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2024年7月 • 夫妻情侣
This is my 3rd visit to the piece hall and I can honestly say I will never go again !
Each time I have entered after queuing for ages I have been met by jumped up security.
I had what she called a mini rucksack with me and the female security refused to let me enter. The woman behind me had a very large bag and she had no issue getting in while I was refused entry with my small bag.
I ended up hiding it close to the venue as I didn’t trust just leaving it in a bin.
I then went back to meet my husband who was waiting at the front of the queue.
The same security person said I had to join the back of the queue and that I couldn’t go through even though my husband was still at the front. She was completely unreasonable and her attitude was disgusting.
This put a dampener on the night as there was no need for this behaviour.
Every time I have entered there is always an issue.
It’s Total joke and the gig was crap too ! Won’t be going again, the security need some lessons in customer service. Ive Never have any issues at any other gigs I have been to anywhere else. Think they go out of their way to be awkward and get a kick out of it !!
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Sheldon W
英国布拉德福17 条分享
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2024年6月 • 好友
Worst gig venue I’ve ever been to and far too expensive for VIP! Grace Jones - amazing but I can’t say the same for this venue. VIP = £202 Prosecco £50 Loaded fries £9 Standing only!
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Alison N
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2024年6月 • 家庭
Fabulous venue for seeing music. Well organised and good views of the stage. Saw Crowded House. Had a great time! Would recommend but take a good raincoat if the weather's bad. You will get soaked and cold!
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Lionel T
英国普雷斯顿151 条分享
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2024年7月 • 夫妻情侣
We came to Halifax specifically to visit Piece Hall as my ancestors were cloth merchants in the Halifax area. However, we were very disappointed by it. The building/architecture is great but we could not see the magnitude of the building due to an enormous stage and other equipment etc in the central area. The visitor centre was only opened at 11 .00 am and when we returned to it, we found that this comprised a timeline, a reproduction weaving machine, sample cloth and the stories of three people given on a screen presentation. What we saw was good but we expected to see much more concerning the cloth trade and what went on at Piece Hall. We would have thought that some of the considerable units in this huge building would have been set out reproducing the cloth manufacturing process and trading etc which it was used for. We came away very disappointed as it really is now just a huge shopping mall. We found out later that may be one unit in the building has been used for the purpose of a display but we were not advised of this by the staff in the Visitor Centre and never saw it.
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英国诺福克郡182 条分享
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2024年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Had a look around The Piece Hall on a recent day out in Halifax … There are lots of small smart shops to have a look around so it’s worth a visit if that’s your sort of thing
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Laura C
Leeds, United Kingdom6 条分享
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2024年6月 • 好友
I was really looking forward to seeing Underworld and had been assured by friends what a great venue this was. Sorry to say my gig experience was really undermined by the venue however!

Immediately things weren’t going well with huge queues at every entrance. I understand there has to be a certain level of security but the organisation is terrible, considering they know how many people are coming, and I’ve been to many events of comparable size or bigger where they keep the lines moving much faster.

We queued for so long that we ended up missing more than half an hour of the main act. Then when we got to the security check, despite my friend’s bag being about A5 size she was told she couldn’t bring it in because it was a “rucksack”. Ridiculous! It was tiny. Many handbags have 2 straps. She was told she’d have to leave it in an unsecured bin not even a locked room, anyone could have taken it. On top of that she had to carry her belongings in her hands meaning she couldn’t hold her drink or dance properly.

But to add insult to injury we saw several people inside wearing ACTUAL rucksacks and much bigger bags on their backs.

The staff/security were going around like school teachers telling people off for vaping yet the smell of weed was rampant (I don’t have an issue with this, it’s just the hypocrisy again) and clearly a few people having bad experiences on pills.

A tiny fabric handbag is banned like contraband yet full on rucksacks and drugs are fine :/

To be fair to the staff they were polite and pleasant and clearly just operating under instruction but come on organisers… Ruined the vibe of the night.

Only giving 2 stars because the sound system was good and as I say staff were nice.
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Julia M
英国利兹7 条分享
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2024年6月 • 好友
On the website you are allowed an A4 size bag but no matter how small it is ( mine was a tiny handbag) if it has 2 straps and can be worn as a mini back pack then it has to go in a general container with no check in system. I hurriedly had to remove my phone . and Glasses and then realised my keys and credit card were still in there, spent the whole gig a little concerned that anyone could pick it up and walk off with it.
Otherwise amazing venue, reasonable drink pricing and plenty of loos .
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Paul B
英国纽卡斯尔3 条分享
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2024年6月 • 夫妻情侣
At the Piece Hall to watch AIr. Absolute shambles. Arrived at 7:15 queues massive at every entrance. We were sent from one entrance to another. Really disappointed. We had travelled from Durham. Absolute chaos. Never ever again. Why the 8pm curfew. I guess greed on behalf of the organisers? If we get in before AiR I will be surprised. Writing this after cueing for 1 hour. Piece Hal a shambles. Please reply. Happy to discuss. Time 8:12 still over 500 metres from door cue moving very slowly.
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Laura F
Haslingden2 条分享
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2024年5月 • 家庭
Saw Placebo 25.06.24 and as a treat for my daughter bought the Live Lounge (£200 per ticket) tickets. After buying I then read reviews on here with people slating it. So thought omg have I wasted £400. Well I hadn’t. From the moment we arrived we were treated amazingly. Straight in the venue and given our souvenir lanyards which may sound rubbish but they have Placebo wrote on and Live Lounge and the date, so good to keep as a keepsake. Then a lovely lady walked us round through the venue to the Live Lounge section. Bouncers on the entrance, greeted by another lovely lady and given a card to go get our free welcome drink. We chose Prosecco and it was very nice. The private bar was a proper bar fully stocked and situated nearby. We then went two flights upstairs to our balcony area (there is a lift available). We had an amazing view of the whole place and to watch the gig had a brilliant position near the stage with a great view of it all. Once the music started another lovely young lady came round with canapés. Then all through the night the lovely staff came and asked if we wanted drinks and bought them to us. Literally everyone who works there who we interacted with was genuinely so lovely. Placebo was absolutely amazing and the atmosphere was electric, everybody having the best time. Saw no fighting below only happy people dancing away. My daughter had an amazing time and experience so to me it was worth every penny. Bonus you have private toilets. Literally didn’t have to queue for anything. This was a one off treat, as we always get standing tickets and go early to get at the front of the stage. However, if I ever go to the beautiful Piece Hall again I would definitely pay the extra for Live Lounge tickets. Amazing night :)
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英国伦敦3,054 条分享
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2024年6月 • 独自旅游
Halifax has some pretty impressive historical buildings but the Piece Hall is surely the best of them. This unique Grade I listed Georgian masterpiece was built in 1779 as a public market for the sale of “pieces” (a 30 yard length of fabric produced on a handloom) of woven woollen cloth. Beautifully restored it is the oldest remaining Georgian cloth hall in the world.
Now home to a collection of boutique shops, cafes and restaurants I wasn’t able to explore it fully as it was set up for the current series of open air concerts and I believe Grace Jones was due to be on stage on the evening of the day I visited. But I was still able to sit on the steps in the glorious Saturday morning sunshine and feel like I was in an Italian Baroque City and not a northern mill town.
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