of the grand age of 55. I did 3wks with EVP and booked via The Mighty Roar based in Ashford UK.
Gemma, Robin & Mitch are super nice & taught me valuable info about these beautiful & graceful giants. Knowledge I take away to view & protect other global elephants from abuse. I paid the extra £180 for a bungalow which was heaven, came with a resident gecko I named Bob & the odd large white frog @0300. Food was great cooked by the local Bunong women from the nearby village. I never had a meal I did not like.
The base camp is set halfway down a sharp hillside, Walking down was OK but walking up in the mornings and lunchtime after you have eaten became my Everest. Now they recommend you have a level of fitness, I have pins & screws in my spine, taking a couple of short breaks I still managed to achieve this each day. I did think after the first week it would become a defying moment, when I would run up to the top & jump up & down like Rocky, but even after 3wks this sadly was a no, my compensation was that Robin who is a good 15+yrs younger than me, had been at EVP for 2mths & still was not use to it. But do not let it deter you I now have a rock hard bottom and my thighs don’t look like cottage cheese anymore.
Volunteer jobs in the afternoons are great fun if you’re not afraid to get dirty, we made bricks, chopped down banana trunks to fed the elephants, DIY around base camp, cut steps into the hillside for the rainy season for fellow future visitors.
First week you are told the back stories of each elephant & their treatments they are undergoing, it doesn’t matter how tough you are generally I was welcomed by other volunteers shedding the odd tear or 5 whilst I was sobbing my heart out at this. Second week you are then hands on doing all the health checks on the beautiful beings & having valuable input into their future welfare with the Mahoots.
The EVP also amazed me that the monies go to also support the Bunong people with education & medical assistance which made the project even more special for me to support, as the Bunong people I met were/are just super friendly and welcoming.
Weekends are spent in town at a lovely guesthouse (review to follow) Route76. Free WiFi to download films to watch back at base camp.
On leaving I was booked on a night sleeper bus, fab first time, make sure its booked for the upper level as you have a window, i was booked on bottom level & it gave me an insight to my what my coffin will be like, but the plus side it was very comfortable.
I will be popping back to EVP next year on my way through to Vietnam, you will not be disappointed if you book a day visit of a two week plus fully immersed experience.

Once again thank you sincerely Gemma, Robin, Mitchell and the Bunong people of Cambodia ❤️🙏🏼
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Andrew V
7 条分享
2023年4月 • 独自旅游
Unique and incredible experience! As other reviewers have mentioned you really know that the project is focused on whats best for the elephants rather than the tourists, and its great to appreciate them in as close to a "natural elephant life" as possible for these former working/abused elephants.

I was there for a full day hiking where we met and followed four different elephants, each with their own traits, personality and backstory - ranging from a life of logging, carrying tourists, being kidnapped, and even used for warring in the Khmer Rouge conflict.

My only regret is not staying multiple days in the cabins, which I will definitely be doing next time I visit.

Can't recommend this enough!
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Selena Castoldi
意大利蒙扎115 条分享
2023年2月 • 独自旅游
Oggi ho fatto un’esperienza meravigliosa, una di quelle che porterò per sempre nel cuore: ho visitato questo santuario di elefanti a Sen Monorom.

Ho scelto di affidarmi ad Elephant Valley Project, il solo ed unico santuario per elefanti davvero etico nella zona.

Elephant Valley Project lascia gli elefanti liberi di vivere nel loro habitat: la foresta. Non consentono interazioni con i turisti: niente carezze, pappa e bagnetto. Queste attività stressano l’animale e agli elefanti non fa piacere (eccetto le interazioni con il proprio mahout).

Se avete in programma un viaggio in Cambogia, vi suggerisco vivamente di scegliere questo santuario che, nonostante proponga escursioni molto più care rispetto alla concorrenza, è davvero etico!
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