Mount Taygetos

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Claudio M
意大利博洛尼亚297 条分享
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Il Taigeto è la famosa kmontagna passata alla storia per le vicende spartane ;sembra che qui gli spartani gettassero i neonati deformi o malati,una sorta di selezione dei più forti di antica memoria e recenti barbarie.Ma quello che è meno noto di questo notevoile complesso montuso è cheesso seara la bellissima città di Kaalamta da Sparta appunto,ma alle sue pendici nel versante occidentale,cioè dalla pate di kalamata,sorgono mumerosi interessanti piccoli monasteri,In poarticolare ho visitato uno di questi,Aghios Dimiovas,a circa 15 km a est di Kalamata, trovabile sulla carta al 200.000 della nakasRoad atlas.IJn questa antica struttura servita a tre suoresi trova una meravigliosa icona della Vergime Maria con la testa ferita,commovente e splendida allo astesso tempo euna bellissima iconostasi lignea ,Suonate e vi verrà aperto,fate una offerta e prestate molta attnezione alla strada,difficile,ma piena di fragranze e fiori in questa primavere bellissima.
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Tsagri J
希腊Aigio1 条分享
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2019年10月 • 好友
Τα τοπία μαγευρικά!Η Μονεμβασια ειναι μοναδικη..μια ιδιαιτερη ατμοσφαιρα που μεσα απο τον αερα της γεμιζεις γαληνη, ευγνωμοσυνη κ θαυμασμο για τη μαγεια της φυσης!Ηταν μια εξορμιση καταπληκτικη..κ παρολες τις διαδρομες αξιζει να επισκευτει κανεις τις ομορφιες της Μανης!!!
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德国佛莱堡441 条分享
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We decided to take the old mountain road from Sparta to Kalamata, and, although it took more time, we thoroughly enjoyed the drive - lovely scenery and open vistas on the western side, no cars, nature at it's best.
At the beginning of the uphill stretch there is a small church with a tiny taverna, by the road, under trees and with lots of running water, perfect for coffee of even a meal.
The condition of the tarmac road is good. There are quite a few curves, but, its not frightening for those who suffer from fear of heights, as I do.
Taygetos is a great place for hikers and rock climbers.
The road didn't take us through any villages, but, on the western ridge, we could see villages on the hillside.
Apart from the little taverna mentioned above, there is no other place for food or petrol until one is approaching Kalamata.
Well worth taking this road versus highway, at least once.
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英国伦敦30 条分享
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2018年10月 • 夫妻情侣
We took the old mountain road between Kalamtaa and Sparti around 15 October 2018, there were two cars we saw driving west and just us driving east. Compared to how the traffic used to be, it's a pleasure. Beautiful, beautiful scenery. On the western side of the Taygetos, there are some lovely mountain villages and a road that leads to Kalamata with even LESS traffic. I suspect in the summer it would be a different story but in October, you'll have the road to yourself. Be sure to pack a lunch, all restaurants we saw were closed. For those of you wanting thrills, there are several places for cliff scaling.
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John K
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2018年9月 • 好友
Ξεκινήσαμε από την Αθήνα για μία ανάβαση εξπρές στην κορυφή του Ταϋγέτου. Με το που φτάνεις σε αυτο το βουνό σε κερδίζει, πολύ όμορφη διαδρομή μέσα στα έλατα μέχρι κάποιο σημείο με άσφαλτο και στη συνέχεια ομαλός χωματόδρομος μέχρι το καταφύγιο του ΕΟΣ. Μικρό και ζεστό με φιλόξενους οικοδεσπότες. Από εκεί (1550μ) ξεκινήσαμε τη ανάβασή μας με προορισμό την κορυφή του Προφήτη Ηλία στα 2407μ. Ξεκινήσαμε βράδυ ώστε να προλάβουμε την ανατολή από την κορυφή και να παρατηρήσουμε το πολύ όμορφο φαινόμενο της πυραμίδας, την πελώρια σκιά που προβάλλεται μεσα στον μεσσηνιακό κόλπο σχηματίζοντας ένα τέλειο ισόπλευρο τρίγωνο. Ένα φαινόμενο που οφείλεται στην διάθλαση του φωτός στην ατμόσφαιρα. Πανέμορφα τοπία και εικόνες με απεριόριστη θέα προς Μεσσηνία και Λακωνία. Θα το ξανακάνω σίγουρα, μετάνιωσα που διέθεσα μόνο δύο μέρες την επόμενη φορά περισσότερες, για περισσότερες διαδρομές!
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西班牙马德里1,289 条分享
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2018年8月 • 家庭
It’s only 55km between Kalamata and Sparta, but through this mountain road it takes you about 90-100 minutes to cover it. Views are great if the cliffs and woods, all green and also with nice winds to calm the heat.
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希腊雅典6,354 条分享
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2018年8月 • 独自旅游
Ο Ταυγετος είναι το φυσικό σύνορο Μεσσηνίας Λακωνίας, η διαδρομή Καλαμάτας-Σπάρτης είναι περίπου 56 χιλιόμετρα και θα χρειαστείτε μια ώρα, το τοπίο από την πλευρά της Μεσσηνίας είναι φανταστικό, εάν σας αρέσει η πεζοπορία υπάρχουν σύλλογοι με έμπειρους οδηγούς που μπορείτε να απευθυνθείτε.
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Østen T
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Var med på guidet tur gjennom sportsbutikken 2407 i Kardamyli. En fantastisk naturopplevelse hvis du ikke er altfor høyderedd. Syns du Besseggen er bare litt skummel går det fint. En lang biltur på vel en time til dit du gikk ifra på forferdelig vei, men guiden hadde full kontroll. Ca 3 timers fottur hver vei og ca 1000 høydemeter. Ble belønnet med en utsikt over det meste av Peleponnes fra toppen. Helt ok temp å gå selv om det var kjempevarmt nede på stranden.
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路易斯安那州Hammond134 条分享
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2017年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Beautiful drive through and over the mountains. Lovely vistas around every turn. Be sure to gas up and bring water, not much in between. Slow go because of the many twists and turns but totally worth the effort.
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Yanni K
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2017年9月 • 好友
Great hike from Magganari spring, staying in the the shelter for one night and then walking to the top at 3.30am to catch the pyramid shadow.
Spring to shelter 1.5 to 3 hours depending how fit you are, shelter to the top about 2 to 3 hours and around the same coming back down maybe slightly faster. Hiking boots are a must for the final accent from the shelter.
The route is very clearly marked so you can't get lost. A decent level of fitness is required. A torch is needed if your going to hike up before sunrise. We made the novice mistake of not having one and had to use phones which isn't really ideal, but it still worked fine. The pictures I uploaded are not in the right order. Also the shelter was 12 euros a bed and anything the hosts give you is not free, you will have to pay. They are very friendly and helpful though and have a good knowledge of the mountain so you can ask them anything you are unsure off.
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