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Jordan C
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2024年1月 • 家庭
Tried too order food staff are nothing but rude managent of the business is poor would not recommend too anyone!!!!!!!!!
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英国纽卡斯尔25 条分享
2023年11月 • 家庭
Wharton Park is a little jewel of green right in the heart of Durham, and is perfect for taking kids to. It was apparently built by someone connected with the railways who added a castle looking down on Durham Train Station and the Viaduct, and if you’re into trains (as is our little boy) then you get some great views of them. The views of Durham Cathedral are great too, and having a castle to play in certainly fired our son’s imagination.

There are also designated play areas, and hides for viewing birds and squirrels, if you’re lucky enough to see any.

Access via car is via the A691 off Framwellgate, but if you know the old Durham Lite Infantry museum and don’t mind a ten minute walk there is free parking there. The car park is small and quite expensive and inconvenient in that it only takes exact change so be warned! Maximum stay is three hours too, which can be limiting, though as many of the activities are closed at the moment it isn’t such an issue off season.

Be warned though, it is built on a hill and is very steep in places!
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Sue C
英国达勒姆18 条分享
2023年5月 • 家庭
What a beautiful hidden gem. I'm disabled so found it very hilly and hard walking. Loads of steps and steep banks. There is no free parking for the disabled, 30p for 30 minutes and a maximum of 3 hours stay. The little cafe is lovely and does great coffee. Toilets are flat access and very clean
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英国达勒姆24 条分享
Lovely park. Lots of play things for kids and the toilets are easily accessible. There's a great amount of seating and we managed to see some lovely rabbits. The community garden is a lovely idea.
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英国乌克斯桥2,073 条分享
High above the city and behind the station and viaduct, this park is a great place to get dramatic views, as long as the sun is in the right place.
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Neil K
英国利物浦619,734 条分享
2021年11月 • 好友
Found Wharton Park late at night, I must say it looks good ,it's quite large and well kept, an oasis of calm in the midst of this busy and bustling town.
As I chanced upon it late at night I couldn't really appreciate the park area which looks well kept but I will most certainly revisit here again on my next trip to Durham and check out the park better.
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Durham, United Kingdom10 条分享
If you are planning a visit to Wharton Park today you could sign up for our FREE Ranger Guided Walk, Natures Table, plants and their uses. Guided walks are taking place today Friday 17 September at 10am and 2pm.

My wife and I were alerted to this event by Facebook on the Friday morning. We were busy at the but as the event was something we were both very interested in we decided to join the walk on the last available time and having received a confirming email turned up at just before 2 pm.

At 2 promptly we were invited to go round the side of the building and go through a gate which led us to the side of the building – where we were greeted by Lee and Ken later joined by Coralie, who had laid out all sorts of fungi, fruits and books for us to look at.

After describing the books and their contents and chatting about some of the specimens available and warning us that the best way to be safe with fungi and other forageable plants, leaves and fruits was to consult more than one authority – as even experts occasionally differ – and people’s reactions to different fungi, fruits, roots and leaves, varies from person to person – so what might be safe for me to eat might well poison my wife – or even vice versa.

There were five of us guests on the visit on what was a lovely warm summer’s day. We learned such a lot about the different types of fungi, their habitats and how to tell the edibles from the ones best left alone – “it won’t kill you – but it could make you very ill” were the words used to describe some of our finds. The range of knowledge displayed by the rangers was very impressive not only for the recognition of the different types and how to find them but how to differentiate between safe ones and the others. The advice was “if you’re not sure” leave them alone, We looked at “fairy ring” fungi, boletus, horse mushroom, Inkcaps and many many more. We smelled some of them, prodded others to bring out their blue tinge on bruising, looked at the stems and learned that the largest living creature in the world is a fungus which goes from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific in the USA. The specimens we see are the fruits of the fungi and the spores they give off blow in the wind to aid their spread.

Interspersed with out discovery of the fungi we looked at many plants, their stems, flowers, seeds, and uses from coffee substitutes to rope making to medicines and of course for eating.
There were the obvious ones like apples, crab apples and blackberries but also some not so obvious ones which actually tasted very nice and which are grown in gardens for their decorative effects.

We learned that beech trees only produce reasonable nuts south of Wales and that northern hazel nuts are much bigger down south.

We smelled what looked like a roadside weed and immediately recognised it as carrot.

There was a lot of history, geography and botany imparted in a friendly and entertaining way.

After what I later describe as the best 90 minutes, I’d had in a long time we went back to the pavilion and after a brief chat and offering of thanks to our hosts we went our separate ways – my wife and I going to have a look at the community garden we often visit to pick up a few plants available for a donation.

It was a wonderful way to spend time in the park and when we next visit we’ll have very fond memories of our entertaining and engaging tour – now that we know which berries are safe to eat.

Peter Dawson
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英国纽卡斯尔77 条分享
This is a beautiful park with lots to do and see. At least three separate play areas catering for different age groups. Clean toilets and cafe.
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英国达勒姆5,246 条分享
2021年6月 • 独自旅游
Traffic was bad in Durham so decided to go on a wander and ended up in the park, was really quiet & came upon the community garden, what a brilliant idea, the garden was well maintained & they had some plants for sale, shame the park isn’t monitored as there were some troublesome lads around 13/14 destroying the bushes & throwing litter around, such a shame as it’s such a beautiful facility for families and a great haven for those who aren’t lucky enough to have an outside area at home. Plenty of play areas, including an outdoor gym & a multi use games area!
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Micky Apples
英国达勒姆407 条分享
2021年6月 • 好友
Always enjoy visiting this park.
Very good basketball/football court, great views of the city, outdoor gym, also great play areas for kids!
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