Bait Al-Baranda
Bait Al-Baranda


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Krupa C
印度班加罗尔212 条分享
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After checking out the reviews here on Trip Advisor and noting down the timings and days of the week they are open, we had carefully scheduled a visit to Bait Al-Baranda in our Oman itinerary. I was quite excited to see the interior of a traditional Omani residence, and display of the continental shifts, among other things.

It is located very close to the Fish Market and just at the corner where the road runs along the sea. Easy to find. Sadly, upon our visit, the museum appeared shut. Repeated calls also went unanswered. We asked around the neighbourhood, went around the building's backside as well hoping to find the staff entrance open perhaps, but no luck.

It was very disappointing. They should have atleast put out a notice on the main door announcing any changes. So, this review is more for the management than the place itself which from the outside looked exciting - white all over with heavy wooden accents and window shutters and doorways.

As we now had extra hours on our hands, we went to explore the Fish Market instead and then headed to the Corniche.

My visit was in December 2021.
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印度果阿578 条分享
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The Museum is located near the Muthra Waterfront inside an old house. The museum is not a must see but may be visited if there is time on hand. The museum was inconspicuously located and it took us a while to locate the building. There were hardly any visitors and very few staff.
There is a nominal entry charge which has to be paid for the entrance. The museum showcases the historical and geographical changes which have taken place over the years, in the region of modern Oman. This is done through display of exhibits and photos as well as means of interactive sections.
The museum may appeal to locals and expatriates working in Oman, more than the tourist.
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Jim H
英国斯托克波特86 条分享
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This is in an old house and was just behind our hotel (Naseem). It can be "done" in an hour but is an enjoyable wander through a very oild house with lots of art and history arranged more like a stately home than a modern museum.
On the ground floor is a room with an interactive model showing how the continents have moved over time. Great for kids and grandads to turn the wheel and change geology! You will not be able to miss the world's only Romanian-Omani dinosaur either!
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比利时穆斯克龙749 条分享
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Cette ancienne demeure du 19e siècle connut de multiples propriétaires et donc de multiples transformations.
La dernière date de 2004, due à la municipalité de Mascate qui en fit un jolie musée moderne et interactif dédié à la ville.
C'est agréable à visiter, pas long et pas cher. Ne pas rater !
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伊朗Shiraz1,549 条分享
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2020年1月 • 夫妻情侣
This museum i think is not a must see of the city , if you have extra time it would be nice to visit it with a guide to explain you the details
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World Wild Travel
法国普罗旺斯1,250 条分享
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On revient d'une visite du quartier royal lorsque notre oeil est attiré par une superbe maison historique du XVIIIème siècle. Il s'agit du musée franco-omanais. On ne se pose pas trop de question, on part le visiter sur un coup de tête !

L'entrée est à 1 rial (soit 2€50 par personne) et le Monsieur à l'accueil est sympa ! Un petit livret nous est remis. La visite dure environ une heure si on prend le temps de lire pratiquement tout. On y découvre les nombreuses tentatives d'échanges culturels et politiques depuis Louis XIV jusqu'à la fin du XXème siècle ! Il y a de nombreuses références l'histoire navale, mais également sur les armements ou les costumes. On peut également voir l'ancien bureau du consul, car cette maison n'est autre que le consulat français du XIXème siècle.

C'est intéressant et ça permet également de découvrir une maison typique. Il y a de nombreux panneaux explicatifs écrits en français, en arabe et quelques explications en anglais. On peut se garer juste devant. Ne sachant si on pouvait ou non prendre des photos, je n'en ai pas faites !
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印度班加罗尔481 条分享
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Amazing museum which gives you a great perspective of the evolution of the world and especially the region. This is one of the place where you can spend hours understanding the development of the world. Definitely worth a visit.
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瑞士库尔612 条分享
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2019年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Great museum to learn a lot about the history of oman and the landmarks.
It’s no so big but worth to visit for 1 hour.
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10 条分享
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This is a small museum near the main souq in Muttrah so it's a good idea to combine visits to them both.
The museum is housed in an older building which is interesting in itself. If you go round in the recommended order you get a clear picture of the history of the country, beginning with geology through prehistory to the present. Some sections are interactive but targetted more at children than adults. I'm not sure how the audio narratives would work were the museum busy - I was the only visitor on a Thursday morning in September, so I could start the audio at a time convenient for me.
In places the lighting was inadequate (bulbs blown) so I couldn't read the poster panels. I told the guard, but I wasn't sure he understood.
There's a shop, but it was closed when I was there.
This museum is worth a look and offers a peaceful hour or so after the hawkers in the souq.
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Jean-Philippe C
法国Ronchin164 条分享
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2019年4月 • 夫妻情侣
C'est bien parce qu'il était à 2 pas de notre hotel le Naseem mais il n'y a pas grand chose; juste voir les relations France / UK au début du XXe au premier étage
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