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Go Ape Delamere
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2023年4月 • 夫妻情侣
I’ve visited Go Ape Delemere twice now. Once with my brother and again with my boyfriend, months later. The first time I visited the weather was bright and cheerful and the second time I visited, it was chilly and quite wet. However this did not impact my experience at all! Both visits were absolutely amazing and truly exciting.

The course is long and fills up half your day and the pricing is so reasonable! The staff are amazing and not at all intimidating like I had feared before visiting for the first time. They will talk through with you at your own pace about what you will be facing and how to keep yourself not just safe but also happy!

Amazing experience and I can’t wait to try out different Go Ape locations.
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Segway experience was excellent. A great instructor/guide which made our trip through the lovely forest of Delamere all the more enjoyable.
The experience was on the pricey side but good value for money considering the equipment and staff ratios.
The experience was an hour long and was just the right amount of time as it was tiring for the younger ones to concentrate for so long without driving off the side of the path!
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Emmanuel D
英国沃灵顿15 条分享
2023年8月 • 家庭
A fix route of set-up activities with no possibilities to do them again if you enjoyed them. A high price for an activity with a limited time, that is nice, but you spend lots of time waiting and hooking yourself to the structure. The staff is polite but they don't seem to enjoy being there, they're so focused on the safety that they kill the joy.
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2023年8月 • 家庭
I took my teenage daughter for an afternoon here whilst mum had to do other stuff. We thought it would be great, both being climbers and enjoying ropes courses. We found it overcrowded, some parts of the equipment were way too complicated (and unsafe/incorrect use of gear), plus, the last 2 sections out of 5 were a good 15 mins walk from the hub, with incredibly, NO staff coverage. My daughter would NEVER go again, and I maintain that the treetops challenge for the younger kids is actually a better experience, and not as crowded. We did the adult Treetops challenge. We were on it for two and a half hours, actually moving for 30mins, and the rest was waiting.....
Obviously a cash cow, so personally I'd take that money and spend it somewhere like Chester Zoo, or a local climbing wall for a lesson, and just enjoy Delamere for the beautiful, free, natural environment that it is.
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Jake C
英国大曼彻斯特115 条分享
2023年7月 • 好友
Delamere is the 4th Go Ape site I’ve visited now, and I always find the courses to be challenging and a lot of fun. A big shoutout to the staff at this centre - they were the friendliest I’ve encountered at any Go Ape site, a credit to the company.

Halfway through the course we were hit by a thunderstorm and the course had to close. Most people left but we waited 30 mins for the storm to pass over and they reopened. The staff then let us have a free go on one of the zones we’d already done, plus the zone we hadn’t attempted. Cheers guys!
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Amber B
澳大利亚墨尔本7 条分享
2023年6月 • 家庭
Could be for the faint-hearted… I know I was. Supervisors trained us thoroughly before setting off, and were visible throughout. Knowing they wouldn’t let me die was a plus, this was WAY out of my comfort zone… but loved every minute. Please, don’t chicken out… do the Tarzan Swing!
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英国朗科恩29 条分享
2023年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Went for the segway experience today for my sisters birthday, David was our guide for the second time and was fantastic, he was engaging and funny he gave us lots of information about the forest as we went around. The lady at the check in was lovely and helpful, we will definitely return thanks David you made our day.
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What a fantastic day we had as a family. I went with the children age 6, 8 and 11.
My youngest daughter was apprehensive but was made to feel at ease by one of the lovely staff members Sam. What a great patient guy he was with her. She managed to do the whole course with his encouragement and made her feel safe. What a credit to Go Ape delamere he is. Would strongly recommend going.
Thanks 😊
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Zainab H
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Me and my children have been to many Go Apes up and down the country and let’s just say this was the worst one by far. We did the treetop challenge but nothing about it was even challenging, the height was the same as the kiddy one and we were very disappointed with the length of each section. The staff were very unfriendly to us all which felt very much like discrimination just because we’re brown and they’ve probably never seen brown people before. The couple behind reported us for being slow but the couple in front were very slow too so it was almost like a domino effect and there was nothing we could do. We will definitely not be returning back and just a heads up if you’re looking for something challenging do not come to this Go Ape unless you want to be highly disappointed like us.
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英国Halewood33 条分享
2023年3月 • 家庭
We went to Go Ape today with our 10 and 4 yr old and they had the best time. The staff are absolutely amazing, so friendly and know exactly how to speak to children to make them feel at ease. I would definitely recommend.
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Thank you so much for your review. We are really pleased to hear you had a great day out with your children! We appreciate your kind words about the team and this will be passed on to them! We hope to see you again soon!
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