Port of Piraeus

Port of Piraeus(比雷埃夫斯)

Port of Piraeus
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Κωστας Ν
希腊雅典24 条分享
Ενα λιμανι εκτος που εξυπηρετει ολα τα νησια του αιγαιου της κρητης κτλ ειναι οτι σε κανει να νιωθεις χαλαρωση και ηρεμια γιατι περιμενεις πως και πως ενα ταξιδι που το εχεις αναγκη οπως για παραδειγμα εμενα που περιμενα το πασχα για να παω στον πορο τελος εξελισεται σε ενα συγχρονο λιμανι ως προς τις συγκινωνιες εκτος του ηλεκτρικου και ταξιειναι οτι σε λιγα χρονια θα γινει το μετρο οπως εγινε και το τραμ για να φτασεις γρηγορα και με ανεση στον προορισμο σου.
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Commados Hellas
3 条分享
υπεροχο σημειο για να ηρεμισεις, θαυμαζεις την θεα στην θαλασσα, και ξεχνιεσαι απο ολα τα βασανα της καθημερινοτητας
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德国Waghausel76 条分享
Wir fuhren je nach Heraklion und einmal nach Kavala. es gab nichts zu beanstanden alles war in Ordnung
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希腊帕罗斯岛12,305 条分享
Το λιμάνι του Πειραιά είναι αλήθεια πως είναι λιγότερο οργανωμένο και προσεγμένο, από όσο θα άρμοζε στο μεγαλύτερο λιμάνι της χώρας. Όμως, το απαραίτητο πέρασμα από εδώ για πλείστους όσους πανέμορφους νησιωτικούς προορισμούς, το έχει συνδέσει στη μνήμη μας με πλούσιες και πολύτιμες αναμνήσεις δεκαετιών. Το αγαπάμε, το αισθανόμαστε και λίγο δικό μας, αλλά θα θέλαμε να αναβαθμίσει λίγο την εικόνα του... να λάμψει...
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希腊Kós309 条分享
Με covid-19 ή χωρίς, τα ταξίδια συνεχίζονται. Ο Πειραιάς είναι πέρασμα. Πριν αναχωρήσει το πλοίο, μικρή στάση στο "ΓΡΗΓΟΡΗ" για νόστιμες,δροσερές σαλάτες, καφέ, και άλλες λιχουδιές.
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加拿大Ridgetown8,732 条分享
Our Holland America ship, the Eurodam. docked in the Port of Piraeus. It was not really a destination for us but rather an entryway into Athens,
Piraeus was once an independent city but now has been absorbed into Greater Athens. It took about an hour by tour bus to get to Pláka (old town) or the acropolis.
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罗马尼亚雅西2,671 条分享
A huge port, with many large ferry-boats loading and unloading trucks, cars and people. Quite an experience for someone not used to this.
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英国奥尔德姆1,322 条分享
This is a busy working port so it is bustling with boats and people waiting to get on them and those that have just got off. Not the most scenic of ports but it is practical for its purpose.
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Chicago, IL1,983 条分享
I headed to Piraeus directly from my flight into ATH, so I loved the fact that there are four different methods of getting there. Please keep in mind that public transportation schedules are subject to change at any time.

(1) The most direct route from ATH Airport is to take the SUBURBAN TRAIN. It departs once per hour and is a straight shot there, with Piraeus being the very last stop. At the airport, the suburban train tracks are located on the RIGHT, directly across the platform from the metro line heading to Central Athens. The suburban line's train station at Piraeus is separate and literally right across the street from the metro train station. It takes 65 minutes and currently runs hourly from around 6:09 a.m. to 10:09 p.m. daily.

(2) If you're heading to Piraeus from Central Athens, you can take the the GREEN METRO LINE, which may require a transfer at Monastiraki train station, depending on where you're located. If you're at ATH airport and don't have the time to wait for the next hourly suburban train, you can first take the BLUE METRO LINE from the airport, then transfer to the GREEN METRO LINE at Monastiraki. At the airport, the metro train tracks are located on the LEFT, directly across the platform from the suburban line. Once you're on the green line, Piraeus is the very last stop and its station is right across the street from the suburban train station. It takes 60-70 minutes of active riding (add additional time for your transfer) and currently runs every 30 minutes from 5:30 a.m. until midnight.

(3) The cheapest way to get to Piraeus from ATH airport is to take the X96 bus. It takes 60 minutes with frequent stops and currently runs 24 hours, leaving the airport every 15-30 minutes. If you're in Central Athens, you can take the X80 bus which takes 30 minutes and runs every 35 minutes. **Keep in mind the X80 bus only runs during cruise season from 7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.**

(4) The fastest (and most expensive) way to get to Piraeus from ATH airport is to take a taxi. Of course the fare becomes more affordable when there are two or more people. It takes around 40-60 minutes, depending on the traffic. Figure at least €30-80, depending on the time of day and level of service.

There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance of the numerous piers. I had plenty of time to kill and decided to go to the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus, which is maybe a 20 minute walk from near Port Gate E8. If you need luggage storage, I highly recommend BOUNCE LUGGAGE STORAGE, which is technically a travel agency. It's located about a five minute walk from Port Gate E8 and I found their service efficient. They do leave all luggage in a back room with a closed door, and someone sits at the front to monitor all foot traffic. Suffice it to say, keep your luggage locked and take all valuables with you.

I personally felt safe walking around by myself, but I was there in the morning and there were plenty of other people. Make sure you keep your valuables secure, pay attention to your surroundings and you will be fine.
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瑞士日内瓦60 条分享
2021年10月 • 家庭
Absolutely awful place! We came here to catch our ferry to Hydra so came here for that but this place is so incredibly disappointing for being one of Europe’s biggest ports. Beware of thief’s and make sure you do no give them a cent especially to the children as they are part of a gang.

Greece has one of the worlds nicest and kindest people but you do not find them in Piraeus port - unfriendly and unhelpful!

Athens on the other hand is a gem!
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