Johann Strauss Museum
Johann Strauss Museum

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区域: 利奥波德城
  • Nestroyplatz • 步行 2 分钟
  • Praterstern • 步行 7 分钟

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Gary W
澳大利亚里士满619 条分享
2023年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Small but interesting museum situated in Strauss's apartment. The displays are informative and respectful. It is very well priced and easy to get to via foot and/or public transport. Well worth a visit.
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荷兰奥斯小镇7 条分享
2022年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Een klein maar aardig museum. Het is een appartement waar Strauss enkele jaren gewoond heeft. Maar paar vertrekken groot. Ze hebben onder anderen een piano, werktafel en enkele partituren van hem.
Niet druk bezocht. Ook wel lastig te vinden; als je adres/huisnummer hebt, dan vind je het gemakkelijk. Verwacht echter niet een groot bord of rijen toeristen om het te vinden. Gewoon een ingang van een regulier appartementencomplex, waarbij één bel voor het museum is. Deze entree is ook gelijk de charme van het museum.
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奥地利维也纳2,270 条分享
2022年2月 • 好友
Da der Fasching heuer wieder recht bescheiden ausfällt besuchten wir statt zu tanzen das Heim des Walzerkönigs.
Im kleinen feinen Museum kann man viele interessante Dinge über die Johann Strauss Dynastie erfahren. An Hand der reichen Sammlung von Fotos, Konzertprogrammen, Notenblättern usw kann man den Aufstieg und die gesellschaftlichen Stellung der Dynastie verfolgen. Das Museum war eine der Wohnstätten Johann Strauss.
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德国法兰克福20,672 条分享
Die Wohnung von Johann Strauss fand ich vor allem wegen des zeitgenössischen Interieurs interessant - es ist doch immer wieder interessant (für mich zumindest) mal eine komplett gestaltete Wohnung aus einer bestimmten Epoche zu sehen.
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Eddie R
英国利物浦42 条分享
Although only a few metres from our hotel you need to know this museum is there, could be better signed. Far better than the more advertised Mozart House. Learnt some very interesting facts and listened to excellent music. Well worth finding.
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Joao manuel P
Paris194 条分享
2020年1月 • 好友
Avis aussi amateurs. Cet endroit et très bien comme musee ennpluq lanpersonne qui gère l'endroit et très serviable. Ils donnes toutes lesninfprmations . Documentation surplace en français sur le descriptif de chaque photo et document. Possibilité d'écouter des morceaux de musique à chaque table.
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南非约翰内斯堡642 条分享
If you love classical music then this is a must see. There are some of the original music scores on display and some very interesting historic information is given. The apartment is very difficult to find though. Even though the Vienna Pass booklet indicates which station to get of the U-Bahn, once out of the station it is very difficult to find the apartment. Look for two red and white flags outside the building, then you know you've found it. You can take photos in Struass's apartment, which you cannot do in the Mozarthaus. There is not a lot of people visiting this attraction. If you do not love classical music, this attraction is not worth your time or money.
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Jae L
纽约州长岛5,904 条分享
Vienna is the City of Music with numerous master composers of classical music, including Haydn, Gluck, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Bruckner, Mahler, and so on. Vienna is also the city of Viennese Waltz and Johann Strauss, Jr., who composed many waltz and polka music, especially "The Blue Danube" waltz which has been the soul music for many Viennese. When the news of Strauss' death was relayed to the conductor of the orchestera performing in a benefit concert at Vienna's Volksgarten, the conductor stopped the orchestra performance. Then, he quietly instructed the orchestra members to start playing "The Blue Danube". The audience immediately sensed the death of their beloved composer, and rose to their feet in silence.
