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Owen S
英国斯蒂夫尼奇2 条分享
Rude staff but good show! Easy to get to from the train station but difficult people to deal with. Not great at all.
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1 条分享
2023年1月 • 商务型
We took a group of people with learning disabilities to watch Cinderella the pantomime. Everyone very much enjoyed the performance. We would like to thank all the staff at the theatre who were extremely helpful and made it a fantastic experience for all.
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Barry A
英国Stotfold4 条分享
2022年12月 • 家庭
We take the grandchildren every year, but we thought this years was noware as good with a poor story line, why did they feel buttons needed to come on dressed as Elvis and sing a couple of his songs think they spent the budget on the flying horse and carriage, which was very effective.
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英国Flitwick159 条分享
2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Our children bought us tickets to see 10cc on Friday for my 75th birthday.Unfortunately we have both tested positive for Covid this morning and will not be able to go.

I contacted them to see if we could get a refund or a credit. They told me that was impossible once the tickets had been issued. As I have alway found nothing is impossible they are just unwilling to help. They asked if there was someone I could pass these tickets on to but they have missed the point that these were a present. They did however hoped that we felt better and that we would return to the theatre soon. I don’t think so.
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英国赫特福德郡1,094 条分享
Recently, we've managed to have a few girls nights out here. Parking is good, there's always Tesco if you cant find somewhere in the car park outside. Staff are lovely here. From the floor staff to bar, everyone is really professional and helpful. Venue has been clean and tidy when we've attended. Drinks prices are not unreasonable.
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英国伦敦156 条分享
2022年8月 • 夫妻情侣
We went to see Rose Royce, which we enjoyed but the support act, Junior, was amazing. Seating is good and the view from most seats is great. Very few people wearing masks throughout the very busy theatre. We were in The Gorden Craig Theatre, which was comfortable and a lovely temperature for the first half. But unbearable, uncomfortable and concerning during the second half. The air con was turned off so it was far too hot. More people put their masks on during the second half and some left. We will be double checking the policy and procedure regarding air con before visiting again. So many people in a sealed theatre with no air con is quite worrying, especially with very few wearing masks. Maybe a return to mask wearing in enclosed spaces is needed? I wonder how many peopke became ill afterwards. Ç
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Mark B
英国St. Neots435 条分享
The Theater itself is a nice theater although it is difficult to find the theater. There isnt any obvious signs surrounding the theater on how to get into the theater or indeed where the theater is.

when you eventually find out where the theater is the staff inside are very helpful and very friendly.

The theater itself and the seatin is very good. Loads of leg room ! normally when you go to a theater the leg room is awful but on this occassion it was great. the chairs were a bit close together and certainly anyone visiting who is a larger person would struggle.
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Visit to see ‘An Audience with Harry Redknapp’ on Saturday (19th August 2022) in a ‘Concert Hall’/Sports Hall – be warned this is not the actual Gordon Craig Theatre – make sure you read the whole advertisement!

My husband, daughter and son-in-law purchased tickets to see this show as a special treat due to it being cancelled last year due to COVID restrictions.

This special occasion turned out to be horrendous. On arrival at the theatre there was utter confusion - no staff anywhere to give guidance or directions. When we finally found the bar, in good time before the show started, we joined an enormous queue of people waiting to be served, again utter chaos ensued. It took about 45 minutes to get served with people pushing in all around. No staff to monitor the situation. We eventually got served just as the show was starting which was very stressful.

We eventually we were shown to our seats which were unbelievable. The seating was so uncomfortable and we were so squashed in we could hardly move. The theatre looked cold, there was no proper staging and there was not the exciting atmosphere of a normal theatre. Please be warned if you suffer from a bad back or you are claustrophobic. If you had seats in the middle of a row you would have an extremely hazardous time trying to move or get out.

We began to think something wasn’t quite right and realised to our amazement that we had not booked to see the show at the proper Gordon Craig Theatre but at the ‘Concert’/ Sports Hall!

This is unacceptable as the show was advertised under the heading of the Gordon Craig Theatre with website images showing a lovely comfortable theatre with comfortable seating and a proper stage. The advertisement was misleading and caused us major disappointment.

The cost of tickets to see this show in a sports centre was not acceptable. The organisation of the reception area, lack of staff and bar area is appalling, although the bar staff were extremely apologetic and were exceptionally nice, friendly and helpful.

The only other positive thing to say is that Harry Redknapp is a great performer and we would have really enjoyed seeing him in a relaxed, comfortable theatre setting.

We did email to register our dissatisfaction and to ask for some kind of compensation but was fobbed off with all sorts of excuses saying they were short of staff, etc., etc. but that is the fault of the theatre not the people attending the theatre who expect (and have paid for) a special theatre experience. In response to a further email they didn’t have the courtesy to reply.

Our special evening was totally ruined and we would not consider returning.
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Penny B
英国斯蒂夫尼奇230 条分享
2022年3月 • 好友
Visited with my friend to watch the Lionel Richie Tribute Show. Such a great show and a great venue. Theatre staff are friendly and happy to help, lovely cafe and bar area. Comfy seating in theatre and plenty of leg room. Great facilities.
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英国伦敦27 条分享
My husband and I went to see the Dick and Angel tour last week. On arrival, it was busy and we had a drink at the bar. The staff were actually very pleasant there and service was quick..

After that, it was all downhill. You have no idea how to get to the actual theatre part and there are no signs anywhere. So many customers were asking each other where they should go. No obvious signs and no one to ask.

Inside the theatre, the seating is absolutely terrible. Tiny chairs clipped together. You would never think we were in a pandemic not to mention how incredibly cramped you are. Grown men sitting in these chairs is a challenge. You have to all keep your eyes completely folded into your lap so you are not touching a stranger in the next chair. It feels claustrophobic and even more so as we were in the middle. You cannot get out without everyone getting out first. At least in normal theatres, people can simply stand up and you can get past.

We left after the first half as I couldn't bear it anymore. I am slim as well so it must have been awful for someone bigger. Shame as I wanted to see the second part of the show. We won't go back and I would not recommend to anyone. It is pure greed cramming in so many people like that! Stupid management.
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