Kenyon Hall Farm

Kenyon Hall Farm(沃灵顿)

Kenyon Hall Farm
特色商店与礼品店 • 农场
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上午9:30 - 下午5:30
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英国利物浦20 条分享
Coffee shop
Staff were bad mannered
The outside area floor was covered in jam spots at 10.30am causing wasps n needed to be washed each morning or evening, as this was an unpleasant experience.
The scones were yesterday's at least and stale but not other cake available on the gift voucher arrangement.
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5 条分享
I love looking around the place but would have to take out a bank loan to afford anything in there. Lovely plants and produce, and environment to walk around.
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英国大曼彻斯特133 条分享
Each adult choosing not to pick strawberries themselves should be aware that they will be forced to pay £4.75 simply to supervise their children picking their own strawberries for a further £4.75. That's £19.00 for 2 children, 2 adults and 2 small punnets of strawberries. This used not to be the case. The picked strawberries are more expensive than those in the Farm Shop and considerably more than in supermarkets. Admittedly, it' s all about the experience and as the staff in charge put it when challenged, "we are trying to run a business, so adults pay like they do to supervise children at the cinema or the zoo".....?? The car parking is free (for the time being!). The fruit lasted a day at best. As has been mentioned by others, the toilets are dirty and smelly, the play area needs attention, the plant area is poor and neglected and wasps abound. I could go on. This will be our last visit.
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Kate S
英国曼彻斯特151 条分享
We had a nice couple of hours here Strawberry picking, it was well organised and the staff were friendly, but honestly I think it’s a bit overpriced for what it is.

There were dirty cups and plates left outside in the cafe area, which just attracts more wasps and the playground is a little run down and jaded.

Overall we did enjoy the experience, but I wouldn’t go again.

Over the years the place seems to have grown in popularity, the prices have become a bit inflated and it hasn’t really been developed/ updated.
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Laura S
1 条分享
Very handy for motorway but the cafe was really dirty, the waitress dropped some of our food and it wasn't replaced, there were no menus on the tables or napkins available and the staff were disinterested at best. I cleared up some food my little girl dropped on the floor with her wipes and I honestly don't think the cafe floor had been properly cleaned in a long time. The food was prepared fresh but was nothing special and the play ground was underwhelming and with a lot of litter. Disappointed and won't be stopping again.
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英国曼彻斯特14 条分享
This is a review for the pick your own fruit. This was a second summer going to the farm, last year we only caught the tail end of blackcurrant season - honestly, what's with this country letting R*bena take most of the crop rendering them near impossible to find?? We had such a great time last year with delicious strawberries and raspberries then making redcurrant muffins for weeks, so we went nice and early season. Took back a bumper crop of blackcurrants, raspberries and chuckleberries (the gooseberry/redcurrant/jostaberry hybrid) - what a revelation they are! Started really sweet, finished really tart, possibly even nicer than the blackcurrants! Hope to be back from strawberries too although demand is soaring for tickets. Be a shame if there aren't any whitecurrants this year too. We graced the farm shop too and though our budget was shot on the fresh fruit, the selection is stunning.

Some of the complaints in the other reviews beggar belief. "Muddy" "outdoor" - umm, it's a farm? Have you spent your whole life in Waitrose, never seen the sun? Kicking off over the price for the strawberry picking is ridiculous too. Comparing to shop prices... right, because you EVER found strawberries this plump and sweet in your supermarket? Give your head a wobble, Karen.

It's a lovely day out. Wear suncream and make sure to have some ointment for later if you get bitten by insects, wear sensible footwear and clothing you dont feel too sentimental about if blackcurrant juice gets on them, try not to overdress if you're spending too long in the sun, and don't underestimate how many bags and baskets you might want to bring. Because you're bound to pick something you didn't think about before.

Thanks guys!
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Laura F
1 条分享
If you are able bodied this is a good day out especially in the sunshine. However, Wheelchair accessibility very poor and staff were not too knowledgeable on how to resolve such issues.
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Terry W
1 条分享
Just got home having had a lovely afternoon at Kenyon Hall Farm. This place is a hidden gem where you can choose to relax with a coffee and a homemade cake or exert yourself somewhat with a spot of fruit picking.

We also enjoyed choosing a selection of plants for our garden and were grateful for the help and advice we received from the very knowledgeable staff.

Didn’t have the grandchildren with us on this occasion but will definitely be arranging a visit with them soon.


PS the fresh food (and beers) in the shop are worth a look too!!
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英国1 条分享
Such a shame this place used to be really good but it’s really fun down now, zip wire broken and plants wilting, it really needs a big makeover
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marie f
英国Swinton147 条分享
Just went to see what is on offer here and very impressed with everything. Bought lovely plant, had delicious coffee and cake in the cafe and farm shop has plenty to tempt you! Hoping to return to pick fruit next month with my nephew. All staff we met were friendly and welcoming, will definitely come back. Great play area for children too !
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