Strauss' last home in Vienna is now Johann Strauss Museum, attracting worldwide lovers of Strauss music to the museum. This museum can be easily reached from Stephans Cathedral, Vienna's most prominent old town landmark, by U-Bahn as shown below: (1) Take U-Bahn "U1" [Red Line] to "Leopoldau" direction. Try to board the head car of the U-Bahn. (2) Get off at "Nestroyplatz" stop [2nd stop], and exit the station by taking the nearby up-escalator and walking through the concourse toward "Praterstrasse" exit [toward right side] --> Go up to the street via up-escalator. --> As you get off the escalator, you will see on the right hand side a pink color building with "dm" sign. Walk past this pink building, and walk to the next mud color building with small Austrian flags on the 2nd floor level, which houses Strauss home/museum. [See the attached photos]. (3) Walk to the dark wood color door with sign "Johann Strauss Wohnung" on the side wall of the door. --> Press the door bell marked " Johann Strauss Wohnung" on the right side wall of the door. --> Enter the door to the inner court --> Ring the door bell marked "Johann Strauss Wohnung" on the side wall of another dark wood color entrance door. (4) Walk up the staircase or take the elevator/lift next to the staircase, and enter the door on the left hand side of the dark wood color door with sign "Johann Strauss Wohnung". --> Enter the door, and walk to the dark color door with sign "Wien Museum Johann Strauss Wohnung". The door shows the opening hours of the museum. [Tuesday~Sunday: 10.00 a.m. ~ 1.00 p.m. & 2.00 pm ~ 6.00 pm]. (5) Open the door to enter the museum, pay the admission fee, and walk through the multiple rooms of the beloved composer's home/museum, admiring the composer's memorabilias, and listening to his various compositions with headphones in place. [Camera picture taking without flash is allowed]. Infamous "The Blue Danube" waltz was composed in this house. --> After viewing the museum, exit the museum doors to the street --> Turn left, and walk back to the U-Bahn station entrance/exit escalators. --> Go back to the train platform area via down-escalators. (6) Now you have a choice on the platform. [Choice 1: Go back to Stephansplatz by taking U-Bahn ["U1 Oberlaa" direction=platform 2 (Gl. 2)]. [Choice 2: Visit Johann Strauss' "Blue Danube" which is 3 stops away via U-Bahn] (7) If you decide on the Choice 2, take U1 train to "Leopoldau" direction via "platform 1 (Gl. 1)". While waiting for the train, walk further toward the rear car of the train. --> Take the train, and get off at "Donauinsel" stop [3rd stop]. --> Turn right, and walk toward the exit --> Go down to the ground floor, and exit the station via the left side door. --> Walk down the stairs leading to the river bank on the left side, and enjoy watching the river which is "Blue Danube". Unlike muddy river water on the Old Town side of Danube, the water here is clear. When the clear water reflects blue sky, its color turns to blue color, making it "Blue Danube". But on a day with heavy cloud or after heavy rain, the water even on this side of the island loses blue color. It is best to visit here on a clear day with blue sky. Danube water on the side of the Old Town usually looks muddy water --> After admiring the Blue Danube, you can go back to the train station --> Go up to the platform via the left hand side this time, which is the opposite side where you got off the train before. --> Return to Stephansplatz (5th stop).
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Richard S
英国切尔滕纳姆25 条分享
2019年5月 • 夫妻情侣
We’d visited the big tourist attractions of the Schonbrunn and the Belvedere with their huge crowds and fancied something completely different. The Museum der Johann Strauss Dynastie is an absolute gem of a museum dedicated to the Strauss family - Johann snr, Johann, Josef and Edouard who between them composed around 1500 pieces. We met the director Helmut Reichenauer who had clearly spent years putting together the exhibition. There were lots of old prints, photographs and covers of sheet music displayed on the walls with explanations and translations in English and while you read these you could listen to carefully selected waltzes, polkas and gallops on headphones. Apparently Johan Strauss snr. visited our home town of Cheltenham in 1838.
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加利福尼亚蒙特雷3 条分享
After going to Prater I wanted to visit his house. On google map, I should have put Johan Strauss museum not his apartment to find it in the map. After getting lost on the other side of the street, I finally found it by adding “ museum” in google map.
Very small place with several rooms with some musical instruments, paintings and some other items.
If you are a big Strauss fan, you would appreciate it a lot. It is a not place where you will make a trip if you are not a big fan.
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