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Booth's Bookshop
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英国Cannock102 条分享
Book paradise
2021年9月 • 好友
Fabulous building housing a vast collection of secondhand books, plus new titles too.
Spent a long time browsing over the three floors. It has its own cafe and cinema. Well ordered and presented.
Highly recommended.
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j w
英国利物浦1,261 条分享
A must to visit when in Hay
Beautiful book shop, v grand frontage and equally impressive inside, v knowledgeable staff, huge selection of new and second hand books, great just to wander around and make sure you look at the floor in the children’s section.
We will revisit
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Ectoplasm Fantasia
英国伯明翰1,011 条分享
Book Lover’s Paradise
2021年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Made me fall in love with books all over again!

Perfect place to browse and explore and find the perfect book.

I couldn’t leave without buying one!

Disappointed the cafe wasn’t open - have enjoyed cake her before but understandable.
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英国纽波特18 条分享
One of many!
2020年11月 • 独自旅游
There are book shops a plenty here obviously, they are all worth a look. I went here twice. Disappointed that the cafe was only offering cake and not it’s usual menu, but that’s understandable at the moment. A good place to mooch around!
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Michael L
英国海伊45 条分享
Perfect place to loose yourself in books
2020年1月 • 好友
Traditional bookshop with creaking floorboards & books galore. Even if you don’t like reading or books the feeling of being somewhere special must surely be felt by any visitor.

Great for young & old alike and check out the wonderful cafe & the very special cinema.

Even if you are lucky enough to live in Hay-on-Wye this is a place is truly special and never disappoints
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葡萄牙科英布拉区3,227 条分享
The Man Who Made Hay-on-Wye Famous
Until the 1960s Hay-On-Wye was a sleepy market town. Then along came Richard Booth who opened this world famous bookshop and others quickly followed until Hay became known as The Town of Books. He is dead now, but the bookshop is a delight to visit. You may enter for a quick visit, but the time seems to pass-by unnoticed and you could find yourself in here for a couple of hours. Both second-hand and new books are on sale which cover almost all readers interests. A 'must see' when visiting the town.
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英国纽卡斯尔279 条分享
A book lover's delight!
A wonderful selection of books on a myriad of subjects. I don't often buy new books these days, but just couldn't help myself and succumbed to a purchase. I almost felt myself falling back in love with the feel of having a new book in my hands. Joy! I spent quite some time browsing the shelves. Love the staircase! I also stayed and had breakfast in the cafe.
Surely one of the best book shops out of the many in Hay on Wye. No visit would be complete without a little time spent wandering between the bookshelves. A delight!
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缅因州约克1,345 条分享
Fantastic bookshop
If you love books you must visit here. Wonderful selection of books. Well organized and easy to get around. Friendly staff and a nice little cafe to round the place out.
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Andrew & Co.
英国伊利33 条分享
Books Galore
I don't think it's possible to go to Hay on Wye and not miss the various book shops that are dotted around this small town. I favoured Booth's bookshop and it stood out from the rest. I felt overwhelmed by the quantity of books that were on offer (that's a good thing) and soon got in amongst the fishing section. It's a very traditional book shop and you will be amazed how big this shop is. It's very clean and the price of books is spot on.
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英国Emsworth1,230 条分享
An excellent book shop with a great selection, plus a cafe & cinema.
Fascinating book shop with new and almost new books on sale, thousands of them on all subjects under the sun. They are well categorised and easy to find, the staff are knowledgeable and helpful. Prices are good for what in my case looked like unread books as they were in as new condition. I came away with a book on Sussex and the WW2 raid on Dieppe. My wife Di purchased some books for our grandson on super heroes, well he is only six. There is a café too at the back of the shop and a cinema. We were off for tapas though. The founder of Hay as a book sellers paradise died earlier this year at 81 [I think] and Richard Booth is commemorated in some of Hay`s bookshops, including in the window of this one.
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