Italian Language School Il Sasso - Day Class

Italian Language School Il Sasso - Day Class

Italian Language School Il Sasso - Day Class




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New York City, New York30 条分享
The best experience...already planning my next trip back! I studied for 2 weeks at Il Sasso and I loved every minute. The teachers are incredible and I was lucky enough to have three! Gaia, Antonella and Tatiana...grazie per tutto! I love the class structure, the lessons, the activities and even the homework! This learning experience was everything I hoped for and SO MUCH MORE! I made friends and memories that will last a lifetime. Also, a huge thank you to Giulia who is the master of planning amazing activities that allow you to experience life as a local!

Aside from this incredible school, I have to say that living in Montepulciano for 2 weeks was HEAVEN. The town is so charming, the locals are so friendly and so patient with the students, the food is to die for and of course, the wine...amazing!

This experience was exactly what I needed, what I was looking for and I cannot wait to return to Il Sasso and to Montepulciano. Such a special place that I hold very near and dear to my heart.
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Naomi S
71 条分享
What a great experience! My husband and I went for 2 weeks this spring. The teachers are excellent. It is a total immersion class in which the classes are taught totally in Italian, even for beginners. Teachers are well trained and they keep the class interesting with different exercises, a visit to a market, and language games. Small class size is awesome. We had 6 in our class, so you are constantly being called on to participate, which is great. Excellent method of teaching. School is well-run and organized. Most people who attend stay in Montepulciano and were happy with their accommodations, with which the school can help. We commuted from Montisi. We also really enjoyed meeting the other students. Just a wonderful experience. Planning to study this winter, but we will be back next year for a refresher.
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I have just been back for my second visit to Il Sasso - in October 2020 it was for 4 weeks and back again in late September 2021 for one week of one to one tuition, many thanks Constanza, you are a great teacher - I could not recommend the school highly enough, the admin work, courtesy and professionalism by Heike is exceptional, Silvia does a fantastic job also, so welcoming, super teacher & great at ensuring that day classes & after class activities are culturally enriching and informative -it was lovely see see teacher Sara again also - the school in the centre of the magnificent town of Montepulciano is perfect to experience that special Tuscan friendliness & culture. I cannot recommend the school highly enough, learning to speak and understand the Italian language is just a great and enriching experience.
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波兰马佐夫舍奥扎鲁夫21 条分享
2021年7月 • 独自旅游
Il Sasso is an amazing language school. I could not recommend it enough! The class format is highly effective and helps students feel more comfortable in their language skills. My friends and family said that after three weeks they could tell a huge difference with my speaking confidence and that my comprehension improved. The school also plans excursions for its students to provide the opportunity to see other places besides Montepulciano and learn more about Italian culture. I loved all of the excursions but I think my favorite was learning how to make pasta and pici at a local pizzeria! Silvia was extremely helpful with helping me plan the details of my trip and she is even kinder in person. Alberto and Sara were amazing instructors and helped me so much with my Italian! I definitely would like to take online courses when I return home and I highly encourage anyone interested to try an online course if they are unable to travel to Montepulciano!
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卡罗莱纳州夏洛特116 条分享
2019年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Il Sasso is an excellent school! My husband and I attended for 4 weeks and can highly recommend them. The teachers are very professional - focused in making sure you interact and that your pronunciation is correct. They teach you Italian grammar which is not the norm in other schools. They schedule after school activities. We were only 5 in our classroom. PERFECT! We are planning on going back next year.
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Vi aspettiamo!
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Dave B
1 条分享
I’ve just returned home after my second two-month stay in Montepulciano attending Il Sasso Scuola di Italiano. Yes, my second stay but certainly not my last. Is it habit-forming? Perhaps, but pleasantly so, as I learned from other students who have enjoyed many more years there than I. After trying and dropping other language schools (Italian and others), I finally discovered a real gem at Il Sasso, thanks to the encouragement and support of the extremely talented teachers and staff, all of whom made me feel welcome from the first day. The teachers I had - Sara, Roberta, Francesca, Eleonora, Gaia, Cinzia, Constanza and Alberto - kept classes lively and educational. And special thanks to Heike who kept me well informed and in the right classroom at the right time. Montepulciano also is a gem, perhaps the most-beautiful of Tuscany’s hill towns, where the shops and stores are accustomed to seeing many tourists yet welcome Il Sasso students and are saintly patient with our halting yet enthusiastic Italian.
This fall I joined with five other students to spend five days with Sara exploring in-depth the rich bounty of regional art and culture, expanding our horizons (literally and figuratively) as we wandered through cathedrals, underground cities, museums, and abbazie, gazing at Italian history come alive through Sara’s profound knowledge of her country’s heritage. To her a special thanks and to all the staff, I echo an earlier post: non vedo l’ora di ritornare!
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Holly C
加利福尼亚旧金山300 条分享
2019年10月 • 独自旅游
I have been studying Italian on and off for 30’yrs and was looking for a different kind of course than a purely grammatic oriented one. I was lucky to find a course in the history of art at Il Sasso with Sara, for intermediate to advanced students. We learned Italian through art and took excursions every day to other towns and sites which was just wonderful. The class was mixed levels but Sara did a great job including everyone. The students were for the most part older retirees but there were 2 young adults. They were all interesting people. And Montepulciano is a lovely town in which to be embedded for a week. Although quite touristy in the center, just a few minutes walk away and you can enjoy the quiet small streets. The panoramas are incredible, people are friendly, lots of lodging choices.

