Trago Mills Family Shopping & Leisure Park

Trago Mills Family Shopping & Leisure Park(牛顿阿伯里)

Trago Mills Family Shopping & Leisure Park

Trago Mills Family Shopping & Leisure Park
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Minnie A
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2022年1月 • 家庭
Trago Mills you should be disgusted in yourself for the way your farm animals are kept!! Absolutely disgusting! Can clearly tell all animals are very depressed and not looked after at all! I will be pushing to get this seen to as I was absolutely gutted seeing them in such horrible ways!
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英国佩恩顿1 条分享
2021年12月 • 家庭
What a mess!! Took my children to the leisure park that was advertised as open for the Christmas holiday but found most of it shut. Rides were not working or looked unsafe. The staff on the park had a total lack of interest and rude when asked for help, Trago needs to review their staff training and who they employ to be capable of doing the job.

This was à total contrast to when we visited the first week of the summer holidays in July when everything was open and super customer service from the guys in the model railway and nothing was a problem when we had to ask for a couple of token refunds
The steam railway was really good with an attempt at a Christmas theme but was scary going over the railway crossing with no working barriers and a near miss with a car, the old man driving should have been pensioned off a long time ago.

As for food there is a great choice of food outlets so at least you wont go hungry!
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1 条分享
2021年12月 • 家庭
Visited 28 Dec, first day of the "January sale". Not as busy as we expected but still the most depressing experience in years. We had a long shopping list, leisure battery, toaster, steamer, clothes, simple human bin plus lots of household items. We love Trago at Liskeard but Newton Abbott store is purgatory. The staff are down right rude and the shopping experience horrendous. There are no proper trollies just wheeled baskets, nowhere near capable of carrying what we wanted to buy. You can only use proper trollies in the gardening section. We tried to and were accosted by a very impolite lady who advised we would not be served at the till with a trolley. The only answer was to tell the till staff what we wanted to buy then wait for a member of staff with a trolley to collect them and take them to a series of different collection points where we could pick them up with the car. GET A LIFE TRAGO! We promptly abandoned the trolley where it stood and left to shop elsewhere. If they can afford to turn down our £350 worth of shopping good luck to them. The Range, Wilko and Halfords were happy to have it.
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英国埃克塞特133 条分享
I grew up just around the corner from Trago and spent a lot of happy times there during the 90s. Now, as an adult we sometimes go with my young children for a few hours.
The shop is like marmite - locals either love it or hate it. I pop in occasionally for a few bits and bobs, it usually is pretty busy. The new restaurant is pretty good; very reasonable prices. It is very much like a canteen but does the job.

We almost always go Trago for the leisure park - as a child I have memories such as the skate room first opening and was absolutely heaving; I remember during the summer the car parks were so full you would be lucky to find a space. Sadly now the leisure park is in a very poor state - we took our children during the bank holiday weekend at the end of the summer holidays 2021 and it was almost a ghost town - very few rides were working; even though it would had been one of their busiest days. The train was and still is good, but it goes around an almost abandoned adventure park. The train only stops at the main station and the Riverside station, the little station by the far car park is overgrown now. The rides by the large go karts are all but gone; the skate room is derelict, the swan and trawler boats sank a couple of years ago. The octopus ride still works but the crazy golf had seen better days. In the little arcade by the model railway, most machines are out of order or had tape over the coin slot.
The site has almost decayed away; weeds everywhere, paint peeling.
The toilets have always been pretty poor, however the toilets under the new restaurant are a lot better. The little animal farm still has a few animals dotted around, but in the middle sits a large abandoned aviary. The token machines are unreliable, its better to go to the arcade and get tokens by paying via card.

Back in the day Trago was the best place to go; people would come from far and wide. Now the car parks at the far end are almost empty. They just need to invest money in the leisure park, like they had with the restaurant and trade building supply area.
We visited again in December 2021 to go on the Christmas train - it was just £2 each including a drink and entry to the model railway. Brilliant price and was reasonably busy, but they missed an opportunity as all the other rides were shut, except the large go karts at the far end.
Hopefully they will invest in new rides, paint the run down areas, de weed and clean the place, offer another "day ticket" like they had before and advertise to families.. hopefully
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Christine S
1 条分享
2021年12月 • 家庭
Took our small grand children for a ride on the polar express naturally they were very excited as all the children who were in a very long que. Train should of left at 11am. 11 15 am still no train. A man tells all the people queuing it would be another 15 mins to get the train ready. 11 45 he then says the train won't be running today. Needless to say lots of very disappointed children many of whom were crying. Very angry parents. We had been queuing for one and a half hours. Shocking and very unprofessional. The whole experience was a complete joke which wasn't funny.

My impression of the whole place was sad and delapittated. Run down, tired and old. Needs a complete overhaul. I will never go there again. If you want to take your children out for a couple hours of fun then Trago Mills is definitely not the place to visit. Simply awful.
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London53 条分享
2021年12月 • 家庭
We arrived at 4.30 in the middle of December, with a 7 year old and a 3 year old (who is mad about trains) . Imagine our disappointment when we found that the model railway was just closing! A really helpful chap called Liam saved the day by opening up the model railway! It’s brilliant, with interactive buttons that work the model villages as the trains go round. The kids loved it. I’d recommend ringing ahead to check what’s open though.
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英国迈恩黑德46 条分享
2021年12月 • 家庭
This has been a family Christmas visit for years until 2020. Returning this year it was disappointing to find the outdoor attractions closed and neglected but the shops, market and stores were all open. We had booked lunch as there were twelve of us. The staff were friendly and helpful the dod very good and plenty of it. The Train costs two pounds for a twenty minute ride and includes a drink a free visit to the amazing model rail layout and entry in a draw. There was a band playing and other things going on. Hopefully by summer they will have got the outdoor amusements up and running but we had a great time and will be back.
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6 条分享
2021年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Annual visit to Trago to visit Santa. Wow..... what a confusing, depressing anticlimax. The place is like a bomb site, the staff like taken from the set of Misfits (not a single person looking like they even semi-happy to be there, more like doing ordered community work - I can understand that to a degree), Xmas music played by one song with 10 min intervals of awkward silence, empty shelves, and general feeling of nihilism.... even Father Christmas hung his head down in misery and shame. Advise? Dont go. Or you'll leave depressed 😔
I dont like leaving a bad review. Trago is what it is, hardly a Selfridges experience, and obviously noone would expect that at all. It however seems to be completely mismanaged and run down to the ground and it's time something is done with it soon, before it can't be rescued anymore 😒
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Exeter22 条分享
2021年11月 • 家庭
What a dump!
Run down, derelict. 90% of the rides closed and probably a good thing too as feel health and safety is lacking on a lot of them.
Needs a major overhaul and a few gallons of paint would not go amiss. Don’t make a special effort to go here, you will be disappointed as we was
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Vietnam3 条分享
2021年11月 • 家庭
We decided to go here for my husband’s birthday as he had fond memories of going as a kid and thought it would be fun for our children. We had a look at the website first and the children were excited to see the pictures of the fun rides. So we booked an Airbnb for the weekend and excitedly head off for a weekend of fun…
The reality was far from the happy faces on the website.. 90% of the rides were closed either because of being broken or because they were too short staffed to open them or just ate our tokens and then didn’t work. Cue massive melt downs from our toddler as we walked around this shabby and run down place finding disappointment after disappointment.
So glad we wasted a good couple of hundred pounds on a weekend here.
P.s the toddler tantrums continued until 10:30pm.. happy birthday hubby!
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