I definitely hope to come back!
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Marg K
加拿大维多利亚22 条分享
After trying to learn Italian on our own for a number of years without much success, my husband and I decided to bite the bullet and signed up for four weeks at Il Sasso in the lovely town of Montepulciano. It was one of the most rewarding and memorable experience of our lives. From the welcoming "meet and greet" session, to the group and private lessons, to the excellent excursions the school offers, all were geared to provide you with a instant, supportive "family" while learning the Italian language and culture. While I found week 1 quite overwhelming (my head was spinning from interpreting the instructions in Italian and trying to absorb the content), it got easier as my vocabulary and confidence developed. By week 4, it seemed perfectly normal to be conversing in Italian for hours at a time. We also met some wonderful people from all around the world. Special thanks to Cinzia, Sara, Gaia and Eleanora, our wonderful class teachers, and to Costanza and Alberto our private lesson teachers, and Heike. If you have been waffling about doing this, please take the plunge. You will not regret it. We hope to be back in a couple years, this time for 3 weeks, to continue this adventure.
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15 条分享
What a beautiful summer, experiencing the Tuscan landscape and studying Italian at Il Sasso! I was in group lessons, and afternoon private lessons for one hour. Before coming to Il Sasso, I only knew how to greet someone in Italian, and count from 1-100. Yet, by the end of one month, I have made tremendous progress and was using the A2 textbooks. This is because of my excellent teachers: Eleonora, Cinzia, Sara, Alberto and Gaia. And, if you're lucky to have Costanza as your private lesson teacher, request her! My teachers taught Italian in a living context. We were not studying just repeating grammar, but learning how to use Italian at the supermarket, and other useful situations. I highly recommend private lessons, even for just one hour, if you're really looking to improve your Italian. My success with the language is indebted to Il Sasso. Plus, Montepulciano, with all its Medieval festivities and quirks, is a memorable and unique experience. You won't regret it!
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Bronwyn C
澳大利亚珀斯44 条分享
2019年6月 • 独自旅游
I am still in Tuscany. It will be very difficult to leave. My fourth of five weeks as a student (yes, mature of age but young of heart) at Il Sasso, Il Scuola di Italiano a Montepulciano. By good fortune, my friend had attended last year (2018) and told me about this jewel in the heart of Tuscany.
Heike, one of the very helpful team responded overnight to my enquiry and I was enrolled, after a small deposit, for beginners, June 2019.
Alberto, another of the wonderful team here greeted new students with apperitifs the night before we were due to start, and standing on the balcony, looking over the rolling Tuscan landscape with sweet scented air filled with birdsong, the trip alone from Perth, Australia, was worth it! The following morning we were allocated appropriate classes to match our level of experience and confidence with the Italian language.
Your head spins, but the team here are brilliant. I can mention those teachers our class has had...Gaia, Sara, Roberta and Francesca. Each brings creativity, experience, patience and humour as we mere beginners (only talking on behalf of myself here...) try to tackle and learn this melodic language.
Il Sasso has a long history with foundations in helping build broader literacy in the 1980s with a standard language based on Dante. Now Il Sasso is helping people like me get a taste of 'living and speaking' local.
Afterall, Tuscany has the most wonderful people, food and wine. Why wouldn't you?
Sylvia is another of the team at Il Sasso who work hard to make sure your learning experience is not only in language, but with additional cultural activities, partnering with local businesses and producers accessible to students here.
It's going to be difficult to leave...but I know I will also return. Montepulciano gets into your heart. Cycling, walking, eating, wine tasting,'s all here. Il Sasso helps to magnify the colour of your experience. A bonus...all the wonderful people you meet from around the world!
Thanks to the team at Il Sasso for being so unique and welcoming to stranieri!
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